100 Amazing Christmas-Related Names For Guinea Pigs

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Looking for some super cute Christmas-related names for guinea pigs?

Well, haul out the holly and get ready to deck the halls!

We’ve come up with 100 ideas that are sure to fill you with holiday cheer!

Let’s check them out!

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Male Christmas-Related Names For Guinea Pigs

From classic Christmas carols and characters to some lesser-known holiday words, we found some good names for guinea pigs for your little boy piggy!

Looking for some cute Christmas-Related Names for Guinea Pigs? Check out 100 that will have you feeling the holiday cheer in no time!
  1. Alabaster  – after Santa’s favorite elf!
  2. Alfredo – in English, this name means “Elf Counselor.”
  3. Aquabob – this is a very old word for “icicle.”
  4. Arctic – you know, for a white guinea pig!
  5. Baba: – after Noel Baba which is the Turkish variant of Santa.
  6. Balthazar – one of the wise men who visited Jesus. 
  7. Balto – one of the first sled dogs to run all the way to Nome.
  8. Barry – one of the most courageous animals in the world!
  9. Bell – because everyone has bells on Christmas!
  10. Belsnickel – a very popular character in the German folklore. 
  11. Berry – because everyone loves winter berries!
  12. Blitzen – after one of Santa’s reindeers. 
  13. Boots – a cute name and must-have for Christmas. 
  14. Chestnut – a very adorable name for a small, cute animal. 
  15. Christmas – because it’s Christmas!!
  16. Claus – well, you definitely know this one!
  17. Coal – no one wants coal for Christmas, but it makes the cutest name. 
  18. Cupid – one of Santa’s reindeers. 
  19. Dancer – another reindeer!
  20. Dasher – aaaand another one! They are the cutest!
  21. December – for the best month of the year!
  22. Donner – another adorable reindeer!
  23. Douglas – this is actually the traditional Christmas tree. 
  24. Emmanuel – a biblical name, related to Christmas. 
  25. Fezziwig – this is a “Christmas Carol” character. 
  26. Frost – well, Christmas is… Frosty. 
  27. Frosty – after one of the best snowmen out there. 
  28. Hermie – one of Santa’s elves. 
  29. Icicle – a very cute name for a white guinea pig.
  30. Igloo – after our favorite winter houses!
  31. Jack – after Jack Frost! 
  32. January – when everything begins again!
  33. Joseph – an important biblical character for Christmas. 
  34. Juno – after one of the coldest cities in the world.  
  35. Linus – name inspired by “Charlie Brown.”
  36. Marley – this is one of the “Christmas Carol” characters. 
  37. Nestor – after “Nestor The Long-Eared Donkey.”
  38. Nicholas – after Saint Nick.
  39. Noel – this is how French people refer to Christmas. 
  40. Nome – a very popular Alaskan city.
  41. North – you know, after the North Pole.
  42. Odbody – “It’s A Wonderful Life” character.
  43. Olaf – after everyone’s favorite snowman. 
  44. Penguin – because penguins like snow!
  45. Ralphie – the narrator of “A Christmas Story.”
  46. Rudolph – everyone knows Rudolph!!
  47. Sleet – usually comes before snow. 
  48. Sven – after Frozen’s reindeer!
  49. Togo – after a very beautiful and brave pup! 
  50. Yuki – this is the Japanese word for “snow.”

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Christmas Related Names For Female Guinea Pigs

Let’s see what we have in store for the girls now, shall we?

Again, we looked at Santa’s reindeer, holiday stories and more to come up with these ideas!

Looking for some cute Christmas-Related Names for Guinea Pigs? Check out 100 that will have you feeling the holiday cheer in no time!
  1. Alaska – after one of the coldest states.
  2. Amaryllis – a very popular Christmas flower. 
  3. Angel – a beautiful name for an angelic guinea pig.
  4. Anna – after Elsa’s sister.
  5. Belle – can be after the beautiful bells, Italian beauty, or both!
  6. Bianca – this means “white” in Spanish.
  7. Blizzard – a beautiful name, after a tough phenomenon. 
  8. Carol – after all the Christmas carols!
  9. Celyn – Welsh name meaning “holy.”
  10. Clara – after “The Nutcracker” protagonist. 
  11. Clarice – after Rudolph’s best friend!
  12. Cocoa – who doesn’t like a cup of hot cocoa on Christmas?
  13. Comet – this is my favorite reindeer!
  14. Cookie – well, adorable as a cookie!
  15. Cranberry – after one of the most popular Christmas symbols.
  16. Crystal – referring to snowflakes!
  17. Eira – this is the Welsh name for “snow.”
  18. Elf – maybe she’s secretly making presents!
  19. Elsa – after the Queen of Snow from Frozen.
  20. Eve – she was here from the beginning, right?
  21. Faith – after one of the most precious feelings on Christmas.
  22. Flurry – to bring winter vibes to all of us!
  23. Frostline – an old French word meaning “snow.”
  24. Ginger perfect name around the Christmas holidays!
  25. Gloria – this means “glory” and it’s perfect for Christmas. 
  26. Holly – usually seen with red berries. 
  27. Ice – one of Christmas’ symbols!
  28. Ivy – this plant is sometimes associated with Christmas. 
  29. Jolly – everyone’s jolly for the holidays!
  30. Joy – possibly the best feeling in the world. 
  31. Julenisse – this is the Norwegian name for “Santa.”
  32. Lucia – a very popular Norwegian holiday.
  33. Mary – after the biblical Mary!
  34. Meggle – this is actually what you do when you walk through the snow!
  35. Mistletoe – for the cutest guinea pig out there.
  36. Mittens – because she likes to keep warm!
  37. Mitzi – this is the name of Rudolph’s mom!
  38. Natale – Italian name for “Christmas.”
  39. Nieve – in Spanish, this means “snow.”
  40. Night – especially if you think about a quiet winter night.
  41. Pine – a beautiful type of Christmas tree.
  42. Poinsettia – don’t leave this flower around her, but definitely enjoy its presence!
  43. Snowflake – this one doesn’t need an explanation!
  44. Snow – perfect name for a white guinea pig.
  45. Spark – because she is like a spark!
  46. Stella – this means “star” in Greek.
  47. Storm – for a restless guinea pig. 
  48. Tundra – after the coldest possible biome!
  49. Vixen – this is one of Santa’s reindeers.
  50. Winter – of course, the winter!

I personally love Santa’s reindeer’s names!

How cute would it be to get a pair and name them after Dasher and Dancer, or Comet and Vixen?

Looking for some cute Christmas-Related Names for Guinea Pigs? Check out 100 that will have you feeling the holiday cheer in no time!

What are your favorite Christmas-related names for guinea pigs? Share below!

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