100 Mystical Bearded Dragon Harry Potter Names

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If you’re on the hunt for bearded dragon Harry Potter names, you’re going to love our list below!

We came up with 100 beardie names inspired by the movies and books.

From major characters to minor muggles to magical beasts, we left no stone of the Wizarding World uncovered.

50 names for your Female Bearded dragon

We handpicked 50 terrific ideas that will help your female bearded fit right in with the other dragons at Hogwarts!

  1. Ariana – This name means very holy. Ariana was Dumbledore’s sister.
  2. Alice – It stands for nobility. Alice was Neville’s mother. 
  3. Agatha – The famous writer Agatha Christie or a Hogwarts’ character.
  4. Amelia – It means work. Amelia was Susan Bones’ aunt.
  5. Allegra – The one who is always happy like your cute draggy.
  6. Alessia – Means defending warrior. It is very powerful for a dragon.
  7. Aurora – This name is lovely and signifies dawn and the polar lights.
  8. Bernadette – If your draggy is as brave as a bear, the name suits her.
  9. Beatrix – The person who brings happiness is called Beatrix.
  10. Belinda – This name means a serpent, which is suitable for any reptile.
  11. Cordelia – The heart is known as Cordelia. 
  12. Charlie – Charlie was a member of the Weasley family.
  13. Celeste – This name symbolizes the celestial.
  14. Cosima – Cosima is the order of the universe.
  15. Dara – The name should be given to your reptile if she is very wise.
  16. Emmeline – The name means ‘hardworking.’
  17. Fleur – Fleur means a flower in French. She is the girl in the Triwizard event.
  18. Fern – A fern is a plant and a character of the Harry Potter Series.
  19. Ginny – She was one of the Weasley’s and later on became Harry’s wife.
  20. Ginevra – Ginny’s full first name!
  21. Goldie – This name symbolizes the precious metal Gold.
  22. Hermione – The famous witch whose name means well-born.
  23. Helga – This unique name means the blessed one or someone holy.
  24. Iris – This name means the beautiful rainbow with diversity in colors.
  25. Jade – A green gemstone for a green dragon.
  26. Katie – Katie was the Quidditch chaser (and a darn good one at that).
  27. Lily – Harry’s mom’s name means “pure.”
  28. Lavender – Lavender Brown was a student, and Ron’s first girlfriend.
  29. Luna – Perhaps the most charming and funny character in the series!
  30. Leta- After Leta Lestrange, who was once friends with Newt.
  31. Lucy – Lucy is a well-known Harry Potter character whose name means light.
  32. Millicent – Belonging to the house of Slytherin, it means strength.
  33. Minerva – It means to remember. No one can forget Minerva McGonagall!
  34. Marjorie – The name is a synonym for Pearl, and the origin is Margaret.
  35. Molly – after the Wizarding World’s best mom ever, Molly Weasley
  36. Myrtle – The girl in the abandoned washroom. It means Flowering shrubs.
  37. Matilda – It is a name that signifies a person who provides strength in battle.
  38. Orion – The father of Sirius.
  39. Pomona – Professor Sprout’s first name.
  40. Poppy – Poppy was the nurse in Hogwarts.
  41. Phoebe – The bright one amongst others is known as Phoebe.
  42. Rowena – It stands for a white-haired person. 
  43. Roslyn – The red rose inspires this name.
  44. Ruby – Ruby is a famous gemstone.
  45. Susan – This name is floral, which means Lily.
  46. Sybill – Her prophecy set the entire series in motion.
  47. Soleil – Soleil is another name for the brightly shining Sun.
  48. Violet – It signifies the purple color or a flower known as violet.
  49. Willow – The Willow tree.
  50. Wyatt – Wyatt is a person who is brave in war

50 names for your Male Bearded dragon

a green bearded dragon matches Harry Potter name

Listed below are the top fifty unique names for your little wizard dragon.

  1. Albus – This name means white and bright.  
  2. Archibald – The person who is truly brave and fears no one.
  3. Alastor – After Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody.
  4. Amos – Amos means strong. He was Cedric’s father.
  5. Argus – A mythical name that means someone with hundred eyes.
  6. Albert – Someone with a bright mind and physique is Albert.
  7. Alvis – The one who is very wise and brilliant.
  8. Alden – For that wise friend of yours.
  9. Apollo – Apollo is the Greek god of wisdom. Fitting for a bearded dragon greek name.
  10. Alaric – Alaric is someone with noble intentions like your dragon.
  11. Brighton – Someone who brightens the town with his wisdom.
  12. Cedric – The name means bounty. Cedric sacrificed himself for Harry.
  13. Charles – A free man is known as Charles. He was the elder brother of Ron.
  14. Cato – The one who knows-it-all. It suits a dragon because they possess it.
  15. Draco – It means dragon, which is a perfect name for your new bearded pet.
  16. Dillon – If your pet is loyal, give him this unique name.
  17. Ember – The one who strikes a spark wherever he goes.
  18. Evander – Someone as strong as a dragon is known as Evander.
  19. Emery – For the brave dragon that you now have.
  20. Ezra – Ezra stands for someone who helps others.
  21. Enzo – If your draggy is the ruler of the house, this name is for him.
  22. Felix – Someone who emits happy vibes in the surroundings. 
  23. Fred – He was the elder brother of Ron and the twin of George.
  24. Griffin – The founder of Gryffindor, whose name signifies the strong lord.
  25. George – The name stands for a farmer who everyday deals with reptiles.
  26. Garrick – A character in the series.
  27. Gareth – This name stands for someone who is very gentle and docile.
  28. Justin – This name stands for justice and fair judgment.
  29. James – It has its origin from ‘Jacob,’ which originally means Supplanter.
  30. Jasper – The treasurer is known as Jasper, and dragons are great in it.
  31. Lysander – He is free from every restriction.
  32. Lucius – Lucius means light. This character was Draco’s father.
  33. Neville – Neville means a New town in the French language. 
  34. Newton – He is another popular character present in this series of magic.
  35. Oscar – A dragon can be a gentle friend and be called Oscar.
  36. Poe – This name is a synonym for the beautiful bird Peacock.
  37. Phineas – If your dragon has a mouth resembling that of a snake.
  38. Pax – This name means peace and harmony.
  39. Ronald – It means advice. Ron is one of the three prominent characters.
  40. Rhys – The name stands for the enthusiasm that is filled inside your fiery pal.
  41. Sirius – Sirius is a bright star in the night sky that illuminates very brightly.
  42. Salazar – A bearded dragon fancy name such as this is something that I would like to name my pet beardie.
  43. Severus – Another mighty reptilian name that any lizard will love to have.
  44. Slytherin – the house of the serpents. Very symbolic of a poisonous reptile.
  45. Silas- He is a person who belongs to a forest. A dragon belongs to one.
  46. Sage – A wise old man full of worldly knowledge.
  47. Vincent – The name stands for a conqueror who is mighty and brave.
  48. Viktor – This name means someone who is victorious.
  49. Vernon – The place of alders means Vernon. It is a nice name for a dragon.
  50. Zacharias – It means that the lord has remembered someone to serve him. 

I hope we helped you find the perfect Harry Potter name for your bearded dragon!

As a huge fan of the series, I love them all. You can never go wrong with Hermione for a girl, though!

Hunting for some bearded dragon Harry Potter names? Read on as we bring you 100 ideas that are torn right from the Wizarding World!

what is your favorite bearded dragon harry potter names? Share with us below!


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