100 Deliciously Spooky Halloween Names For Guinea Pigs

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With October right around the corner, we’re sharing some deliciously spooky Halloween names for guinea pigs!

From scary movie characters to signs and symbols associated with the holiday, we’ve got it all below!

I hope you have as much fun reading them as we did coming up with them!

We have 50 each for boys and girls, so let’s dive in!

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Spooky Halloween Names For Male Guinea Pigs

  1. Bat – for a Guinea Pig with pointy ears.
  2. Beast – may not be as scary, but definitely fluffy.
  3. Bogey – one of the scariest names for a Guinea Pig.
  4. Bones – probably the best Halloween guinea pig names.
  5. Cackles – for a very funny Guinea Pig.
  6. Candy Corn – after the most popular Halloween dessert.
  7. Carver – from pumpkin-carver!
  8. Cauldron – making a reference to a witch’s favourite activity: potion-making.
  9. Cloak – after the dramatic, yet fashionable Halloween accessory..
  10. Cobweb – a name that’s just spooky enough for a Guinea Pig..
  11. Creeper – after Minecraft’s creepy villains.
  12. Crow– a spooky bird that some call a bad omen.
  13. Damien– one of the scariest movie characters ever.
  14. Devil – not the actual Devil, but a little, cute and furry one!
  15. Dracula – probably the most iconic Halloween symbol.
  16. Fangs – maybe he doesn’t have a lot of fangs, but this is a cool name!
  17. Fester– for Uncle Fester of the Addam’s Family
  18. Frankenstein – after the famous and fictional doctor.
  19. Frankenweenie – after Frankenstein’s pup.
  20. Fright – for a very scary Guinea Pig.
  21. Gargoyle – after the iconic French creatures.
  22. Goblin – because he is cute and funny, just like a goblin.
  23. Ghoul– needs no explanation!
  24. Gremlin – after 1980’s spooky creatures.
  25. Hades– the god of the underworld.
  26. Halloween – this one says it all, doesn’t it?.
  27. Haunt – for a guinea pig that follows you around.
  28. Herman– after Herman Munster, of course.
  29. Hex-for a bewitching piggy!
  30. Howler – because Guinea Pigs can be noisy too!
  31. It – after Stephen King’s terrifying clown or the cousin from Addam’s Family.
  32. Jack – one of the most common Halloween names.
  33. Lucifer– for your furry little devil.
  34. Midnight– the witching hour!
  35. Monster – for the fluffiest Guinea Pig.
  36. Nightmare – inspired by the famous “Nightmare on Elm Street”.
  37. Omen -they’re not all bad!
  38. Pocus – For Hocus’ brother.
  39. Pumpkin – after the symbolic Halloween food.
  40. Reaper – if you want a very scary name for your Guinea Pig.
  41. Sinister– a totally creepy name!
  42. Skeleton – after a popular Halloween symbol.
  43. Skellington – as in Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
  44. Spider -for a black guinea pig.
  45. Spooky – the perfect Halloween name?
  46. Treat – he really is a treat in your life!
  47. Trick – even better if his brother is called “Treat.”
  48. Werewolf – beware the full moon!
  49. Zero – after Jack Skellington’s ghostly dog.
  50. Zombie – especially if he likes to stay up at night.
With October right around the corner, we're sharing 100 of the most deliciously spooky Halloween names for guinea pigs! Take a look!

For boys, I kind of love It, especially for a long-haired guinea pig. Pumpkin is cute idea for an orange cavy, too!

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Spooky Halloween Names For Female Guinea Pigs

  1. Autumn – a classy name for Halloween.
  2. Boo – because she is your Halloween boo!
  3. Broomstick – she may be a witch’s favourite pet.
  4. Candy – because she is that sweet.
  5. Charm – because she is your cute, lucky charm!
  6. Circe– a witch from Greek mythology.
  7. Cruella – just in case your Guinea Pig doesn’t really like dogs.
  8. Eclipse – perfect name, especially on a spooky Halloween night.
  9. Eerie – a name that describes the whole Halloween experience.
  10. Eleven – if you’ve seen “Stranger Things,” you know this is an awesome name.
  11. Elvira – inspired by the “Mistress of the Dark.”
  12. Fog – after the spooky mist that’s specific to Halloween.
  13. Gizmo– don’t feed her after midnight!
  14. Ghost – for an all-white Guinea Pig.
  15. Halloweenie – can be the cutest Halloween name, and it’s also a classic.
  16. Hocus – in case you have two, you can name them Hocus and Pocus.
  17. Jinx – pretty self-explanatory!
  18. Luci– short (and feminine) for Lucifer.
  19. Luna – in Spanish, this means “moon.”
  20. Magic – well, she is magic, right?
  21. Malison– another word for “hex”
  22. Mina– Dracula’s true love.
  23. Moon – this one doesn’t need an explanation.
  24. Mummy – referring to Egypt’s iconic mummies.
  25. Night – for a black-haired piggy.
  26. Noir – in French, this means ‘black.’
  27. October– the month of Halloween
  28. Onyx – after Agent’s A famous kitten.
  29. Padme – inspired by the “Star Wars” princess.
  30. Paige– the youngest witch sister on Charmed.
  31. Phoebe– this Charmed sister is also the goddess of prophecy.
  32. Piper– my favorite witch name for a cavy!
  33. Pru– after Piper’s sister on Charmed
  34. Potion – after the favourite Halloween accessory..
  35. Raven – for an all-black Guinea Pig.
  36. Sabrina– after the teenage witch, of course.
  37. Salem – for the spooky town!
  38. Shadow – for a cavy that loves to follow you!
  39. Siren-the scary creatures that lured sailors to their death in Greek mythology.
  40. Spirit – in case your Guinea Pig is incredibly energetic
  41. Rosemary– from the classic horror movie, Rosemary’s Baby.
  42. Stormy – because she storms you with love every day!
  43. Tabatha– a very popular witch name for guinea pigs!
  44. Tarot – after one of the most important Halloween symbols.
  45. Twilight – not necessarily after the movie, but the twilight is one of the best parts of the day!
  46. Vamp – maybe she’s a vampire when you’re not around!
  47. Vixen – in the folklore, a Vixen is a highly spirited woman.
  48. Wednesday – inspired by the “Addams Family.”
  49. Willow– from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.
  50. Winifred – from the “Hocus Pocus” movie.

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With October right around the corner, we're sharing 100 of the most deliciously spooky Halloween names for guinea pigs! Take a look!

My favorites are the witchy names! Willow, Sabrina, and Pru are among the best, in my opinion.

There you have it! Our top 100 favorite spooky Halloween names for guinea pigs. I hope you found something you love!

With October right around the corner, we're sharing 100 of the most deliciously spooky Halloween names for guinea pigs! Take a look!

What are your favorite spooky Halloween names for guinea pigs? Share below!

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