100 Stunning Greek God Names for Bearded Dragons

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Looking for some of the most stunning Greek god names for bearded dragons?

You’re in luck because we’ve got you covered below!

From major gods & goddesses to their demigod kids, we chose 100 of the best ideas- split between males and females.

Read on for some of the most exotic names for bearded dragons inspired by Greek mythology.

Greek God Names for Bearded Dragons

1. Adonis: The name means “extremely handsome young man.”

2. Adrastos: A good name that means “strong and not likely to run off.”

3. Aeolus: It was the name of God of the wind.

4. Apollo: It implies “extremely attractive” in Greek mythology

5. Ajax: Ajax was a fighter in Greek legend who is very gutsy, like your little pal.

6. Angelino: This name signifies “courier” or “courier of God.”

7. Annas: It signifies “sympathy of God.”

8. Argus: The word Argos means sparkling in Greek. Argos was the goliath in Greek folklore.

9. Aristaeus: This name implies “Greatness.”

10. Ariston: This name originated from the word aristos meaning “the best.”

11. Azarios: It means “God’s assistance” in the Hebrew language.

12. Brontes: This name means “booming,” which was one of the 3 Cyclops in Greek folklore.

13. Castor: He was the descendant of Zeus in Greek mythology.

14. Cepheus: The ruler of Aethiopia, his body was transformed into a heavenly body.

15. Cephalus: Someone who is a pioneer in something; it is a special name for your little one.

16. Chariton: The name Chariton signifies beauty, thoughtfulness in an individual. 

17. Charon: This name is a majestic name signifying “furious splendor.”

18. Christopher: Having Greek roots, it translates to “carrier of Christ.”

19. Chryses: The name comes from the Greek word chrysos. This word signifies “brilliant.”

20. Daedalus: It was the title of an extremely famous Greek inventor.

21. Damocles: Popular for the ‘sword of Damocles’, it is a decent choice for your tiny dragon. 

22. Gennadios: The meaning of this name is “someone respectable.”

23. Georgios: The name Georgios is used for somebody who has huge strength.

24. Hector: It is the name of a legendary Greek war in the battle of the Trojans.

25. Helios: The name Helios is used for the sun, but it also has an expressive and lively nature.

26. Hermes: In Greek folklore, Hermes is the name of the God of trade and travel.

27. Herodotos: The meaning of the name Herodotos is “a given Hero.”

28. Homer: It was the name of a popular poet in Greek culture. 

29. Jonas: The name Jonas signifies the bird dove in the Greek language.

30. Judas: The name Judas signifies “he who is lauded.”

31. Koios: The name Koios is used for divine force of knowledge in Greek folklore.

32. Kosmos: This intriguing-sounding name signifies “magnificence.”

33. Kyros: Its meaning implies “like the sun.”

34. Leander: The meaning of the name Leander is “lion of a man.”

35. Linus: In Greek folklore, Linus was the name of the child of Apollo.

36. Lycus: The name Lycus comes from the Greek name Lykos, which signifies “wolf.”

37. Morpheus: In the Greek language, the name Morpheus means appearance or shape.

38. Nikolaos: The meaning of the name Nikolaos is “Triumph of the people.”

39. Okeanos: A Titan by the name of Okeanos represented the waters in Greek folklore.

40. Seth: The meaning of the name Seth is “amaze.”

41. Solon: It means wisdom, which is a splendid choice for your bearded dragon.

42. Spyro: The name Spyto means “soul.”

43. Stefanos: The meaning of the name Stefanos is “crown,” which makes it a great choice.

44. Thales: Thales means “bloom,” which can be a wonderful choice.

45. Thanos: The meaning of the name Thanos is “everlasting.”

46. Theodoros: This name makes for a beautiful choice. It means “Gift from God.”

47. Theron: Theron is a beautiful name, and it means “hunter.”

48. Zeus: Zeus is the name of the lord of thunder and skies in Greek folklore.

49. Zopyros: The meaning of the name Zopyros is “gleaming.” 

50. Zotikos: The name Zotikos means “loaded with life.” 

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Greek Goddess Bearded Dragon Names

little yellow bearded dragon on the palm of a hand

1. Alexandra: She is a protector and partner of humanity.

2. Alexa: It is a refined name that signifies “protecting men,” which makes for a unique choice.

3. Althaia: It comes from the Greek language, and it signifies “healing” or “rebuilding.”

4. Amaltheia: Having Latin and Greek roots, the name means “to soothe.”

5. Amara: It signifies “effortlessness” that sounds solid, up-to-date, and appealing. It resembles from the star wars pet names.

