100 Ideas for Badass Dragon Names for Your Beardie [Males & Females]

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If you’re looking for cool and badass dragon names for your new beardie, you came to the right place.

Here, we have come up with some of the best choices of names for your tough-as-nails reptile.

Don’t worry; our names are for both male and female badass dragons along with their meanings.

Let’s have a look at them!

Here’s a video for a quick summary of the names.

50 Names for Male Badass Dragons

We turned to fantasy novels, movies and more for many of our favorite badass dragon names!

Then, we added a few incredible ideas that just sound like they belong to fire-breathing creatures.

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  1. Abzu– a Babylonian dragon.
  2. Al Tinnin – A water dragon in Arabian mythology.
  3. Arlo- It means “fortified hill” and therefore implies a strong personality.
  4. Bahamut – one of the most badass dragons of Arabian legend.
  5. Baldwyn- It means “brave friend” in German origin.
  6. Blaze- In English, it means “stutters” and implies a fiery personality.
  7. Boris- In Russian, it means “to fight”.
  8. Bryant- In Celtic origin, it means a strong personality.
  9. Buster- Refers to a person who busts things.
  10. Carlos- It means ” strong”.
  11. Chance- It refers to “good fortune”. 
  12. Chasin- In Hebrews, it means to ” stay strong”.
  13. Cohen- With an opposing meaning, it means “priest”.
  14. Damon- Implies stoic strength.
  15. Donovan- In Celtic origin, it means strong fighter. 
  16. Dean- The name honors James Dean. It also means “lived near a valley”.
  17. Diesel- A type of fuel. 
  18. Dustin- English origin name meaning “valiant”.
  19. Falak– Another Middle Eastern legend dragon.
  20. Faust- Italian origin name meaning “lucky”.
  21. Faranth – the last gold dragon of Pern (Dragonriders of Pern)
  22. Felix- In Latin, it means lucky.
  23. Flynn- Irish origin name meaning “son of a red-haired man”.
  24. Griffin- It means ” strong in faith” in Welsh origins.
  25. Harley- Associated with macho image of Harley Davidson on hare’s meadow”.
  26. Hardwin- In English, it means “brave friend”.
  27. Huntley- It means ” from the hunter’s meadow”.
  28. Ikuchi– A Japanese water dragon.
  29. Jagger- A unique badass name meaning “hawker of goods”.
  30. Kaiser- A badass name meaning “wealthy”.
  31. Kemen- A Spanish origin male name meaning ” strong”.
  32. King- A popular badass name meaning “tribal leader”.
  33. Knox- A strong name meaning “from the hills” 
  34. Ladon– the 100-headed dragon that guarded the Golden Apples in Greek mythos.
  35. Leviathan – Or “Levi” for short!
  36. Leo- A common male name meaning ” lion”.
  37. Maddox- A Welsh family name meaning “beneficent or fortunate”.
  38. Marduk– This Babylonian dragon was a “god of the gods.”
  39. Phoenix- Mystical bird which implies rising from the dust.
  40. Ryder- British origin name having 3 meanings: “cavalryman”, ” messenger” and “knight”.
  41. Ryu– Benevolent water dragons in Japanese mythology.
  42. Smaug– From The Hobbit by Tolkien.
  43. Steele- A macho name meaning “hard” and “durable”.
  44. Striker– A person with a macho or aggressive image. 
  45. Talon- French origin name which means “large claw of a bird of prey”.
  46. Tiamat-Another Babylonian dragon.
  47. Typhon-The most feared dragon in Greek mythology.
  48. Wyvern-These popular dragon-like creatures are a major part of English folklore.
  49. Vishap – a European snake-like dragon
  50. Zane- Classical version of name ” John” meaning Gift of God.

Want the best diet for your beardie? Watch this recap video below to avoid any feeding mistakes:

50 names for Female Badass Dragons

100 badass dragon names

Here are 50 good bearded dragon names that you can name your beardie with.

