The Hamster Owner’s Handbook

Searching for the BEST and PROVEN strategies to help your hamster live longer?

Take the opportunity to learn about hamster breeds, behavior, health, hygiene, fitness, food, and more! We’ll explain to you everything a hamster will go through, from beginning to end.

Have you ever wondered about the average day in the life of a hamster?

Are you worried that maybe your furry little pal isn’t eating enough?

Curious about breeding hamsters? How about whether or not you need pet insurance for them?

Do you just worry that maybe you’re not doing everything you should be to ensure that your hamster lives the longest and healthiest life possible?

If you said yes to ANY of the questions above, don’t worry; our Hamster Owners Handbook will give you all of the answers you need!

This guide is for first-time hamster owners, soon-to-be hamster owners, and curious people who want to
learn more about these wheel-loving little rascals. Veteran hamster owners may learn a thing or two
as well!

All in all, this is a comprehensive guide about living with a hamster. If you’re interested, it’s for you.

Look, there are no shortages of confusing articles or conflicting information out there – but our book, The Hamster Owner’s Handbook, can help cut through the clutter and show you exactly what you need to know. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Decide which hamster breed is just right for your family.
  • Set up the ultimate habitat so your new pal can live in style!
  • Find a vet that specializes in small pet care.
  • Train your hamsters and even teach them some really neat tricks!

…and more secrets to help your hamster live the best life possible. 

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