About Us

Guinea pigs, sugar gliders, bearded dragons are more than just pets; they’re part of the family. Petsvills.com was created as a way to share our love for these amazing small pets (and others) with the world. From choosing your small pet to finding the best food for your older guinea pig or sugar glider we aim to give you the tools you need to give your furry (or scaly!) friends the best care throughout their entire lives.


What type of content will you find on PetsVills? Basically, the same thing you’ve come to expect from our sibling sites. Some things in the works include:

  • Care and training tips for your animal companions.
  • Pet product recommendations, like the best furniture, exercise gear, and such.
  • Feeding tips, including proper diet & treats for a myriad of pets.
  • Gift ideas for pet lovers.
  • …and so much more.

Meet Our Team

Olfa Turki /Owner

Olfa knows how to get things done and has a keen business sense that others admire. She’s always on the go, coming up with new ideas! Her ability to anticipate the needs of her readers and deliver information that they want is what makes PetsVills such a success. You can reach her at olfa@petsvills.com

Nicole Etolen/ Editor

Nicole is the Editor-in-Chief and one of the writers here on PetsVills. She’s been a pet lover all of her life and-at one point- counted five felines as part of her family. Today, she’s proud mom to two indoor guinea pigs. Along with her mom,  Nicole also cares for a colony of feral/stray cats outside of her home- feeding, building shelters, and socializing them. You can reach her at: Nicole@petsvills.com

Ben B. / writer

Ben is an animal lover, blogger, and all around geek. He divides his love equally between his family, his animals, and his video games. In his spare time he is attempting to get a blog off the ground. Boy, are they heavy! Ben is also a former vet tech with experience dealing with every cat problem imaginable.

Ben R./ Writer

My name is Ben Roberts, and I absolutely love animals. So, naturally, I love writing about them too! I have three dogs and one old cat. Each one of them provides me with a new adventure every day. And the best part is they’re all best friends. Well, except the cat when he gets a little annoyed. Contact: Ben@petsvills.com

Peter/ Writer

Peter, one of the writers here at PetsvILLS, loves answering all of those burning “why” questions we all have about small pet behavior. There’s no question to strange or far-fetched that he can’t answer! Peter also specializes in discussing the myriad of different pet breeds and their unique habits. Contact: Peter@petsvills.com

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