  1. Aella- A famous Amazonian river meaning ” whirlwind”.
  2. Angelina- After Angelina Jolie, one of the most badass actresses.
  3. Artemesia- One of the most legendary artists during the Baroque Era.
  4. Azhdaha – From Persian mythology, with a courageous heart.
  5. Beretta- Name of a popular Italian gun manufacturer company.
  6. Blair- In English and Gaelic origins, it means ” field” or “plain”.
  7. Calista- An ancient name meaning ” cup”, “fairest” or “most beautiful”.
  8. Cambria- In Welsh origin, it means ” the people”.
  9. Cassandra- In the Greek origin, it means “warrior” and “defender of the man”.
  10. Cleo- Greek origin word which means “the celebrated one”.
  11. Coca– The Portuguese dragon that fought St. George.
  12. Crimson- There are 2 meanings: “filled with love” or “an expert in work completion”.
  13. Danica- In Slavic, it means ” morning star”.
  14. Damara- Latin name meaning “gentle like a calf” and “to tame”.
  15. Davina- A Scottish name meaning ” beloved”.
  16. Debbie- In Hebrews, it means “bee”.
  17. Dominique- Latin word which means ” Lord”.
  18. Elektra- A Greek word meaning “bright, shining and radiant”.
  19. Ember- English origin word meaning “smoldering coal” or “small fires”.
  20. Esperanza- Name of Spanish origin meaning ” hope”.
  21. Evran– a Turkish snake-like dragon.
  22. Harley- Name of the most popular bike companies in the world.
  23. Harlow- English origin word meaning “meadow of hares”.
  24. Harriett- In German origin, it means “home-ruler”.
  25. Hera-  The Greek version of the word ” Queen”.
  26. Ida- In German, it means “work” or “labor”.
  27. Karma- It is the Sanskrit and Hindi version of retribution.
  28. Kartini- A writer and activist who supported the protection of public health and natural arts.
  29. Lilith- A name of Hebrew origins meaning ” ghost” and “storm goddess”.
  30. Lola- Spanish and Germanic version of ” sorrows”.
  31. Luna- Spanish and Roman version of the moon.
  32. Mizuki – from the movie 47 Ronin.
  33. Naga-From India’s mythology.
  34. Narissa– Dragon from the movie Enchanted.
  35. Raven- A dangerous name to girls with thick and black hair.
  36. Ruby- The precious gemstone of red color.
  37. Sadie- In Hebrews, it means ” princess”.
  38. Sárkány-Hungarian dragons when they’re in human form.
  39. Shabina- A mysterious name that means “eye of the storm”.
  40. Taro– From The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.
  41. Tempest- A person with a temperate nature.
  42. Tequila- Spanish name was given to liquor extracted from the agave plant.
  43. Florence- Florence Nightingale became a war-hero nurse during the Crimean War.
  44. Gloria- Gloria Steinem was the leader in the American Feminist Movement. 
  45. Helen- Helen Keller was a blind and deaf inspiring social activist. 
  46. Jane- Jane Austen was an author famous for her literary works, during the 1700s.
  47. Madeleine- Madeleine Albright was the 1st female secretary in the US under Clinton.
  48. Tatsu-Although it’s a male Japanese dragon name, it’s super cute for a girl, too!
  49. Věri Şělen-a type of Chuvash dragon.
  50. Yong– a Korean sky dragon.

Check out this video for a quick summary of bearded dragon names!

I hope we helped you find the perfect badass dragon names for your new bearded!

It’s hard to pick just one, isn’t it? As for me, I love any of the names of mythological dragons.

What should I name my bearded dragon? I think Sárkány is beautiful! As for a boy’s name, Marduk just sounds so tough!

Looking for some badass dragon names? Well, we've got you 100 ideas for females and males that will surely match your pet. Read on!

what are your favorite badass DRAGON names? share with us below!


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