100 Extraordinary Ideas for Star Wars Bearded Dragon Names

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Are you looking for some truly epic Star Wars bearded dragon names? 

Perhaps you want to name your newly adopted beardie after one of the characters, creatures, or even planets from the films!

Either way, we’ve got you covered with these top 100 ideas below!

So, check them out and pick one out.

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Top 50 Star Wars Names For Male Bearded Dragons

Let’s start with the top 50 star Wars themed names for your male bearded dragon, shall we?

We took inspiration from the long list of characters, places, and even the incredible ships that are unique to the franchise.

  1. Ackbar: He is the military commander in the Star Wars trilogy.
  2. Anakin: Anakin skywalker is Darth Vader.
  3. Biggs: The Alliance Pilot and Luke’s friend.
  4. Booster: He is a smuggler in the series.
  5. Ben: The pseudonym of Obi-Wan when he becomes a hermit.
  6. Borvo: He is the hut smuggler in the series.
  7. Bail: Bail Organa is the father of Princess Leia
  8. Bantha: These are the furry mammals that are present in the movie.
  9. Boba: Darth Vader hires a Hunter called Boba Fett
  10. Chewbacca: He is the copilot of the falcon, which is Han’s ship.
  11. Cassian: He is the intelligence officer of the Alliance.
  12. Dengar: He is a Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars Series.
  13. Darth: Another character of Anakin Skywalker.
  14. Dooku: Yoda trained Dooku to become a Jedi.
  15. Endor: The Ewoks live at a place known as Endor.
  16. Falcon: Han Solo has a ship with the name falcon.
  17. Finn: He appears in The Force Awakens series of Star Wars.
  18. Ford: Han Solo is played by Harrison Ford. Hence, his last name.
  19. Flitchee: He is another Ewok in this series.
  20. Grevious: The army of the Separatist Droid has Grevious as commander. 
  21. Greedo: Another bounty Hunter in the movie.
  22. Han: Han Solo is a popular character. He involves himself in the Rebel.
  23. Hoth: Hoth is a planet that is covered by snow.
  24. Jaba: Princess Leia kills Jaba, who is a crime boss.
  25. Jar: Jar Jar is a famous character from the Star Wars series.
  26. Kylo: He is the son of Princess Leia and Han Solo.
  27. Luke: The main protagonist of the entire Trilogy is Luke Skywalker.
  28. Lando: Han Solo has a close associate known as Lando.
  29. Mothma: Another rebel general in the Star Wars trilogy.
  30. Nanta: An Ewok who is killed in the fight.
  31. Nein: He is the copilot of Lando in one of the episodes.
  32. Obi: Ben Kenobi or Obi-Wan is the Jedi master.
  33. Owen: Owen Lars adopts Luke Skywalker, and he is also his uncle.
  34. Porkins: Porkins is an X-wing Pilot.
  35. Phasma: He is the First Order captain in this series.
  36. Paploo: In the return of the Jedi, Paploo portrays an Ewok.
  37. Palpatine: He is the supreme chancellor and Naboo Senator.
  38. Poe: Poe Dameron is the pilot in the Trilogy.
  39. Qui: He is the master of Obi-Wan or Ken Obi.
  40. Romba: Another Ewok in the Jedi series of Star Wars.
  41. Rugar: The Gungan Leader in the first Star Wars episode.
  42. Rey: He is the lost scavenger and the protagonist of the Force Awakens.
  43. Tarkin: In the original Star War, he leads the empire.
  44. Tauntaun: These are the lizard horses on Hoth planet.
  45. Wedge: The starfighter pilot of the Alliance is Wedge Antilles.
  46. Wicket: Another Ewok whom Leia loved.
  47. Windu: He appeared in the first episode and is a Jedi Knight.
  48. Wes: The fighter pilot in Star Wars is Wes Janson.
  49. Yoda: The Jedi master with a small stature but enormous power.
  50. Zeb: Zeb is the Last Rebel in this series.

