8 Best Bearded Dragon Cages, Terrariums & Tanks (Review)

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Choosing between a multitude of bearded dragon cages was one of the most challenging things I’ve experienced when I first started indulging in bearded dragon care.

But you won’t have to be in such trouble! In this guide, I’ll be bringing you the treats you’re looking for! Read more!

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Top 8 Cages for Bearded Dragons (Review)

With over a decade of experience in bearded dragon care, I’ve learned a ton of valuable lessons about housing bearded dragons.

So, if you’re looking for a good-quality bearded dragon vivarium, check these bearded dragon must haves! You might find one that suits your taste.

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#1: Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Juvenile Bearded Dragon Tank: WINNER

I consider Zoo Med’s ReptiHabitat Juvenile Bearded Dragon Tank as the best on the list because of its comprehensiveness.

Unlike all the other tanks I’ve tried, I found that Zoo Med’s 20-gallon ReptiHabitat is not just a simple tank. It also comes with all the accessories and equipment that your beardie needs.

To help you with it, here are some features of Zoo Med’s Juvenile ReptiHabitat.

Features of the Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Juvenile Bearded Dragon Tank

The tank features a mini combo deep dome lamp fixture, which can accommodate a compact fluorescent lamp and a spot lamp.

It’s equipped with a screen top that could keep dust, and unwanted insects away from the tank. I used this screen top to control the light output of the lamps, too!

I also enjoyed the included thermometer in the package, which allowed me to monitor carefully the temperature inside the terrarium.

If you were to ask me, I’d say this is the perfect size for baby to juvenile beardies. It also included the starter kit that would befit what my beardie needs to grow and nurture!

What are the Dimensions of the Tank?

The size or dimensions of the tank sit at 30 x 12 x 12 inches, with a weight of about 30 pounds.

Captive bearded dragons can reach lengths of up to 15 to 20 inches. For babies and juveniles, though, it usually has a maximum of 7 to 9 inches.

But what is the best size tank for a bearded dragon?

As per the NC State Veterinary Hospital, the size of the bearded dragon enclosure needs to be at least four (4) times the length and width of the dragon [1].

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Juvenile Bearded Dragon Tank

It already contains a single food and water dish.It’s not ideal for all bearded dragon life stages.
The heating is perfect (it has lights, basking lamps, and an under-tank heater).Reports say that it doesn’t hold the correct heat gradient.
The package also comes with bearded dragon food and a care book.It’s too small for a large juvenile beardie.
It’s not as expensive as other tanks.
The UVB/UVA light is effective in maintaining the temperature gradient inside the tank.

Why You Should Choose Zoo Med’s ReptiHabitat Juvenile Bearded Dragon Tank

I’d recommend the Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Juvenile Dragon Tank to a new dragon keeper. While there’s a bearded dragon community open to helping, it’s still a breather to have everything you need ready.

Get the Zoo Med ReptiHabitat dragon tank to break free from all the problems of reptile husbandry while you’re just starting out!

User Feedback and Testimonials

lauradiamandis, a Reddit user, said that the Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Juvenile Bearded Dragon Tank was able to help her and her family saves a lot of money.

“I got this habitat and I liked it. It had a tank, a UVB, and all other components that made me save more than half of what I’ve been quoted in pet stores!”

Where Can I Buy It?

You can purchase the Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Juvenile Beardie Tank on Amazon, but it’s available for purchase on Zoo Med’s website.

Don’t forget to get this cute background for your tank! 

Here’s a video that can give you a visualization of what the 20-gallon ReptiHabitat looks like.

Make sure to check our bearded dragon cage size chart!

#2: Zen Habitats Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure: Best Bearded Dragon Tank For Durability

zen habitat cage

What I loved about Zen Habitats’ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure is the fact that it’s strong, durable, and completely safe.

I never had fears of accidental breakage during my time of using it, and I can guarantee that you wouldn’t have any, too!

