100 Astonishing Bearded Dragon Names From Movies

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Are you finding any difficulty in looking for bearded dragon names from movies?

Want names from your favorite Hollywood characters?

Check the list below!

Don’t worry, here are some bearded dragon name ideas for both males and females that we came up!

Don’t worry, we came up with plenty of ideas for both males and females!


50 names for male bearded dragons from movies

  1. Adonis- In Greek, the name means ‘Lord.’ 
  2. Alistair- Comes from the Harry Potter Series and represents a powerful fighter.
  3. Cullen- A famous name from “The Twilight Saga”
  4. Dawson- Powerful name based on Jack Dawson from Titanic
  5. Flint- Comes from the animated movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.”
  6. Gary-  Inspired by the actor Gary Cooper. Became famous “High Noon ” movie. 
  7. Sam- This name is of the character from “Lords of the Rings.”
  8. Lloyd- In Welsh, it means “Gray.”
  9. Harry- This name is taken from the popular series “Harry Potter.” 
  10. Aaron-In Hebrew, it means ” lofty” or “exalted.”
  11. Pippin- Name of a character who was a member of the Fellowship of the Ring.
  12. Andy- In Greek, it means brave.” The character of the boy from the “Toy Story” movies.
  13. Elliot- Taken from the character of a boy who befriends a lost alien in “E.T..”
  14. Gale- Comes from the character in “The Hunger Games” and represents strength.
  15. Tristian-  Taken from Brad Pitt’s wild-at-heart character from “Legends of the Fall.”
  16. Fitzgerald- Taken from the character of the bad boy from the movie ” The Revenant.”
  17. Logan- Popular Scottish name of the hero “Wolverine” played by Hugh Jackman.
  18. Amsterdam- Used for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the  “Gangs of New York.”
  19. Bartleby- It means ” son of the furrow.” Played by Ben Affleck in “Dogma.”
  20. Patrick- Name means ” noble” or “patrician.”
  21. Azarel- In Jewish, it means “Angel of Death.” 
  22. Clyde- In Scottish, it means “river.” Used in the movie “Bonnie and Clyde.”
  23. Cohen- In Hebrews, it means ” priest.” This name was used in the film “Leonard.”
  24. Draven- The name means “child of beautiful shadows.” 
  25. Ethan- Means “strong and enduring.” Got its fame from “Mission Impossible.”
  26. Harrison- Means “Son of Harry.” It is used in films like ” George,” “The Beatles” etc.,
  27. Henley- The name means “high clearing woods.” 
  28. Jake- It means “someone who takes hold of the hell.” Comes in the film “Avatar.”
  29. Kilian- It means small but fierce. This name was used in the movie “Star Wars.”
  30. Theo- This name is lovable from “The Cosby Show.”
  31. Nolan- This character is from the famous television series ” Revenge.”
  32. Preston- Name of one of the twins of Tom and Lynette in “Desperate Housewives.”
  33. Shane- It is the name of the character of the moniker in ” The Walking Dead.”
  34. Elijah- Name of the character played by Frodo Baggins in the “Lord of the Rings.”
  35. Cooper- This name is used in the film “Alice Cooper.”
  36. George- This name is used in the film ” Harrison.” 
  37. Mace- It is from the film “The Phantom Menace.”
  38. Maximus- Russell Crowe played the role of ” Maximus” in the movie “Gladiator.”
  39. Napoleon- A character from the movie ” Napoleon Dynamite.”
  40. Neo- The character was played by Keanu Reeves in “Matrix.”
  41. Owen- The name is from the film “The New Hope.”
  42. Ren- This name is from the movie “Footloose.”
  43. Thor- It means ” thunder God.” This character is from the film “Thor.”
  44. Wyatt- This name is from the film ” Easy Rider.”
  45. Tyrion- This name was used in the film “Game of Thrones.”
  46. Westley- It is from the film ” The Princess Bride.”
  47. Sawyer- It is from the film “Lost.”
  48. Rolfe- This name is used in the famous film named “Sound of Music.”
  49. Luke- It is a popular name from the film titled ” Star Wars.”
  50. Kurt- This character is from the famous film “Cobain.” 

