5 Best Incubators for Bearded Dragons (Comprehensive Review)

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Hey, there fellow pet lovers! Are you on the hunt for the best bearded dragon incubator?

Well, you’re in luck, because as a self-proclaimed bearded dragon enthusiast, I’ve tested and reviewed some of the best options on the market.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my expertise and giving you the inside scoop on the top bearded dragon incubators out there.

So, if you’re ready to hatch some adorable baby dragons, keep reading for my comparison of the best bearded dragon incubators. Let’s get cracking!

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Incubator for Bearded Dragons Top Picks at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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5 Best Incubators For Bearded Dragon Eggs (In-Depth Review)

Get ready to be the ultimate dragon grandparent because we’ve got the inside scoop on the 5 best incubators for bearded dragon eggs!

Bearded Dragon Eggs on a container

In this section, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at each product, so you can pick the perfect incubator for your little ones.

Remember, each product has its own unique features and benefits, so be sure to read carefully before making your decision. Let’s get cracking and find the perfect home for those precious dragon eggs!

1) Happybuy ReptiPro 6000 Reptile Incubator (Winner)

Happybuy’s ReptiPro 6000 reptile incubator is one of the most advanced incubators in the market. It’s equipped with a bright LED screen display, which will let you know the status of the incubator easily.  

Moreover, this incubator is also perfect for bulk bearded dragon egg incubation because it has a 25-liter capacity! Talk about needing space!

From a professional point of view, this is the perfect reptile egg incubator that befits my overall preference. It’s packed with a multitude of features that could make your life so much easier!  

Features and Attributes of the ReptiPro 6000

One of the primary features of Happybuy’s ReptiPro 6000 is its adjustable two-layered compartment, which is removable for a better and much more increased capacity.

You can fit multiple eggs and other materials you want to store here, so long as the total would be 25L. Nevertheless, it’s lightweight and easy to carry!

In addition to that, it’s also equipped with a digitally-controlled, thermoelectric temperature toggle button for easier and simpler toggling of the temperature inside the incubator.


The size of the incubator sits at 13 inches x 15.1 inches x 19 inches. It weighs a total of 18.5 pounds, which is light considering all the different features and functionalities it has.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using the ReptiPro 6000

It has a large capacity.Water leakage can be a problem if not set up properly.
Can hold temperatures accurately and precisely.Temperatures can fluctuate more than they should.
Can be used as chicken incubators for hatching eggs (poultry hatcher). [1]Display malfunction (only Celsius or Fahrenheit for some).
It’s easy to understand.
It uses a thermoelectric system, which can function as a cooler and warmer.

Why Should You Choose Happybuy’s ReptiPro 6000?

One of the things I enjoyed when I used the ReptiPro 6000 is that it had a constant temperature juggling between 6 to 60 °C. The temperature adjusts by itself so you’ll never need to glue your eyes to it!

The incubator is also equipped with a PVC door, which allows easier and much more accessible viewing.

Overall, it’s a good incubator, not only for dragon eggs but also for chicken incubators for hatching eggs.

2) Incubator Warehouse Hova Bator Thermal Air Incubator: Best Budget-Friendly Reptile Egg Incubator

If you’re looking for a reptile egg incubator that’s definitely within budget, then you’ve been missing a lot by not checking out Incubator Warehouse’s Hova Bator Thermal Air incubator.

For a small and decent amount, you’ll be able to get ahold of a complete incubator that’s complete with various features and functionalities!

What I liked about this is the fact that you can purchase additional accessories that go with the incubator! Enhance and develop your experience of incubating bearded dragon eggs!

Features and Attributes of Incubator Warehouse’s Hova Bator Thermal Air Incubator

Incubator Warehouse did a good job by using an advanced type of Styrofoam, perfect for retaining the temperature better. You don’t have to worry about constantly opening it because of this technology!

In addition to that, the space for viewing is relatively large –it sits at 4 inches x 6 inches! Even if that’s the case, the side walls are high, making sure that no reptiles would escape after hatching.


The incubator measures 19 inches x 19 inches x 9 inches and is about 4 pounds heavy. It’s small and compact, but it can absolutely give you the assurance you’re looking for.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Incubator Warehouse’s Hova Bator Thermal Air Incubator

It’s equipped with a built-in water trough. Inconsistent temperatures and humidity levels.
Two (2) years of guaranteed warranty.The lid is noisy and rattles at times.
It’s equipped with durable Styrofoam for better heat retention.
The big size can hold multiple eggs at a time.

