100 Exotic Names for Bearded Dragons: Males & Females

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Looking for some exotic names for bearded dragons?

Such a unique pet with an equally clever and different name.

Below, we’ve given you 100 different amazing ideas to choose from!

Let’s get started, shall we?


50 Exotic names for your Male Bearded dragon

  1. Aldo – It is an Italian name for a wise person.
  2. Aiden – It is a name for the little one who is very fiery and full of might.
  3. Ace – It’s a Latin name for signifying Unity.
  4. Asher – With its Hebrew origin, it means blessed and fortunate.
  5. Anton – Anton is the valuable and priceless one. 
  6. Alvin – Since your Dragon is your wise friend, keep Alvin as its name.
  7. Axel – He is a movie character who is widely popular.
  8. Bruno – Bruno symbolizes the Brown color in German.
  9. Bubba – Bubba is a suitable name for your draggy, who is like your brother.
  10. Cranky – This name for a bad-tempered dragon.
  11. Chester – It means a town surrounded by walls from every direction.
  12. Chico – A little boy is called Chico in Spanish.
  13. Dagger – It is a proper name for your badass Dragon, who is ferocious.
  14. Dragua – Basque word for “dragon.”
  15. Elon – It is famous for Elon Musk and a character who features in a movie.
  16. Esther – A star is called Esther in the Persian Language.
  17. Felix – Felix is a name that symbolizes happiness and fortune.
  18. Gabriel – It symbolizes God disguised as Strength and power.
  19. Goofy – It is a name for the Dragon that acts silly and foolish.
  20. Hagar – Dragons have wings, and Hagar, ‘the flight’ is possible by them.
  21. Hypnos – Name your draggy after the God of sleep.
  22. Hurricane – It’s a proper nature-themed name for a desert reptile.
  23. Ingrid – it means beautiful and suits your bearded pet.
  24. Jerry – Remember Tom and the mouse Jerry?
  25. Jesse – Is your draggy a gift of God?
  26. Jasper – It is someone who brings fortune and wealth to you. 
  27. Jael – The mountain goat is referred to as Jael.
  28. Janus – He is the God of Beginnings and a good name for a new pet.
  29. Koko – A cute name for an exotic pet.
  30. King – It is a magnificent name for your mighty pet.
  31. Levi – Is your dragon ‘deeply attached’ to you?
  32. Lois – The Greeks call Lois the ones superior to them.
  33. Milo – A dragon is as mighty as a soldier, and this name is thus suitable.
  34. Milagros – The meaning of this name is a miracle, and a dragon is no less.
  35. Noa – Noa is a great name that signifies the movement of your pet.
  36. Oliver – Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens or the green color like olives.
  37. Otis – your draggy brings you happiness and makes you ‘wealthy.’
  38. Pip – If your dragon loves horses, Pip is the name he gets.
  39. Pukis– Latvian word that means dragon.
  40. Rhoda – Rhoda is the other name for Rose in Greek.
  41. Rocket – name your friend after the space vehicle.
  42. Sawyer – Remember the famous character, Tom Sawyer?
  43. Snowy – An ironic name for the desert resident.
  44. Santiago – It is a Spanish name.
  45. Theo – A dragon is a divine gift for you that is so rare to find.
  46. Teddy – A fluffy and cute name for your rock-solid draggy.
  47. Tarzan – Tarzan was a very famous character who lived in the forest
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  48. Waffle – A cute and clever food name for your dragon.
  49. Zane – It is for the dragon that clings to you.
  50. ZmajSlovenian word for dragon.

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50 Exotic names for your Female Bearded dragon

100 exotic names for bearded dragons
  1. Avery – It means a wise girl in French.
  2. Amara – It is for the attractive lady that you have with you.
  3. Alessia – She is the one who is a defensive warrior.
  4. Ava – A bird is known as Ava in the German Language.
  5. Akila – The dragons are very intellectual and hence should have this name.
  6. Aphrodite – It is for a beautiful girl who symbolizes the goddess of beauty.
  7. Belle – Belle is a French word that stands for something beautiful. 
  8. Bitsy – It is for someone closely attached with God.
  9. Bethany – the famous character of Jumanji, the movie.
  10. Cora – It is for someone whose heart is filled with love and affection.
  11. Claire – This name is for your intelligent reptile.
  12. Colette – Does your Draggy dream to be victorious someday?
  13. Chickie – name your dragon Chickie if she is your little gift of life.
  14. Candace – It is for your Dragon with a pure soul in her.
  15. Diamonique – Because your Dragon is precious.
  16. Dimples – It means family, and your pet is a part of your family.
  17. Delilah – If your pal is delicate and sensitive, Delilah is perfect for her.
  18. Eva – It means life, and a beautiful dragon whispers life into your world.
  19. Eden – Remember the Garden of Eden in paradise?
  20. Eunice – It is for someone who wants to get victorious.
  21. Elise – The oath of God is called Elise, which is the right name for a pet.
  22. Farrah – You should have Farrah (happiness) in your world.
  23. Femi – Femi means to love and kindness towards others.
  24. Grace – Someone who is generous and kind like your docile green pet.
  25. Holly – Holly stands for pricking and thus makes an ideal name for a dragon.
  26. Hera – She was the Greek goddess of marriage and the wife of Zeus.
  27. June – it can be used if your Draggy is born in June.
  28. Kalila – It is the one who brings love and happiness to your house.
  29. Kiki – If your joy is doubled with the arrival of your pet, it is the name.
  30. Kiera – it makes a beautiful name for an exotic pet like the Dragon.
  31. Lulu – A famous warrior or defender is known as Lulu.
  32. Lassie – A young lady is called Lassie in Scotland.
  33. Layla – A beautiful name that has an Arabic Origin.
  34. Leah – It is for someone who is very weary.
  35. Mia – It stands for a child whom you always desired from God.
  36. Martha – the monkey Miss Martha in the cartoon series Make way for Noddy.
  37. Malia – It is someone who is your beloved and loved by all.
  38. Marnie – Who belongs to the sea and rejoices in everything.
  39. Maya – the daughter of Atlas, was called Maya.
  40. Nora – Nora means a guiding light that follows you everywhere.
  41. Nova – A new name for a new exotic pet.
  42. Noumi – It is for your draggy who is very pleasant and calm.
  43. Nike – Not the shoe brand but the Goddess of Victory.
  44. Naila – It is for someone who wants to taste success in life.
  45. Peach – It is for a sweet dragon like a peach.
  46. Sofia – In Greek Language, Sophia stands for someone wise.
  47. Serilda – Another exotic name for the exotic species of reptiles.
  48. Yuki – Your desert princess should be named as a snow princess.
  49. Zoe – Zoe stands for life and its beauty.
  50. Zahra – A flower is called Zahra in the Arabic Language.

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That was indeed a great list! 100 amazing names that we believe are perfect for your pet!

As always, I have such a hard time choosing a favorite. I’m really loving Yuki for a girl, though!

For a boy, hmmmm, I’m thinking Sawyer, although not for the Twain novel. Sawyer was my favorite character in Lost!

Looking for some exotic names for bearded dragons? We listed 100 ideas that will help you choose a perfect one for your new companion!



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