Top 50 Star Wars Names For Female Bearded Dragons

star wars bearded dragon names for your little dragon

Here are 50 of the most unique names for bearded dragons.

  1. Aayla: A frequently appearing character in the entire series.
  2. Amidala: She is the mother of Leia and Luke.
  3. Apailana: Queen of the planet Naboo.
  4. Alderaan: Home planet of Princess Leia.
  5. Ahsoka: She is a Jedi who was the Jedi padawan of Anakin.
  6. Beru: She is the wife of Owen Lar, who adopts Luke.
  7. Bane: The lord of Sith is called Darth Bane.
  8. Bodhi: Bodhi and Jyn are close associates who have the same mission.
  9. Carrie: The role of the Princess was played by Carrie Fisher.
  10. Cassian: Cassian is an Intelligence officer of the Rebel Alliance.
  11. Chirrut: A monk who is blind but has high intelligence.
  12. Daisy: Daisy has played the role of Rey in the Star Wars series.
  13. Ewok: They are the teddy bears of the planet Endor.
  14. Eisley: Tatooine has a spaceport town known as Eisley.
  15. Ezra: In the rebel series of Star Wars, Ezra is the Jedi Padawan.
  16. Fortuna: She is the assistant of Jabba.
  17. Gungan: These are the aquatic creatures.
  18. Hera: She is a Twi’let who combats the empire.
  19. Jamilla: She is the one who becomes the Queen after Amidala.
  20. Jessika: Like Tallissan, she is the Resistance X-wing Commander.
  21. Jedi: A group of people who provide justice and spread peace.
  22. Jyn: She is the female soldier in The Rogue One.
  23. Jawa: Jawa is a scavenger inhabiting Tatooine.
  24. Karina: During the Clone Wars, she becomes the Queen of Geonosis.
  25. Korr: She is a female officer who joined the Military.
  26. Leia: She is the agent of the Alliance and Princess of Alderaan.
  27. Lyra: Jyn Erso’s mother’s name is Lyra.
  28. Letta: She is the radical activist in the series.
  29. Mama: She is the grandmother of Jaba.
  30. Maz: Maz is a pilot of the ancient period in Star Wars.
  31. Mon: She is the leader of the Rebel Alliance.
  32. Norra: Norra is the rebel pilot in this Trilogy.
  33. Naboo: Another prominent planet in the Star Wars universe.
  34. Phasma: He is a captain who leads the stormtroopers, but it’s a cute girl name, too.
  35. Pooja: Sola has a daughter named Pooja.
  36. Padme: It is derived from Padma of Queen Padma Amidala.
  37. Ridley: The second name of Daisy, who plays the character of Rey.
  38. Rey: She is a scavenger left behind on an unknown planet.
  39. Rabe: One of the handmaidens of Queen Amidala.
  40. Rako: Rako is a bounty Hunter residing in one of the star wars planets.
  41. Sola: Amidala’s sister is called Sola Naberrie.
  42. Sabe: She is the handmaiden of Queen Amidala. 
  43. Shmi: Anakin Skywalker’s mother’s name is Shmi.
  44. Sabine: She is the Mandalorian Graffiti Artist who is just 16.
  45. Satine: She is the Duchess of Mandalore.
  46. Tallissan: The X-wing pilot and a leader.
  47. Tatooine: A planet in the Star Wars movie.
  48. Oola: She is the dancer who is killed by Jabba.
  49. Yavin: Yavin is a gas planet that has an orange appearance.
  50. Wookie: A Wookie is a fictional character in Star Wars.

There you go! You should have no trouble finding the perfect idea from that amazing list of Star Wars bearded dragon names!

Want to know my favorites? I’ll go for “Korr” and “Obi”. Simple but cute, and not as common as Luke and Leia!

Hunting for some Star Wars bearded dragon names? You came to the right place! We've got 100 ideas for your adventurous pet. Read on!

your turn! what are your favorite star wars bearded dragon names? share below!


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