Three-Legged Bearded Dragon Names: 100 Amazing Ideas

Unable to find some three-legged bearded dragon names for your little survivor?

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

We chose 100 monikers that are perfect for a beardie who’s gone through rough times and lived to tell about it.

Let’s check them out!

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50 Names for Your Male Three-legged Bearded Dragon

Let’s start with the top 50 unique bearded dragon names that are suitable for your male beardie.

  1. Ares – After the ultra-tough Greek god of war.
  2. Blackbeard – There’s no tougher pirate than Blackbeard!
  3. Bard – perfect name for a poetic bearded!
  4. Bizirik– means “survivor” in Basque.
  5. Bane – You have to admit that the Batman villain is pretty tough!
  6. Balerion – An enormous dragon in The Game of thrones.
  7. Cliffhanger – name your friend after a famous movie.
  8. Cactus – Since a bearded mane is like small thorns, Cactus will be perfect.
  9. Caesar – The name of the great Roman ruler will give him a royal feeling.
  10. Dino – Because he descended from the mighty dinosaurs.
  11. Draco – Symbolizes something magnificent and ferocious.
  12. Deadpool – name your pet after the popular superhero.
  13. Dragonheart – Another great name from a dragon movie for him.
  14. Diesel – A mighty masculine name for your powerful friend.
  15. Donatello – The name of the Ninja Turtle.
  16. Godzilla – Symbolizes power and strength, which are dragon traits.
  17. Ghidorah – It’s a well-known character in the dinosaur movie Godzilla.
  18. Garfield – Garfield is the favorite character of many TV viewers.
  19. Gorn – It’s the lizard character of the famous movie Star Trek.
  20. Hulk – The enormous green giant character in the movie Hulk.
  21. Hercules – It’s the mythical Greek character that symbolizes strength.
  22. Homer – the ancient philosopher who wrote the ‘Iliad.’
  23. Joker – Since the colors on this character are similar to your draggy’s shade.
  24. Kraken – He is the sea beast. The name might suit your draggy’s personality.
  25. Leonidas – He was a warrior that symbolizes courage and strength.
  26. Leviathan – A name that sounds too deep and powerful.
  27. Maximum – A cool name for your three-legged pet.
  28. Mufasa – The father of Simba in the movie Lion King who was very kind.
  29. Max – A human cum animal name that is used often.
  30. Michelangelo – The famous Greek Artist, the inspiration of several poets.
  31. Pascal – The chameleon in the famous animated movie, tangled.
  32. Prince – for your three-legged reptile to feel like a prince.
  33. Peanut – A name that signifies their hard outer shell but soft inside.
  34. Puff – A magical dragon name for your cute three-legged bearded dragon.
  35. Rocky – A dragon’s outer skin and structure represent piled up rocks.
  36. Rex – This name means king, which is your reptile in your house.
  37. Rambo – A famous kids’ movie that contains many creatures.
  38. Rango – It’s a popular cartoon character.
  39. Spyro – A video game featuring dragons with one of them named Spyro.
  40. Sleestak – A reptile’s name from a movie ‘Land of the lost.’
  41. Smaug – It’s the ferocious dragon from the Lord of the rings.
  42. Shadow – An unusual name for a unique reptile.
  43. Sal Manders – A funny name for your pet!
  44. Salvador – It’s a proper Latin name for your reptile.
  45. Titan – It’s another Greek character that symbolizes power.
  46. Thor – The marvel movie giant character with his powerful stones.
  47. Viggo – This name sounds tough, just like the beard of your man.
  48. Venom – A poisonous name for the lizard family that doesn’t harm anyone.
  49. Viper – It’s a snake species that might suit your dragon’s persona.
  50. Volcano – The ones who breathe fire, Volcano is the perfect name for them.

Check more cool dragon names male.

50 names for your Three-legged Female Bearded dragon

a yellow three-legged bearded dragon

Here are some ideas for bearded dragon female names that you can check out!

  1. Athena – She is a Greek goddess who symbolizes beauty.
  2. Alice – The famous character of Alice in Wonderland.
  3. Angel – Because that’s exactly what she is to you.
  4. Bellatrix – An exotic name for your exotic pet.
  5. Bella – A famous name used by many movie characters.
  6. Betty – is a familiar human name that you can use to call your best friend.
  7. Bitsy – Another popular name among girls and female animals.
  8. Catherine – The Duchess of Cambridge has this name and is very beautiful.
  9. Cutie – A cute name for your female pet that you can lovingly call.
  10. Chance – Because you got her by your chance and luck.
  11. Charm – If she is your lucky charm and brings you luck and fortune.
  12. Cleopatra – For your pet to become a ferocious yet kind ruler one day.
  13. Chocolate – A sweet name for a docile lady.
  14. Diana – Diana was the people’s princess and a Greek Goddess.
  15. Diamond – For that priceless piece of diamond in your life.
  16. Dolly – A cute name to give to a lovable creature.
  17. Daffodil – It’s a beautiful flower that emits positive vibes.
  18. Eliza – it stands for joy and happiness.
  19. Emerald – It’s a gem that many use to get good charm and luck. It is green.
  20. Freckles – Another funny name for an unusual pet.
  21. Francesca – It is a Latin name that is suitable for female dragons.
  22. Fiery – The ideal name for a creature that breathes fire.
  23. Gizzy – This name means promise and commitment.
  24. Glenda – The color of this witch and your draggy might be the same.
  25. Honey – if she is as sweet as honey.
  26. Hydra – It’s a mythical beastly character.
  27. Jubilee – It’s a character in the Marvel movies.
  28. Jade – A gemstone similar to emerald in color and your dragon.
  29. Juliet – the popular Shakespearean heroine.
  30. Jane – Many characters use this name. A famous writer is Jane Austen.
  31. Judy – For the best companion that you have with you.
  32. Jasmine –It’s another aromatic flower that blooms and spreads her charm.
  33. Junebug – if your three-legged bearded friend is June born.
  34. Karma – Symbolizes the life cycle and one’s deeds.
  35. Kiwi – It’s a fruit and the smallest bird in existence.
  36. Kahlua – It’s a fancy name for your exotic friend.
  37. Lizzy – A funny name that has its origin from ‘Lizard.’
  38. Lexi – Many lizards and female reptiles are named Lexi.
  39. Lady – it’s an elegant name for a female reptile.
  40. Maireann – it means “survivor” in Scots Gaelic.
  41. Maleficent – The dark character in the movie maleficent.
  42. Medusa – It’s a famous character from Greek Mythology.
  43. Maki – Similar to the sound that dragons make.
  44. Minnie – For the little one that you have.
  45. Nessie – the Loch Ness monster has this name.
  46. Pearl – because she is the one who is not easily found.
  47. Pixie – A small fairy is known as the Pixie.
  48. Olivia – The color of olives resembles your reptile’s color.
  49. Rainbow – Because a rainbow appears when there is the sun.
  50. Riva – the name stands for ‘Maiden.’

There you go! 100 fascinating bearded dragon names that we think are just perfect for your pet!

I just like “Rainbow” as for me it means to hope.

Looking for some three-legged bearded dragon names? We've got 100 ideas for females and males that will surely match your little survivor! Read on!

your turn! what are your favorite three-legged bearded dragon names? share below!


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