100 Totally Badass Guinea Pig Names for Your Tough Little Cavy

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If you need a good laugh, these badass guinea pig names may just be what you need right now!

They’re absolutely hilarious and perfect for your “tough as nails” cavies!

We have 100 names for guinea pig both for boys and girls!

Take a look!

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Don’t have time? Check this comparison table of our top faves!

Badass Guinea Pig Names For Males

  1. Acrobat – after the old Marvel superhero.
  2. Attila – after Atilla the Hun!
  3. Administrator – this is one of the oldest Marvel superheroes.
  4. Ajax – the Greek mythology hero.
  5. Anakin – the character about to become Vader.
  6. Aragorn – after the “Lord Of The Rings” hero.
  7. Ares – after the Greek god of war.
  8. Bane – after Batman’s strongest enemy.
  9. Beast – after the X-Men character.
  10. Blaze – for the fastest superhero.
  11. Bolt – after the dog superhero from the movie with the same name.
  12. Boss – can you think of something more badass?
  13. Bruiser – for the toughest guinea pig out there.
  14. Brutus – after the Roman brute.
  15. Bullet – a very cool name for a fast guinea pig.
  16. Danger – well, he’s not that dangerous, but this is cool!
  17. Doctor Octopus – Spider Man’s strongest villain.
  18. Dr. Manhattan- also known as “Jonathan Osterman.”
  19. Fang – one of the coolest names out there.
  20. Galactus – this is one of the strongest villains.
  21. Gambit – the X-Men character, also known as Remy LeBeau.
  22. General Zod – also known as “Dru-Zod.”
  23. Goliath – after the Bible’s giant.
  24. Hades – after the Greek God of the underworld.
  25. Hawkeye – after the incredible Marvel archer/
  26. Hercules – after the Greek hero.
  27. Hulk – this is probably the strongest Marvel superhero.
  28. Iron Man – the wealthy super hero.
  29. King – because he is a king, right?
  30. Loki – this is Thor’s brother, the God of thunder.
  31. Magneto – this villain tries to destroy the Earth a couple of times.
  32. Rambo – after the character made famous by Sylvester Stalone.
  33. Riptide – this is the most badass name in the world.
  34. Rocket Raccoon – after the “Guardians of the Galaxy” hero.
  35. Rocky – after the famous and badass Rocky Balboa.
  36. Rogue – for a very stealthy guinea pig.
  37. Rorschach – also goes by the name of “Walter Kovacs.”
  38. Sabertooth – probably the most badass guinea pig name.
  39. Sarge – for the one who watches over your house.
  40. Scarecrow – Spider Man’s enemy!
  41. Steel – after “John Henry Irons.”
  42. Tank – tanks are pretty badass, right?
  43. Thanos – probably the toughest villain in the Marvel universe.
  44. The Penguin – aka Oswald Cobblepot, Batman’s enemy.
  45. Thor – after the best Marvel Superhero.
  46. Tiger – this is great, especially if the pattern matches.
  47. Titan – because Titans used to be incredibly cool!
  48. Vader – after Star Wars’ Lord Darth Vader.
  49. Viper – a great name for a badass guinea pig.
  50. Winter – because it’s the toughest season.

My favorite badass guinea pig names for boys are Rocket Racoon and Rambo.

I love Rocket Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s hilarious, don’t you think?

Rambo is also pretty clever and funny!

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Looking for badass guinea pig names for your tough little cavy? Check out 100 that we think are just hilarious!

Badass Guinea Pig Names For Females

  1. Aella – after the fierce Amazon warrior.
  2. Albino – after the very old superhero.
  3. Alexandra – meaning “the defender of mankind.”|
  4. Alice – this is one of the oldest Marvel characters.
  5. Arya – probably the cutest and deadliest assassin.
  6. Athena – after the Greek Goddess of wisdom and war.
  7. Bellatrix – from the “Harry Potter” movie.
  8. Beretta – inspired after the Green Berets.
  9. Black Canary – she is fighting the DC villains from 1047.
  10. Black Widow – this is the coolest superhero of all times!
  11. Daenerys – after the coolest Game of Thrones queen.
  12. Elektra – after the famous Marvel character.
  13. Gamora – one of the most popular Marvel characters.
  14. Gwen – also known as “Spider-Gwen.”
  15. Harley – especially if we’re talking about Harley Quin.
  16. Hela – also known as Cate Blanchett.
  17. Hera – this is the biggest Greek Goddess of all.
  18. Huntress – because she can be a hunter if she wants to.
  19. Isa – this name refers to a very strong one.
  20. Jezebel Jet – this is the most badass superhero.
  21. Jinx – after the famous LoL character.
  22. Justice – for the badass bringer of justice.
  23. Kate Kane – this is the original Batwoman.
  24. Katniss – after Katniss Everdeen..
  25. Leia – inspired after Star Wars’ princess.
  26. Lilith – Hebrew name meaning “ghost.”
  27. Medusa – this one doesn’t need an explanation.
  28. Mystique – this is the blue superhero from X-Men.
  29. Namorita Prentiss – this is Namora’s daughter.
  30. Okoye – created in 1998, this is not a very well known superhero.
  31. Oracle – or the Batgirl, also known as “Barbara Gordon.”
  32. Pepper Potts – Iron Man’s true love!
  33. Raven – after the famous superhero.
  34. Rebel – well, a rebel can be pretty badass.
  35. Sarah Connor – after The Terminator’s Sarah Connor.
  36. Sheba – after the Queen of Sheba.
  37. SheHulk – yes, this is Hulk’s female version.
  38. Shuri – this is Black Panther’s sister.
  39. Starbuck – after Battlestar Galactic’s famous character
  40. Storm – X-Men mutant, also known as “Ororo Monroe.”
  41. Tequila – after the famous Spanish drink.
  42. Thunder – she is also known as Anissa Pierce.
  43. Trinity – a famous character from the Matrix.
  44. Ursa – this one refers to the mother bear.
  45. Ursula – The Little Mermaid’s villain.
  46. Vicious Vicky – after the child villain.
  47. Vixen – for a very dangerous lady.
  48. Wasp – this is one of the lesser-known superheroes.
  49. Willow – after Buffy’ badass witch friend!
  50. Xena – after the incredible Warrior Princess.

For the girls, I adore Willow. She’s one of my all-time favorite TV characters.

Looking for badass guinea pig names for your tough little cavy? Check out 100 that we think are just hilarious!
Looking for badass guinea pig names for your tough little cavy? Check out 100 that we think are just hilarious!

Your turn! What are your favorite badass guinea pig names? Share below!

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