Features of the Zen Habitats Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure

This runner-up features a composition of galvanized steel, sliding acrylic front-open doors, and a bamboo finish, which is perfect for maintaining the correct heat gradient.

It has a large floor space, which gave my bearded dragon a lot of room to do activities in.

The large screen mesh top also helped diminish bright light at night, which helps in keeping your beardie sleep tight. You can flexibly place and position the light on top without having any problems!

I also loved the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to carry and transport from one (1) spot to another.

What are the Dimensions of the Tank?

The tank is sized 48 x 24 x 24 inches, with a weight of 54 pounds.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the Zen Habitats Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure

The tank is strong, sturdy, and durable.The tank isn’t suitable for under-tank heating (UTH).
The front-open sliding acrylic doors allow easier access.Assembling it isn’t as easy as how it’s advertised.
Its surfaces are non-reflective, which helps reduce anxiety.The edges are unfinished and aren’t accurate
It has wire door locks and door wraps.
You can use it for all different types of pet reptiles.

Why You Should Choose Zen Habitats’ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure

If you’re a new dragon keeper and you’re looking for a sturdy, functional, and efficient bearded dragon tank setup, I would recommend purchasing Zen Habitats’ wood panel reptile enclosure.

It’s a beautiful terrarium that will fit regular adult dragons. The tank is just the ideal size, which can cater to various reptiles, not just bearded dragons!

User Feedback and Testimonials

Thomas N., an Amazon user, stated that the product was perfect for his beardie.

“I was easily able to assemble it and it didn’t have a glass, which helped keep my beardie from seeing his reflection because doing so made it aggravated. I love it!”

Where Can I Buy It?

The Zen Habitats Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure is available for purchase on Amazon, as well as directly from the company’s website.

Want to know more about how to assemble it? Here’s a quick video explaining just that!

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#3: Extra-Long Carolina Custom Cages Terrariums: Best For Large Adult Bearded Dragons

I didn’t believe the label “extra-long” until the package arrived at my doorstep.

In all honesty, this is the most spacious tank I have seen, and it’s perfect not just because of its large size, but also because of the customizable background approach it offers.

It was large enough to fit in two (2) juvenile beardies without being too disturbing for one another.

Features of Extra-Long Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium

The tank features a large opening to the inside, which is perfect if you want to clean it regularly. As per Pendervet, “the right balance and regular cleaning of the enclosure is key to a healthier dragon.” [2]

The tank also featured hinged doors, a waterproof base, and impeccable key-lock security to keep your beardies in their place.

What are the Dimensions of the Tank?

The size of Extra-Long Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium is sized 48 x 18 x 18 inches, weighing a little over 64 pounds.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the Extra-Long Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium

It’s compatible with external heat sources to keep heat retention.The package is only a glass tank with a background depicting its natural environment.
The base is waterproof and dustproof — it’s also sturdy.The lock isn’t as effective — it opens easily.
The packaging is completely safe (extra Styrofoam and tougher cardboard).It’s not easy to set up.
You can easily customize the habitat to make it look like your pet’s natural environment.It is fairly expensive.
It has ample space to accommodate an adult dragon (even 2 juveniles).

Why You Should Choose the Extra-Long Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium

If you are an experienced dragon keeper, I would suggest getting the Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium type extra-long, because it doesn’t have any add-ons.

The package is just the tank, and for its price, it can be pretty expensive. But, if you’re looking for a bearded dragon vivarium that has adequate space, this one is definitely for you.

User Feedback and Testimonials

Chase me, a user from Amazon, stated that this tank was the best tank for a juvenile bearded dragon that has outgrown its original terrarium.

“My Juvenile beardie grew out of his cage, and this tank was the perfect replacement. It’s super easy to put together and it arrived in a condition I can never complain about.”

Where Can I Buy It?

The Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium type extra-long is available on Amazon and Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium’s website.

