10 Adorably Funny Guinea Pig Pictures

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If you need a quick way to brighten your dog, you’ll love these funny guinea pig pictures!

Guinea pigs are some of the cutest creatures on earth, but in certain situations, they can be hilarious.

With their little hats, cups and getting themselves into inescapable situations, these funny cavy pictures really prove it.

It’s just one of the many reasons guinea pigs make such great pets!

If you need a quick way to brighten your dog, you'll love these funny guinea pig pictures!

Funny Guinea Pig Pictures

1. Fraps are my fave, too!


If you’re looking for ways to have a better day, try looking at this guinea pig enjoying her Kale.

2. Like my new hat?


I know it can be impossible to find hats to fit their small heads, and that’s why it’s important to improvise. There’s always a way!



Laughing is the best medicine and I have a feeling you’re going to get healthier while looking at this picture!

4. Totally tubular!


Do you know how cats and dogs usually end up in the most hilarious places? Well, this rule also stands for guinea pigs. Just look at this one!

5. Double, double toil and trouble


Halloween is fun and we all need to celebrate it, guinea pigs included!

6. Ready to take flight


Did you ever wonder who’s piloting those very small planes? Well, I think I found the answer and I’m pleased about it.

7. Playing Santa Claws


Of course, there has to be a Guinea Pig Santa somewhere and I’m so happy someone managed to take a picture of him!

8. Who said “tongue out” is just for Tuesdays?


There comes a time on our lives when a guinea pig, sticking his tongue out is the most hilarious thing ever!

9. The new New Coke!


If I didn’t notice those adorable eyes, I may have considered this oddly shaped bottle of coke.

10. Oooh, carrots!


The confusion in his eyes leads me to believe that something shady is happening on the other side of the camera.

Guinea pigs are so cute and definitely never boring.

These furballs are very content and will let you equip them with the cutest accessories and shoot the most amazing pictures.

I definitely want to see more of these funny guinea pigs pictures!

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