Why Should You Choose Incubator Warehouse’s Hova Bator Thermal Air Incubator?

Incubator Warehouse’s incubator is not bad for a relatively cheap and affordable product. It has a decent structure that can ensure that the product will last longer than you expect.

Although the lid and some parts of its components sometimes get noisy, it’s tolerable and it does the job, so it’s good.

3) Zoo Med ReptiBator Digital Egg Incubator: Best For Diversity and Flexibility

The Zoo Med ReptiBator Egg Incubator is every professional breeder’s dream. This is the incubator that’s designed to provide accuracy in humidity and temperature control.

Here’s a clip that’ll help you get to know Zoo Med’s ReptiBator more! 

Zoo Med’s ReptiBator is perfect for any type of egg, thanks to its neutral base and foam structure! This incubation box can house all egg sizes!

Some even use it as a poultry hatcher for chicken eggs because of its size, make, and overall structure.

Features and Attributes of Zoo Med’s Reptibator Egg Incubator   

The ReptiBator egg incubator is easy to assemble and can be easily controlled even by new owners. I was able to assemble it in less than five (5) minutes!

The digital LED screen displays the temperature and humidity inside the incubation box, and it can be toggled with just a few clicks.

It can guarantee a proportional thermostat for the regulation of temperature, as well as built-in storage in the event that a power failure occurs.


Zoo Med’s ReptiBator egg incubator is sized 18 inches x 18 inches x 9.5 inches and is lightweight – weighing just a little less than 15 pounds, making it easily portable!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Zoo Med’s Reptibator Egg Incubator

It’s equipped with a controller with an LCD display for easier navigation. Users report an average of 70% hatch rate.
Guaranteed humidity levels ranging between 10 to -95% of relative humidity.The multiple water reservoir units are prone to leakage.
Has memory storage in case of power failure.
It uses a 55-watt heating element.

Why Should You Choose Zoo Med’s Reptibator Egg Incubator

The comprehensiveness of the heating and the temperature control makes the Reptibator dragon eggs incubator perfect for whatever application you may have for it.

Some use it as a poultry hatcher, a tarantula egg hatcher, and even other reptile eggs hatcher. With its state-of-the-art temp control, it can guarantee healthy dragons after hatching.

4) Exo Terra PT2445 Reptile Egg Incubator: Best For Functionality

For me, the Exo Terra PT2445 incubator comes in 2nd place after Happybuy’s ReptiPro 6000.

Want to know more about it from another owner’s perspective? Here’s a video that reviews the Exo Terra PT2445 incubator: 

The reason for this is because of the complete functionality and features that the incubator offers. It has multiple buttons, control systems, and switches to give the cooling/heating for the incubator.

Features and Attributes of Exo Terra’s PT2445 Egg Incubator   

Unlike other incubators, Exo Terra’s PT2445 has three (3) different layers/levels. All of these levels can be adjusted according to the size of the container.

Furthermore, the interior light is bright and clear, allowing you to see through the incubator clearly.

The switches (temp and light) can all easily be toggled without causing any disturbance on the bearded dragon egg incubation.

Not to mention that it has a 12V car adapter, too! Making it extremely portable and easy to carry. You can drive around with your egg container without thinking about not having a heat lamp!


The exact size of the incubator is 12.6 inches x 14.2 inches x 17.7 inches or 32 x 36 x 45 cm. The size is pretty decent for an incubator –it’s not too big and not too small.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Exo Terra’s PT2445 Egg Incubator

It’s prepared with two (2) incubator containers and removable trays. Not long-lasting (gets broken easily).
Highly versatile due to the temperature controls.The Interior thermometer is inaccurate.
Humidity control is accurate.Most users weren’t able to get the 30-day warranty.
Accessible power toggling (turning on and off).
Accurate cooling and heating regardless of the climate.

Why Should You Choose Exo Terra’s PT2445 Egg Incubator?

The PT2445 can hold a consistent moisture level perfect for bearded dragons and their eggs.

This is my 2nd best because it greatly assists the incubation process without a miss. It offers a proportional thermostat for the incubation temperature required for the eggs of bearded dragons.

Furthermore, it’s flexible as these units can also be used as chicken incubators for hatching eggs, too!

5) IVYX Scientific 5L Incubator: Best Reptile Egg Incubator For Professionals

I’m not a science person, and that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t go with IVYX’s scientific 5L incubator.

Regardless of that, though, I’ll recommend this to people who are looking for durable and long-bearded dragon incubators.

Features and Attributes of IVYX’s Scientific Incubator

IVYX’s scientific quality incubator is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. The temperatures are easily adjustable, and it can go down to as cold as 0 °C, and up to 65.

