100 Guinea Pig Names By Color: Ideas for Males & Females

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Are you searching for some cute guinea pig names by color?

Prepare to be wowed!

We thought of 100 ideas that are practically torn directly from the rainbow and inspired by every shade imaginable.

Let’s jump right in!


50 names for your male guinea pig pet by color

1.     Indigo: It represents the blue-purple color that is from plants.

 2.     Cole: From the Old English word Cola, which signifies ‘coal-dark.’.

 3.     Morado: The male name Morado is inspired by the shade purple.

 4.     Azul: Azul is an Arabic name for essential sky blue.

 5.     Brownie: Inspired by the rich chocolate shade!

 6.     Ash: It is another wonderful sounding name for a gray piggy.

 7.     Jett: Means dark. Think “jet black.” This is one of the cutest black and brown guinea pig names.

 8.     Rusty: This name implies a reddish brown shade.

 9.     Beryl: Based on the green-hued gemstone.

 10. Marroiak: From the Basque word for “brown.

 11.  Sage: Another shading name that is ascending in ubiquity

 12.  Auburn: Depicts a splendid and dynamic red tone.

 13.  Blue: Blue is another shading enlivened name utilized for young men.

 14.  Bruno: This name implies earthy color in the German language.

 15.  Ivory: Ivory is an exquisite name for a white guinea pig.

 16.  Moss: Moss is a fragrant green nature-inspired name.

 17.  Red: The blazing shade would be the ideal name for your pet.

 18.  Roux: The name Roux comes from a Latin word meaning caramel red or reddish-brown.

 19.  Silver: A name with heaps of gloss for your pet.

 20.  Brick: Brick is the quietest shade of red.

 21.  Bruin: Not only does it mean “brown” in Dutch, it’s Boston’s hockey team!

 22.  Gray: Gray would make a straightforward, serious name.

 23.  Cyan: Cyan is a profoundly extraordinary color name for male guinea pigs.

 24.  Cerulean: A gorgeous blue shade seen in the evening sky.

 25.  Midnight: A rich bluish-black shade that reminds us of stargazing.

 26.  Raven: The name summons the idea of the secret, dark, and mysterious.

 27.  Slate: An intriguing blend of dark, green, and dark. 

 28.  Steele: Perfect for a velvety gray piggy.

 29.  Sterling: Name used for bright colors. 

 30.  Tanner: This is the name for the earthy colored cowhide shade.

 31.  Titian: Represents a deep red.

 32.  Teal: This greenish-blue shade. 

 33.  Tyrian: The name is from the purple palette. 

 34.  River: Think frothy white rapids against a rich dark background.  

 35.  Roan: This name signifies “little redhead.” 

 36.  Hunter: The lovely green shade.

 37.  Albus: Means white in Latin.

 38.  Aliki: Means scarlet and has roots in Greek.

 39.  Ardit: Used as a word to describe golden color in Albanian.

 40.  Azahar: Depicts the color of orange blossom in Spanish.

 41.  Bora: Represents the color purple in Korean.

 42.  Caseo: A Latin name that means blue-grey.

 43.  Dhaval: Used to represent the color of white in Sanskrit.

 44.  Edom: This name represents the color red.

 45.  Fintan: A name with Irish roots that means white.

 46.  Floyd: Represents the color grey.

 47.  Irvin: This name is derived from a place in Scotland that means green water.

 48.  Jaden: This is the name from the brilliant green gemstone.

 49.  Khazak: A unique and beautiful name for your pet that means blue in Armenian.

50. Cyrus: Used to represent the sun’s color.

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50 names for your female guinea pig pet by color

unique guinea pig names by color

1.     Pink: This name signifies ‘someone sound.’

2.     Jade: This is the name for a brilliant green gemstone.

3.     Olive: This name means bronze-green.

4.     Scarlett: This name has a relationship with the splendid shade of red.

5.     Violet: Taken from the blossom of Viola.

6.     Russet: This is an extraordinary shading name meaning red.

7.     Rose: Rose is from the Latin rosa, which alluded to the blossom.

8.     Ebony: The name Ebony signifies ‘profound, dark wood.’

 9.     Hazel: It’s a greenish name.

10.  Clementine: It is the name for an Orange citrus organic product.

11.  Mauve: The mallow plant’s petals are purple.

12.  Mazarin: This name means dim blue in the French language.

13.  Azura: This exquisite name brings out the hypnotizing dark blue shade of the sea.

14.  Coral: Coral is an irregular and fascinating name for your pet.

15.  Alba: It is a vintage name signifying ‘white.’

16.  Aurelia: It’s a Latin-roused name signifying ‘brilliant.’

17.  Sienna: This rich earthy colored tone gets its name from an Italian town.

18.  Saffron: From the brilliant orange shade of this very costly zest.

19.  Xanthe: This name signifies ‘yellow.’

20.  Ruby: This name signifies the color red.

21.  Raven: This may be the ideal moniker for a deep, dark guinea pig.

22.  Melanie: It means ‘dark’ and has Greek origins.

23.  Kelly: It is one of the many names for the color green.

24.  Emerald: This name means green.

25.  Fuchsia: It is the name of a blooming plant that has splendid pink blooms.

26.  Viridian: This name speaks to the greenish-blue shade of the sea waters.

27.  Amber: The name for the yellow-gold colored gemstone.

28.  Amethyst or Amy: The shade of a purple gemstone.

29.  Bianca: The name is hugely famous in Italy and comes from the color white.

30.  Beige: A milder shade of earthy color.

31.  Beryl: This ocean green gemstone.

32.  Carmine: A shade of red that is additionally distinctively Italian and exemplary.

33.  Cherry: The red-based tone.

34.  Chartreuse: It is a shade of light apple-green.

35.  Clover: The green plant name is of Irish origins.

36.  Garnet: The name is a shade of red gemstone.

37.  Ginger: Perfect for an orange guinea pig!

38.  Hyacinth: The name is from the Hyacinth bloom, which is frequently a mid-blue.

39.  Sapphira: It is based on the blue gemstone.

40.  Primrose: The shade is yellow-based.

41.  Poppy: A powerful blossom in splendid red.

42.  Aqua: A blue-green sea.

43.  Ashley: Inspired by the ashy shade, but with a girly twist.

44.  Indigo: A blue so profound and dark that it’s practically black.

45.  Ivory: Represents the shade of ivory.

46.  Lilac: A light shade of purple.

47.  Oriana: A Latin name signifying the color ‘golden’.

48.  Sakura: This name portrays the shades of the cherry bloom in the spring season.

 49.  Soleil: This word means sun in French, could be used as gold.

 50.  Sienna: A shade of clay of orange-red color, from the town of Sienna in Italy.

Guinea pigs have different amazing colors that should be matched with fantastic names!

I really love “Hunter” and “Amber,” but there are so many other great ideas here!

Looking for guinea pig names by color? You come to the right place! We bring you 100 wonderful ideas that will match your adorable pets!

how about you? WHAT ARE YOUR favorite GUINEA PIG NAMES by color? SHARE BELOW!


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