#4: Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium: Best Budget-Friendly Bearded Dragon Tank

As a new dragon keeper, my go-to brand for all the things I needed for my bearded dragon was Exo Terra. They’re cheap, easy to find, and almost all their products can easily be worked on and assembled.

And that’s the reason I’d recommend Exo Terra’s Glass Natural Terrarium for you. For one, I loved it had plenty of space to offer to my beardie.

The easy-twist screen lock functionality allows for better and easier access to whatever’s inside the bearded dragon vivarium — it has double doors, too!

The stainless steel mesh cover can help control the amount of UVB light that enters the tank. The only thing that drove me back was the fact that it didn’t include any accessories.

When you purchase Exo Terra’s glass natural environment terrarium, you’ll have to purchase the accessories and the add-ons separately.

Features of the Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium

The bearded dragon vivarium features a large, raised bottom frame that would help fit a substrate heater at the bottom, helping the tank to keep a warm environment inside.

Dr. Ariana Finkelstein, DVM, says that beardies need an environment with low humidity at much-controlled temperature rates.

“They need a low-humidity environment, with cage temperatures ranging from 70 °F (21.2 °C) on the cool side, and about 95 °F (35 °C) and upwards on the basking area.”

It is the perfect setup if you want your beardie’s body temperature to be maintained and looked after. Not to mention that it also has closable inlets for tubing, too!

You can house a bearded dragon, ball pythons, a dragon gecko lizard or any other type of reptile that is just the right size for a young adult.

What are the Dimensions of the Tank?

The Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium’s size is 12 x 12 x 12 inches, weighing at about 13.3 pounds, and can hold up to 1.8 gallons of water.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium

The stainless steel top can provide ample ventilation.The heat retention isn’t that great.
It has a rock background, which gives the aesthetics a bit more touch.Locks are sketchy — they don’t seem to work that effectively.
You won’t have to worry about wires — they’ll be hidden, thanks to wire management.The materials used aren’t sturdy and durable.
It has an extended ground surface.Too small for large adult dragons.
Compatible with a ceramic heater or any other external heat sources.

Why You Should Choose Exo Terra’s Glass Natural Terrarium

The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is the perfect bearded dragon vivarium for a new dragon keeper. I used this and though I do not enjoy it as much as when I was a newbie, it’s still a steal.

You can get it for cheap and affordable pricing even if Exo Terra isn’t offering discounts! It does the job and you don’t have to worry or think about compatibility.

User Feedback and Testimonials

L. Weigand, an Amazon customer, said that the product was a relief from all the stress she had with her first-ever tank.

“I bought this as an upgrade to my previous tank, and I can’t be happier with my purchase. The tank arrived in perfect condition; the front doors open easily; the top mesh is perfect – and everything else!”

Here’s an honest, on-the-spot video review of the Exo Terra Natural Glass Reptile Tank.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can purchase Exo Terra’s glass reptile tank on Amazon or Walmart, whichever works better for you.

#5: REPTI ZOO 67-Gallon Upgrade Glass Reptile Terrarium: Best Tank For Multifunctionality

67 gallon tank

For an experienced dragon keeper, REPTI ZOO’s 67-gallon glass reptile tank is what I would recommend.

It’s comprehensive that almost all the components of the reptile glass terrarium are detachable and easily adjustable. To help you further, here are some of its features.

Features of the REPTI ZOO 67-Gallon Upgrade Glass Reptile Terrarium

One of its primary features is the wire outlet hole that is presented in a knob style, which makes it easy for anyone, even for a newbie dragon keeper, to understand.

It’s also featured with a thick, hardened and tempered glass product that promotes better and deeper safety.

The product’s front-open doors aren’t a surprise as the product was an overall treat.

What are the Dimensions of the Tank?

