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If you’re looking for some mystical guinea pig names, get ready to be wowed!

We came up with 100 ideas torn straight from the most magical tomes imaginable.

Don’t worry, we thought of both your boy and girl cavies!

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Mystical Guinea Pig Names for Males

  1. Aether – after the spirit of fire, air, water and earth.
  2. Aslan – after the magical lion of Narnia.
  3. Azure – this is a beautiful blue stone.
  4. Bane – this name refers to a curse.
  5. Binx – from the Hocus Pocus movie.
  6. Blake – this name means “black.”
  7. Bokor – this name refers to a sorcerer.
  8. Bruja – Spanish name meaning “witch.”
  9. Canon – referring to a magic rule.
  10. Cauldron – cool name for a witch’s guinea pig. 
  11. Cherub – this name refers to an angel-like figure.
  12. Coven – referring to the witch’s gathering place.
  13. Crow – because crows are sometimes a symbol of magic.
  14. Crowley– after Aleister Crowley
  15. Dogen– after the mystical Buddhist monk.
  16. Ember – where the magic is seen.
  17. Fluffy – after the magical Cerberus in Harry Potter.
  18. Friday – because it refers to something magical.
  19. Grimalkin – after the witch’s favorite pet.
  20. Grimoire – this is the book of magic spells.
  21. Halo – this name means “crown of light.”
  22. Hoax – cool name referring to a small magic trick.
  23. Hoodoo – this is a type of magic.
  24. Imp – after the small and mischievous demon.
  25. Jinn – this name refers to a genie.
  26. Jinx – for the bringer of good luck. 
  27. Juju – after the West African lucky charm.
  28. Kelpie– after the magical Scottish being.
  29. LingLing – after the Bewitched TV series.
  30. Malachite – this is a magical type of gem.
  31. Mambo – after the Voodoo priests.
  32. Merlin – this one is pretty straightforward.
  33. Obi – this name refers to a type of Voodoo.
  34. Ozzy – from the “Amazing Wizard of Paws.”
  35. Picatrix – after the book on Astral magic.
  36. Presto – this name is truly magical.
  37. Prophet – for the gifted one.
  38. Prospero – after Shakespear sorcerer.
  39. Pyewacket – after the cat in “Bell, Book and Candle.”
  40. Revel – after a very noisy celebration.
  41. Salem – after Sabrina’s black cat.
  42. Shadow – because shadows can be mystical.
  43. Shaman – after the one who can work with magic.
  44. Sim – after the magic chant “Sim Sala Bam.”
  45. Sodalite – referring to the blue mystical stone.
  46. Sorginak – this is the Basque name for a wizard.
  47. Spookie – for a very scary guinea pig.
  48. Tarot – after the mystical deck.
  49. Vamp – for the one who bewitches.
  50. Voodoo – a truly mystical name.

If you want to go with a pretty straightforward mystical guinea pig name, Merlin is always a good one!

Personally, though, I really love Pyewacket. It’s not quite so obvious and it’s just adorable!

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Mystical Guinea Pig Names for Females

If you're looking for some mystical guinea pig names, get ready to be wowed! We came up with 100 magical ideas. Check them out!
  1. Ariel – referring to the magical spirit from Shakespeare.
  2. Astral – after the magical name referring to the stars.
  3. Aura – this name means “force.”
  4. Banshee – after the strong female spirit.
  5. Chakra – after the body’s energy source.
  6. Chanceux – French name meaning “lucky.”
  7. Chant – after the song of incantation.
  8. Charm – after the medallion used in spells.
  9. Chimera – referring to a mystical creature.
  10. Circe – this is the Goddess of magic from the Iliad.
  11. Cleo – inspired by “The Mummy.”
  12. Coven – after the family of vampires.
  13. Dinah – after Alice’s pet from Alice in Wonderland.
  14. Elvira – after the mistress of the dark.
  15. Freya – after the Norse Goddess.
  16. Glinda – this is the good witch from the “Wizard of Oz.”
  17. Goth – for a mystical and black guinea pig.
  18. Harpy – referring to a bird with a woman’s face.
  19. Hecate – after the Greek Goddess of magic.
  20. Heka – Egyptian magical system.
  21. Hex – referring to a magic spell.
  22. Isis – after the Egyptian Goddess of healing.
  23. Jade – after the magical gem.
  24. Jinx – referring to the magic spell.
  25. Juju – for a magical guinea pig.
  26. Karma – everyone knows this one.
  27. Kikimora – after the Russian house spirit.
  28. Kismet – this name means “destiny.”
  29. Lucinda – this name refers to a black cat.
  30. Magic – perfect name for a mystical guinea pig.
  31. Midnight – after the hour of the witches.
  32. Minerva – after the Harry Potter witch.
  33. Moriah – after the giant cat from “The Forgotten Beasts of Eld.”
  34. Morticia – this name refers to a magical beauty.
  35. Mystery – because she is a mystery.
  36. Omen – referring to a magical event.
  37. Pearl – often used as a magic stone.
  38. Pixie – referring to a magical fairy.
  39. Praxis – this name means “ritual.”
  40. Raven – for a black and mystical guinea pig.
  41. Rune – after the small and magic stone.
  42. Sabrina – after the teenage witch.
  43. Sprite – this refers to a small and mischievous fairy.
  44. Suerte – Spanish name meaning “lucky.”
  45. Tabitha – mystical name for a guinea pig.
  46. Twilight – after the magical time of day.
  47. Velvet – after the fabric often seen in magic.
  48. Voila – the French word for conjuring something magical.
  49. Wicca – this is a type of magic.
  50. Zemi – after the house of the Gods.

For the truly mystical, you can’t go wrong with Circe or Hecate!

If you want something a little subtler, though, Minerva is a nice one.

Wow! That’s a great list of names for a guinea pig. I hope you find the perfect one for your cavy!

If you're looking for some mystical guinea pig names, get ready to be wowed! We came up with 100 magical ideas. Check them out!

Your turn! What are your favorite mystical guinea pig names? Share below!

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