50 Black and White Guinea Pig Names

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Need some ideas for adorable black and white guinea pig names?

We’ve rounded up 50 that we think are absolutely darling!

With 25 each for males and females, you should have no problem choosing the perfect moniker for your cavy.

Take a look!

Black and White Guinea Pig Names

Getting a new guinea pig for your family can be one of the best decisions, but you may encounter some difficulties in choosing from common guinea pig names.

For that, we prepared a list of black and white guinea pig names for you to choose from.

Black and White Guinea Pig Male Names

If you are getting a male black and white guinea pig, chances are you want him to have the cutest name ever.

Here are some names for you to choose from.

  1. Bandit – can you imagine a guinea pig with a little bandit mask over its eyes? Well, I can. It’s fabulous!
  2. Butler – because they are cute, elegant and always walking around the house.
  3. Colobus – after the Eastern Black and White Colobus
  4. Dice – black and white, and always a thrill!
  5. Domino – may be a great name for your trouble-seeking little guinea pig.
  6. Felix – it’s not only a cat’s name but the perfect name for a precious guinea pig.
  7. Geoffrey – building on “Colobus,” this is the actual name for the b&w one.
  8. King- the California King Snake is b&w.
  9. Mickey – can you find a cuter reference to a Disney character?
  10. Orca- because “Killer Whale” doesn’t really make a good name. 🙂
  11. Oreo – named by the memorable cookies, that will definitely bring a smile on your face every time.
  12. Snoopy- the most famous black and white dog.
  13. Patch – he’s cute, he’s tiny and with a lot of black and white patches.
  14. Penguin- another cute black and white creature.
  15. Pongo – after the amazing Disney dalmatian, will definitely bring a lot of memories!
  16. Retro – for that adorable black and white guinea pig.
  17. Socks- A popular name for black and white animals in general.
  18. Skunk- a funny but cute idea!
  19. Spot – you know, little guy, many spots, adorable result.
  20. Soot – like the ash
  21. Sylvester – it is a long name, but it’s also incredibly lovable.
  22. Tapir- the Malayan Tapir is a stunning black and white animal.
  23. Tiger- after the white tiger, of course!
  24. Toffee – like the delicious dessert for your sweet little treasure.
  25. Zorro – add in a tiny sword and a hat and your story is complete!

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Black and White Guinea Pig Female Names

And of course, we thought of the ladies too. We came up with some very good ideas for your guinea pig female.

  1. Adelie- a type of penguin
  2. Betty – from the iconic Betty Boop, who wore a black and white dress.
  3. Chanel – it’s an elegant name for a classy lady.
  4. Cookie – because she’s just as sweet as one!
  5. Cupcake – another incredibly cute name for your adorable furball.
  6. Dotty – how is she? Very tiny and with a lot of dots all around!
  7. Hemera – from the Greek mythology, she was the personification of day.
  8. Lady – bring her the cutest hat a guinea pig ever had and let her be classy!
  9. Magic – it’s needless to say, but having a guinea pig to love all the time, really is magic.
  10. Magpie- like the bird!
  11. Minnie – and if you get a pair of guinea pigs, you will have the most iconic pair.
  12. Noir – from the French word, it means ‘black’ and it’s ‘merveilleux‘.
  13. Nova – a nova refers to a very bright star, just like yours!
  14. Nyx – in the Greek mythology, Nix was the goddess of the night.
  15. Panda – two words for it: cuteness overload. If her pattern matches, why not have a little Panda around the house?
  16. Parfait- think chocolate pudding parfait!
  17. Pepper- if you have two, name the other Salt!
  18. Perdita – the mother of the dalmatians and a very beautiful mother figure.
  19. Rainbow – may sound ironic, but it’s great to use a little humor.
  20. Raven – it may be one of the best names for a very cool guinea pig.
  21. Shady – well, it’s fair. If she wants to hide in a dark corner, you will never find her.
  22. Swan – a guinea pig may not be as graceful as a swan, but its splendidness does compare.
  23. Varecia – part of the scientific name for the black and white lemur.
  24. Yin-Yang- after the symbol and ancient Chinese philosophy
  25. Zebra- after the iconic black and white horse-like creature, of course!

How cute would it be to have Minnie and Mickey living in a replica of the original clubhouse?

Or maybe have Panda living in a tiny bamboo forest in your living room?
And here you have it!

I know it’s hard to choose a name, but that’s why we made this list with the best black and white guinea pig names.

Need some ideas for adorable black and white guinea pig names? Check out 50 that we think are just darling, with 25 each for males and females!

What are your favorite black and white guinea pig names? Share below!

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  1. Oreo must be one of the most popular! We have some black and white piggies, but I can’t say their names are particularly fitting – Nutmeg and Sushi.


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