The tank’s dimensions are as follows: 48 x 18 x 18 inches. It has a weight of about 32.1 kg or a little over 70 pounds.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the REPTI ZOO 67-Gallon Upgrade Glass Reptile Terrarium

It has a watertight base, which allows a puddle of water to form inside.
Some packages have arrived with cracks and inconsistencies.
The tank can produce ample ventilation, thanks to the full-screen mesh top.The locking mechanism does not work 100%.
It’s easy to put up and assemble.
If you use sand as the loose substrate, it can create a screeching sound when it comes in contact with the panel
The product is equipped with an anti-escape safety lock
You can place a substrate heater beneath whatever loose substrate you need.

Why You Should Choose REPTI ZOO’s 67-Gallon Upgrade Glass Reptile Terrarium

The overall multifunctionality of REPTI ZOO’s 67-gallon upgrade reptile glass terrarium is what I would suggest to a dragon keeper that’s looking for advanced features.

Unlike other brands that offer a beginner’s bearded dragon starting kit, the 67-gallon glass reptile tank offered by REPTI ZOO is not something that beginners would easily get.

The features require a bit more navigation and advanced knowledge, especially with the “how-to” of setting it up.

User Feedback and Testimonials

Mary Reyes, an Amazon customer, expressed her delight when she received the package.

“I was honestly a bit anxious about it, but I was surprised that it arrived in an almost perfect condition. I assembled it in less than 10 minutes, and it was ready to use! Buy it with confidence!”

Here’s a quick video of how to assemble the 1 knock-down glass reptile tank of REPTI ZOO:

Where Can I Buy It?

REPTI ZOO’s 67- gallon reptile glass terrarium is available for purchase on Amazon and Walmart.

#6: Vertical BIOTERIUM Reptile Tank: Best Bearded Dragon Tank For Versatility

BIOTERIUM is one brand I only encountered recently. And luckily, they did not fall short of my expectations.

The BIOTERIUM glass reptile tank is comprehensive, packed with features and technologies that contribute to the overall betterment of bearded dragon care.

Here are a few of the features you need to know.

Features of the Vertical BIOTERIUM Reptile Tank

First off, I found that it’s one of the best tanks compatible with various heat sources. You can use a ceramic heat emitter, a heat cable or whatever heat source is available.

The package is complete with brown cordage, a deep dome lamp and other accessories that can kick-start your experience.

It has front doors that open easily, allowing easier and better access to what’s inside the bearded dragon vivarium.

It’s so comprehensive that I tried using it with other types of reptiles, and it worked like magic!

What are the Dimensions of the Tank?

The tank is sized 12 x 12 x 18 inches, weighing a little over 20 pounds.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the Vertical BIOTERIUM Reptile Tank

Benefits Drawbacks
The tank, considering all the features it has, is cheap and affordable.The heat lamps that came with it burns out easily.
It comes with most of the things you’ll need for your beardie’s survival.In terms of sturdiness and strength, the glass did not do a good job
The style of the bearded dragon tank setup is sophisticated and modernized.The correct heat gradient does not always hold up properly.
It can guarantee adequate ventilation, thanks to the screen mesh up top.
The escape-proof lock works.

Why You Should Choose BIOTERIUM’s Vertical Reptile Tank

Beardies can grow to sizes that are abnormal, and if you think your beardie can grow to larger sizes, the Vertical BIOTERIUM reptile glass tank is what I’d recommend.

It already comes with heat lamps that resemble the temperature in a beardie’s natural environment, crossing out one (1) problem off the list.

User Feedback and Testimonials

Nalani Angelina, who is an Amazon customer, said that the tank was extremely cheap and affordable. It does the job, and said that “it’s perfect for my new baby crestie!”

Where Can I Buy It?

I purchased my BIOTERIUM reptile tank terrarium on Amazon. You can purchase yours there, too!

#7 Essential 6-Foot PVC & Aluminum Enclosure: Best Beardie Cage For Better Experience  

Essential 6-Foot PVC & Aluminum Enclosure

Custom Reptile Habitats’ Essential 6-Foot Enclosure is what I think my beardie considers as the coziest and most comfortable habitat.

