How Do You Make a Guinea Pig Cage Ramp? (5 Easy Tutorials)

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How do you make a guinea pig cage ramp?

If you’re looking for tutorials on how to make one for your guinea pig cage, I’m your girl.

And if you’re not crafty, don’t worry; it’s nothing you can’t hack. 

Let’s get started. 

Not a crafty person? We’ve got you covered with these guinea pig ramp and platform ideas to buy.

5 DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ramp Ideas

a cute gray guinea pig surrounded by grasses and wood

If you’ve read any of my DIY projects, I always begin with a disclaimer saying I’m the most non-crafty person in the world. 

And yet, I’ve had more than a few successful DIY projects. I always prefer projects that are easy and straightforward; otherwise, I’ll just give up. 

Here is a list of easy tutorials on how to make a guinea pig ramp using different materials. 

I added a video for every method so that you can have a visual presentation for each. 

1. Make a Guinea Cage Ramp Using an Old Carpet 

This is precisely why I love DIY projects because you always get to utilize stuff that is just filling up in the house. 

For this project, you get to use an old carpet or any grippy material. I’ll not get into the details of how to do it because the video below shows you every step. 

If you prefer a written tutorial, then scroll to the description section; all six steps are explained in detail. 

2. Build a Guinea Cage Ramp Using Wire Storage Cubes & Coroplast

This idea from Guinea Piggles is absolutely brilliant. And if you’re looking for a fancy guinea cage ramp idea, then this will do. 

Unlike other DIY ideas on this list, where you may have everything at home, you may need to shop for this one. 

But I promise you the end product is worth every penny and energy. 

Some of the needs you’ll need to buy for this project are wire storage cubes (you may have a remaining piece from when you were making the cage), coroplast, and cable ties

Watch the video below for more details and instructions. There is even a bonus of how to make a loft. 

3. Make a Cardboard Guinea Pig Ramp 

This is probably the first method you’re likely to encounter when you search for DIY ideas for making a guinea pig ramp. 

It’s popular because it’s cheap and very easy to make. Since you have cardboard at home, you may not spend any cash on this ramp.  

That said, be prepared to see your guinea pig chewing on the cardboard as soon as they see it.

Luckily, their digestive system allows it, so there is no health risk for your cavy. 

Here is a video by Still Cowgirl explaining the process. 

4. Make a Wood Guinea Pig Ramp 

If you’re looking for something steadier for your piggy, then you’ll love the wooden cage ramp. 

Besides the wood, you’ll need a good adhesive to join the wood together. The process is very easy, but it may take you more time and energy compared to other projects.

Here is a short video from MyBedroom Zoo explaining the process. 

5. Get Ideas of How to Make a Guinea Pig Ramp on Etsy 

I know this isn’t a tutorial, but it’s a great tip; if you google Guinea Pig Ramp – Etsy, you’ll get results of multiple guinea pig ramps. 

And since most of the products are handmade, you can make them too.

They also include the description and measurements of the products, so it will be easy to get everything done. 

This is for those looking for something unique and different from what we’ve discussed in this post.

Most of the cage ramps will revolve around the same idea, so you can easily make any of them after watching the videos above. 

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How to Make a Guinea Pig Cage Ramp FAQs

Here are some of the common questions asked regarding DIY guinea pig cage ramps. 


You can get creative with materials. You can use fleece, old carpet, or even a towel. Anything that will protect your piggy from sliding. 


A good guinea pig ramp should be between 20 to 40 degrees. Anything steeper than this can scare your cavy from using the ramp. 

How Do You Make a Guinea Pig Cage Ramp? (Final Words) 

DIY projects can seem like a lot of work, but anyone can make them with the right tools and tutorials. 

I hope the ideas shared in this blog post will make your work easier. 

What’s the most challenging part of building a guinea page ramp? 

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how do you make a guinea pig cage ramp? can you share with us your experience?

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