100 Bearded Dragon Names For Your Charming New Pal

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Looking for some cute bearded dragon names?

Read on for 100 fantastic ideas that we think are just perfect for this popular reptile!

Don’t worry, we came up with plenty for both males and females.

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Bearded Dragon Names For Males

While there’s no shortage of fantastic dragon-inspired names for males, we also came up with some ideas based on your bearded’s colors and personality, too.

Plus, we threw in some “just plain” cute ideas. Take a look!

Looking for some cute bearded dragon names? Read on for 100 that we love, with 50 each for males and females!
  1. Baby – because he is your little baby.
  2. Bad Bill – from the Rango movie.
  3. Bam Bam – after the Flintstone family child.
  4. Basilisk – famous World of Warcraft creature.
  5. Bill the Lizard – from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  6. Boo – because he is your little boo.
  7. Cricket – maybe it’s his favourite food.
  8. Dino – of course, you can confuse him for a dinosaur.
  9. Donatello – after the purple ninja turtle!
  10. Draco – after Dragonheart’s dragon.
  11. Draconian – reptilian from Doctor Who
  12. Dragaunus – starring in The Mighty Ducks.
  13. Dragon – from the Shrek movies.
  14. Drogon – after Khaleesi’s dragon from Game of Thrones.
  15. Elliot – from Pete’s Dragon.
  16. Ender – Minecraft’s famous dragon.
  17. Falcor – from The Never Ending Story.
  18. Foamasi – reptilian race from Doctor Who
  19. Fuzz – one of the coolest names out there.
  20. Gargoyle – if you’re looking for a fun and classy name.
  21. Gaspar – from the movie ‘Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.’
  22. Haku – after anime movie ‘Spirited Away.’
  23. Hodari – from the famous crocodile in ‘The Lion Guard.’
  24. Horntail – from Harry Potter.
  25. Kenge – the cutest lizard in The Lion Guard
  26. King Koopa – Mario Bros’ character.
  27. King Rool – from the famous Donkey Kong movie.
  28. Lockheed – X-Men’s favourite dragon.
  29. Master Viper – the Viper in the Kung Fu Panda movie.
  30. Michaelangelo – after the artist (or the Ninja Turtle, your choice!)
  31. Mr. Jones – starring in the Toy Story of Terror
  32. Pascal – Rapunzel’s cutest chameleon.
  33. Peanut – for the cutest bearded dragon out there.
  34. Pooh Bear – after the cutest Disney bear!
  35. Prince – for the little prince you have there.
  36. Randall – the famous monster from Monsters Inc.
  37. Rango – from the movie with the same name.
  38. Rollo – Estonian name, meaning ‘wolf.’
  39. Sal Manders – cute character from The Lion King.
  40. Sauron – one of the X-Men characters.
  41. Shupavu – after the lizard leader in The Lion Guard.
  42. Skrull – after the Marvel Comics reptilian.
  43. Sleestak – reptilian from the Land of the Lost
  44. Slither – a Marvel Comics’ legend.
  45. Sugar Ray – from the Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.
  46. Tick Tock – because he’s not always fast.
  47. Uncle Deadly – from The Muppets.
  48. Wally – after the famous Hanna Barbera crocodile.
  49. Xindi – from the famous Star Trek series.
  50. Yoshi – the most popular dinosaur from Mario Bros.

Check out this video for other badass names for bearded dragons.

Bearded Dragon Names For Females

There aren’t quite as many female dragons in the wide world of entertainment, so we had to get a bit more creative here. Check out these badass names for dragons!

Looking for some cute bearded dragon names? Read on for 100 that we love, with 50 each for males and females!
  1. Angel – because she is a little angel.
  2. Camille – from the Darkwing Duck.
  3. Cardassian – reptilian from the Star Trek series.
  4. Chance – after the Golden Knights Mascot.
  5. Chins – a simple and very cute name.
  6. Cobra – well-known from GI Joe.
  7. Creature – after the Creature from the Black Lagoon
  8. Eliza – English name meaning ‘joyful.’
  9. Fluffy -one of the cutest ironic bearded dragon names!
  10. Freckles – can you think of a cuter name?
  11. Geico – after Geico Insurance.
  12. Gizzy – beautiful name meaning ‘promise.’
  13. Goanna – after the FernGully: The Last Rainforest.
  14. Goanna – for the cutest Bearded Dragon.
  15. Honeybun – a cute and delicious name.
  16. Hydra – after the mythological beast.
  17. Izzy – American name meaning ‘God is my Oath.’
  18. Joanna – from The Rescuers Down Under.
  19. Junebug – for a June born bearded dragon.
  20. Kahlua – a Spanish and very fancy name.
  21. Karma – for the best Bearded Dragon out there.
  22. Kinyonga – after the cutest Lion Guard character.
  23. Kiwi – after the cutest and smallest bird.
  24. Liz – the most well-known lizard from The Magic School Bus.
  25. Lizzie – a cute and ladylike name.
  26. Madam Mim – from The Sword and the Stone.
  27. Maleficent – famous Sleeping Beauty character.
  28. Medusa – well-known Greek Mythology.
  29. Meg – from the Family Guy series.
  30. Mushu – Mulan’s cute dragon.
  31. Nessie – after the Lockness monster.
  32. Peaches – for the sweetest thing out there.
  33. Pearl – because she is your precious pearl.
  34. Pebbles – because she is precious!
  35. Penny – classic American name for a very cute one.
  36. Pixie – pixie comes from a fairy!
  37. Princess – because she is your little princess.
  38. Puff – yes, Puff was a boy, but it’s gender-neutral!
  39. Riva – Hebrew name meaning ‘maiden.’
  40. Rosie – a beautiful name for your cute dragon.
  41. Sarah – for a Bearded Dragon with personality.
  42. Sephira – from the Eragon movie.
  43. Skylla – after the Greek monster.
  44. Smudge – for the cutest thing who likes to be loved all the time.
  45. Sugar – because she makes all your days sweeter.
  46. Suki – Japanese name meaning ‘beloved.’
  47. Sweetums – after the Muppets character.
  48. Toffee – from Star vs. The Forces of Evil.
  49. Twinkle Toes – a very cute name for a Dragon with small, cute feet.
  50. Vega – Spanish name meaning ‘one who lives on the plain.’

There you go! 100 exotic names for bearded dragons that we think are just perfect!

I hope we helped you find the right one for your charming new pal!

What are some of your favorite bearded dragon names? Share below!

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