It has a huge floor space for a single, full-grown bearded dragon, and the ventilation is topnotch. I wasn’t a fan of the “no-color” design that it came with, so I decided to paint it.

Yes, you can paint, stain, or apply any type of safe and compatible color to the cage!

I felt that my beardie enjoyed his time inside the enclosure. It’s cozy, warm, highly humid, and is completely fireproof! Not to mention that it’s made with a strongly engineered structure and design!

Features of the Essential 6-Foot Enclosure

One of the things that captivated me was the size of the enclosure. It had HUGE floor space, which allowed me to house two (2) regular-sized adult dragons inside.

The full aluminum screen was more than enough to satisfy the airflow needed by my beardie. Not to mention the easy access sliding doors, which are abrasion and UV resistant (made from polycarbonate).

It’s the product perfectly fit for new owners. It might just be a bit too big for a baby dragon, but the advantage is that you wouldn’t need to change enclosures when they become an adult!

What Are the Dimensions of the Tank?

The dimensions of the tank are about 72 x 24 x 36 inches, an external space of 247.4 gallons, and an internal square space of 11.34 square feet.

The top screen mesh has two (2) screens, it’s measured 28 x 16 inches each.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the Essential 6-Foot PVC & Aluminum Enclosure

The product is lightweight, it can be handled by two (2) people easilyThe price is pretty expensive compared to products of other brands
You can install different types of plants, as long as it fits rightThe locks don’t work as smoothly as they should
It’s water-resistant, strong, and will never oxidize rust, and rotDifficult and complex setup, not beginner-level
You can view the inside of the tank perfectly clear
You can house many different types of reptiles in it

Why You Should Choose the Essential 6-Foot PVC & Aluminum Enclosure

Custom Reptile Habitats’ Maximum Reptile Essential 6-Foot PVC & Aluminum Enclosure is my personal recommendation for owners who have larger-than-the-average beardie captives.

I never had problems accessing the inside of the cage, thanks to the easy access to sliding front doors. Not only does it give you larger viewing access, but you can also have better comfortability in accessing!

User Feedback and Testimonials

Elizabeth T., a Custom Reptile Habitats customer can’t express her emotions clearly about how happy she was with the product.

“I am confident that it will hold up for the life of my pet. I can move it alone, so, it’s light enough; but better if with another person. I also added plants to it, which gives it a better look!”

Check out this video by Elle’s Reptiles as she goes over her thoughts about the 6-foot enclosure. Watch the full video to find out other features and specs you might have missed!

Where Can I Buy It?

I got and bought mine straight from Custom Reptile Habitats’ website.

#8 Essential 4 PVC & Aluminum Enclosure: Best Most Sustainable Beardie Enclosure

Essential 4 PVC & Aluminum Enclosure

Compared to the 6-foot Essential enclosure, this Essential 4 PVC & Aluminum Enclosure is smaller, more compact, and holds lighter weight.

I didn’t notice that this enclosure is the second or updated version (version 2.0) until I checked its complete specs.  

It’s made with anodized aluminum & glass along with real PVC. What I loved most about the Essential 4 PVC & Aluminum Enclosure is its airflow.

It also has a 5-inch-deep base, which is perfect for setting up real plants, bedding, trays, and other types of accessories to complement the tank.

Features of the Essential 4 Enclosure

Made with standard ¼-inch tempered glass, I personally witnessed the strength and durability of the tank. It features sustainable ACRE material, which is the perfect substitute for wood.

In addition, the customizable humidity panel is also a perfect additive to the overall equation. It’s insulated, perfectly controlled, and is made with real PVC panels, ensuring better viewing experience.

The design is strong enough to hold my juvenile dragon and cope with all its daily routines and activities. You will also not regret it, because it has a 10-year warranty for its components and accessories!

What Are the Dimensions of the Tank?