6. Anastasia: It means “will resurrect or rise again.” The name has Greek roots.

7. Andromeda: A well-known Greek name, it refers to “a person who rules over men.”

8. Angelina: This delightful name signifies “A holy messenger or a courier of God.”

9.  Aretha: This means “good and ethical, or incredible.”

10. Aphrodite: It is the name of the Greek goddess of beauty and love. 

11. Ariana: This name means “very holy.”

12. Ariadne: It was the title of the Cretan goddess of richness in Greek folklore.

13. Athena: This strong choice of the name implies “Goddess Of Wisdom and War.” 

14. Berenice: Having Greek roots, its meaning is victorious.

15. Calista: The meaning of this name is “the most excellent.” 

16. Callie: The name Callie has Greek roots with the meaning of “wonderful.”

17. Calliope: Its Greek meaning is “a wonderful voice.”

18. Cassandra: Means “someone who sparkles among others.” 

19. Cora: It is a simple and flawless name for your bearded dragon that means “lady.”

20. Cynthia: Cynthia is the title of the goddess of the moon in Greek mythicism.

21. Danae: It is a beautiful and unique Greek name choice meaning “brilliant” or “bright.”

22. Daphne: The meaning of the name Daphne is “water fairy.”

23. Demi: It is used by the Greek goddess of harvest and agriculture.

24. Dorothy: The meaning of the name Dorothy is “Endowment Of God.”

25. Eleanor: This name refers to a “carefree” being.

26. Elena: Just like Eleanor, this name also means “carefree.”

27. Ella: The meaning of the name Ella is “pretty and delightful.”

28. Evangeline: A lovely choice meaning “bringer of good news.”

29. Georgia: The meaning of the name Georgia is “Rancher.”

30. Helena: It is a beautiful name that means “delightful.”

31. Hera: Queen of the gods, her name means “Protectress.”

32. Ida: The meaning of the name Ida is “diligent.”

33. Iris: Iris is a beautiful name meaning “Bright or Rainbow.”

34. Jacinta: The meaning of the lovely name Jacinta is “Delightful.”

35. Katherine: A beautiful name choice for your bearded dragon. It means “pure.”

36. Khloe: Khloe was the name of the goddess of harvest and agriculture.

37. Lois: The meaning of the name Lois is “incredible.”

38. Margaret: The meaning of this beautiful name is “pearl.”

39. Maya: As per Greek mythology, this was the name of Hermes’ mother.

40. Melanie: Melanie means “beautiful and dark.”

41. Melissa: The meaning of the name Melissa is “bumblebee.”

42. Tune: The meaning of the name Tune is “melody.”

43. Myra: This popular name means “sweet-smelling oil.”

44. Nicole: The meaning of the name Nicole is “undefeated and successful.”

45. Nike: The name Nike was used for the goddess of triumph in Greek folklore.

46. Olympia: The Greek name Olympia is used for someone who is glorious. 

47. Ophelia: This beautiful name means “wise and helpful.”

48. Penelope: The meaning of the name Penelope is “a weaver of string.”

49. Phile: The name means “to adore.” Phile has an extremely enchanting sound to it.

50. Phoebe: The name Phoebe is used to define “purity.”


I’m having such a hard time choosing my favorite Greek god names for bearded dragons, especially since I’m a huge mythology nerd.

For a girl, I’m thinking Hera, though. For a boy, I’ve always loved Morpheus!

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What are your favorite greek god names for bearded dragons? Share with us below!


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