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50 Names for Female Dragons From Movies

brown bearded dragon on a tree trunk matched with bearded dragon names from movies
  1. Ariel- This name is taken from Disney’s famous cartoon film ” The Little Mermaid.”
  2. Ana- In French, it means “grace” or “favor.” This name is used in “Frozen.”
  3. Audrey- It is a well-known character in “Disney’s “Atlantis-The Lost Empire.”
  4. Belle- Comes from favorite characters of kids from” Sleeping Beauty.”
  5. Christina- Inspired by celebrities like Christina Applegate & Christina Hendrix.
  6. Demi- Gained popularity after the hit movie of Demi Moore’s movie “The Ghost.” 
  7. Daisy- This name attained popularity after the remake of “Great Gatsby.”
  8. Elsa- Means “Oath of God.” This name came from the Disney movie titled “Frozen.”
  9. Gwyneth-  Inspired by Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow in “Avengers,” etc.
  10. Hillary- Hillary Shark’s role inspires the name in “Million Dollar Baby.”
  11. Juno- The name came from the movie “Juno.”
  12. Lauren- Inspired by the ” This Means War” movie from the character Baby Laurel.
  13. Minerva- In Latin, it means “intellect.” Name of the professor in Harry Potter.
  14. Marilyn- It came from a famous Hollywood girl, Marilyn Monroe. 
  15. Quinn- A negative character who is a traditional Irish moniker in ” Batman.”
  16. Aaliyah- R&B singer & earned fame with the album “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.”
  17. Adriana- This name comes from the fictional character in ” The Sopranos.”
  18. Ally- The reason behind the popularity of this name is Fox’s Ally McBeal.
  19. Aria- It came from the mystery thriller ABC in 2010.
  20. Arya- Used in the HBO series named “Game of Thrones,” & means “noble” in Persian.
  21. Akasha- Means ” sky” in Hindi. It was used in “Vampire Chronicles” by Anne Rice.
  22. Carrie- It is the name of a popular television series. It means “free man.”
  23. Crimson- Came from a television series named “Powerless.”
  24. Emma- This name is defined as someone with immense beauty and strength. 
  25. Felicity- Comes from the famous TV series “Arrow.” Represents happiness.
  26. Gabriella- Comes from a television series named “The High School Musical.”
  27. Jessa- It is the main character from the HBO Series “Girls.”
  28. Lorelai- A famous fictional character from a TV series named “Gilmore Girls.”
  29. Madonna- A fierce character in a television series named “Midnight Texas.”
  30. Winter- Taken from the series ” Taboo,” the character is a young bi-racial woman.
  31. Adrianna- Brazilian supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima.
  32. Ava- Popular Hollywood star “Ava Gardener.”
  33. Katherine- Character from the television series “Greek” by Nora Kirkpatrick.
  34. Lucille- Character in a TV series named “Arrested Development.”
  35. Shoshanna- Favorite character of the people from the TV series ” Girls.”
  36. Charlotte- A popular feminine character from “Sex and the City.”
  37. Olivia- Inspirational character from the TV series ” Law and Order.”
  38. Haley- Character of a teenage girl in the “Modern Family.”
  39. Marnie- Character played by Allison William in ” Girls.”
  40. Lily- Lead character of “How I met my Mother?”
  41. Molly- From the television series “Mike and Molly.”
  42. Ginny- Comes from the character played by Bonnie Wright in the “Harry Potter.”
  43. Clarice- Comes from “The Silence of the Lambs.”
  44. Amy- Favorite character of the audience from the movie ” Gone Girl.”
  45. Nina- A character who played the role of a ballerina in “Black Swan.”
  46. Toula- A lead character in the classical rom-com in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”
  47. Holly- Cute and lovely name from the classical character ” Breakfast at Tiffany.”
  48. Ramonda- Mother of T’Challa’s character in “Black Panther.” 
  49. Violet- A popular name, especially after the release of ” The Incredibles.”
  50. Rosette- A character from the hit and musical film named “Les Miserables.”

I love Hollywood movies and it is hard to choose one from these dragon names!

I’ll just go after Thor for a boy since I liked that movie a lot!

For a female dragon, hmmmm, I’m thinking Clarice. That was a fantastic movie, wasn’t it? What do you think?

Looking for some bearded dragon names from movies? Well, we've got you 100 ideas from famous Hollywood films that you will surely love!

What are your favorite bearded dragon names from movies? share below!


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