The tank has dimensions of about 48 x 24 x 24 inches, and an external space of 120 gallons, and an internal space of 107.63 gallons. It weighs 62 pounds, and the top screen is measured 38 x 16 inches.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the Essential 4 Enclosure

You can set up custom ventilation, which will allow proper airflow controlIt is too small for adult bearded dragons
It can be assembled flat, meaning better flexibilityAssembly is not easy, needed additional materials
You can install an optional hood to the enclosure to cover up light fixtures and cords
You can choose from the custom silver frame or a standard black frame
Substrate lip options are available (vented, clear, or matching)

Why You Should Choose the Essential 4 Enclosure

If you think that your experience in herpetoculture needs refining, then I would highly recommend Custom Reptile Habitats’ Essential 4 Closure.

Overall, the size of the enclosure is small, making it easier to manage and handle compared to full-blown, big cages.

Even if this is the case, the enclosure will still definitely be able to do its job and keep your pet reptiles where they should be –without boring them, of course!

User Feedback and Testimonials

Just last week, Courtney, a customer of Custom Reptile Habitats said that the product was awesome and that it’ll definitely last a lifetime.

“The enclosure is absolutely incredible; it is big, spacious, and it’ll definitely last my beardie’s lifetime!”

Where Can I Buy It?

I was able to get mine from Custom Reptile Habitats’ website directly.

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How to Choose a Bearded Dragon Cage?

In choosing a bearded dragon enclosure, you need to know and consider the size, safety and security and design of the tank you’re eyeing on.

I treat these as the major factors because they make up the entire tank. With all these combined, you’ll easily be able to distinguish if a tank can accommodate your beardie or not.

1. Knowing the Size of the Tank

The size of your dragon needs to be in accordance with the size of the tank. You need to ensure that the tank is not so compressed that it might cut off the needed space of your beardie.

Typically, a regular-sized adult dragon would need a tank that is at least 4 x 2 x 2 feet or at least 55 to 60 gallons [3].

Check: Best 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

2. Understanding the Safety & Security it Offers

You want a bearded dragon vivarium that’s safe enough that would restrict your Pogona vitticeps from escaping, but at the same time, offer ample ventilation.

Front-opening doors are the best choice for tanks because of their security and ease of access.

For ventilation, though, you want to secure a screen mesh installed at the top of the terrarium.

3. Considering the Style and Design of the Tank

I always tell people to make sure of the design and the style of the tanks they’ll be purchasing.

Try to consider the bearded dragon terrarium décor of the tank you’re purchasing. This matters because you wouldn’t need to purchase these separately.


In case you feel short of the data and information I disclosed, here are a few of the other questions revolving around getting an adult bearded dragon enclosure.

How Much is a Bearded Dragon Tank?

The prices vary from one tank to another, but I found that the median price for a bearded dragon tank setup is around $80 and $250.

Is a 120-Gallon Terrarium Enough For a Bearded Dragon?

Yes, a 120-gallon bearded dragon terrarium is a good size for an adult dragon. A baby dragon only needs 20 gallons, but as they grow up, they outgrow it. A 120-gallon tank will be the best size for any dragon.

What Should be in a Bearded Dragon Tank?

– Water and Food Dishes
– Front-Opening Doors
– Barks and Logs
– Loose Substrate
– Tank Temperature Thermometer
– Heat Lamps and Basking Spot Lamps

Which Bearded Dragon Cage Will You Go For?

The type of enclosure you would want to purchase will depend on the type of beardie you have. You know yours better, so you should be able to tailor-fit whatever it will require in its tank.

These six (6) bearded dragon cages are just what I found to be the most effective and the most helpful for taking care of beardies.

Keep this on a tab so you can go back to it in case you need help and assistance in purchasing a bearded dragon tank setup!

A cute bearded dragon on a rock


1. NC State Veterinary Hospital Exotic Animal Medicine. Caring for Your Pet Bearded Dragon [Internet]. Available from: https://cvm.ncsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Caring-for-your-Bearded-Dragon.pdf

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