In addition to that, bearded dragon owners can set the humidity of the incubator to 40 to 50% without the need for a water tray at the pit of the incubator!

The incubator is made from the toughest and most flexible of materials, guaranteeing longevity.


Being one of the few mini reptile egg incubators, it’s measured at a compact size of 8 x 11 x 12 inches, with internal dimensions of 6 x 6 x 10 inches.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using IVYX’s Scientific Incubator

It can provide cooling and heating, whatever your eggs needDecrease in performance after a few months of usage
The temperature control range is accurate and preciseThe wires get hot (wires heating up)
Indoor shelves are easily detachableUsage may be difficult as there are no instructions
Small and compact size, perfect for portability

Why Should You Choose IVYX’s Scientific Incubator

IVYX’s compact incubator has a high thermostat accuracy rate, which makes it the best choice for those who need a highly advanced egg-laying container.

The size isn’t that big, so about 2-3 clutches of eggs would be enough. Nevertheless, when used correctly, it can guarantee stable temperature regulation indefinitely.

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What You Need to Consider in Choosing a Bearded Dragon Egg Incubator

The incubators listed above are the ones that are considered by many as “the best” in the market, because of their overall quality, features, and functionalities.

But generally speaking, there are a few considerations you need to take note of. I personally check these considerations first, regardless of the brand, make, and model of the incubator.

This is all based on my experience in choosing my first-ever reptile egg incubator. I was able to find the balance that my beardie wanted specifically, and that’s what you need to do, too.

Factor 1: Knowing the Temperature the Incubator Can Provide

The purpose of incubating dragon eggs is for them to be able to get to a specific temperature to ensure a successful hatching rate.

Choose reptile egg incubators that can offer temperatures between 80 to 85 °F or 27 to 29 °C.

EXPERT TIP: While the temperature is important, you also need to ensure that the humidity control offered by your incubator is at least 75% accurate. [2]

Factor 2: Understanding How to Set Up the Incubator

During my first time setting up or establishing my incubation box, I didn’t have YouTube, so I had to learn it all by myself.

In today’s time, you can watch videos that can teach you everything, from operating a car –to setting up or structuring your egg incubator!

Factor 3: Knowing the Price/Rate of the Incubator  

In my experience, setting up my egg incubator didn’t cost me upwards of $200, and that already included everything.

Expect that you’ll be paying for it unless of course, you’ll go with a DIY or a homemade incubator.

Don’t worry, though –most egg incubators in the market aren’t expensive, and some are just within the $120 to $180 range.

Factor 4: Knowing if the Incubator Has a Warranty

Lastly, you want to be sure of the warranty of your egg incubator. As what I mentioned above, not all egg incubators are made the same, and thus, they’ll have different rules for warranty.

You can either check this on the package/receipt or ask the manufacturer about it.

By knowing your way around these factors, you’ll find it easy to know and determine whether an incubator is fit for what you are yearning for.

I was able to secure myself the best bearded dragon hatchery box I can get my hands on considering the region and space I am living in.

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What Temperature Do You Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs?

Bearded Dragon Eggs on a container

The most ideal temperature for the incubation of bearded dragon eggs must be within the 27 to 29 °C or 84 °F range.

How Long Do You Need to Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs?

At the regular temperature of 29 °C or 84 °F, bearded dragon eggs need to be incubated for about 50 to 50 days. This time frame is the most ideal to ensure a successful hatching rate.

What’s the Best Way to Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs?

The best way to incubate bearded dragon eggs would be by placing them inside the incubator right after they’re laid.

How to Tell if Bearded Dragon Eggs Are Already Fertile?

You can tell that dragon eggs are already fertile when you shine a small bright light from behind and see pinkish-to-red-colored blood vessels inside.

Would Chicken Incubators For Hatching Eggs Work For Beardie Eggs?

Yes! You can use a poultry hatcher or chicken incubators for hatching eggs to incubate your dragon eggs, successfully. So long as the poultry hatcher can give the right temperature, there should be no problem!

What Bearded Dragon Egg Incubator Should You Purchase?

I’ve outlined the best ones in the market above –and I even gave you the most notable feature for each incubator.

In Conclusion,

Knowing the most appropriate incubator can be best for your bearded dragon eggs’ health. 

So, in your journey of finding the best incubator for bearded dragon eggs, read this review back again to get the incubator that would get the job done!

baby beardie getting out of the egg shell

What is your favorite incubator for bearded dragon eggs? Lets us know below!


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