How Do I Get My Guinea Pig to Use a Ramp? (5 Easy Steps)

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“How do I get my guinea pig to use a ramp???

“I just bought or spent hours building a ramp for my guinea pig, and they won’t even attempt using it.’ 

I hear these questions from new guinea pig owners all the time, so if you’re in this situation, then you’re not alone. 

Below, I’ll help you solve this puzzle of how to get a guinea pig into a ramp in just a few steps; so let’s dive in!


How Do I Get My Guinea Pig to Use a Ramp?

Here are some steps to follow to teach your guinea pig how to use a ramp. 

STEP 1: Begin with Your Piggy’s Favorite Treats

black guinea pig eating grass

Treats have been my greatest secret weapon for training all my pets to do everything I want. 

So, your first step is getting your guinea pig’s favorite treats. This may be fruit apples without seeds, romaine lettuce, or any other veggie. 

The treats will help you entice your piggy to the ramp and associate it with good experiences. 

Also, the treats are what will prompt them to go to the ramp for the first time. 

STEP 2: Place Some Treats on the Ramp & at the Top 

A cute guinea pig, also known as a cavy, eating a cherry tomato for his dinner

You want the guinea pig to see the ‘bait,’ so consider spreading the treats when they’re watching.

Thankfully, they have a curious mind, and they’ll come up to do some investigation on what you placed on the ramp. 

If you’re lucky, they’ll slowly start climbing the ramp as they munch on the treats. Some guinea pigs are more cautious, and they’re likely to just eat what they can reach from the floor. 

This is still a good first step. 

Check this video if you want to train your guinea pig to climb a ramp:

STEP 3: Allow Your Guinea Pig to Explore the Ramp 

This step is very critical, and it needs patience. The time taken depends on how adventurous a guinea pig is. 

If you have an adventurous piggy, they’re likely to take the risk and go up the ramp immediately.

Once the others see nothing happened to them, they’re likely to gain the courage to use the ramp too. 

Remember to add some treats up the ramp to keep the guinea pig up there long enough to make others curious. 

Also, the moment other piggies hear the other one munching up treats, they’ll not want to miss up on the fun. 

STEP 4: Keep Adding Treats on the Ramp 

black and white guinea pig surrounded by apples

At this point, you may realize that some guinea pigs are still not very receptive and are only eating that they can reach. 

That’s totally fine. Keep putting treats on the ramp and at the top of it to encourage them to climb

However, if this keeps happening, then start placing the treats on the highest point of the ramp. 

By serving them a little tough love, they will come out of their comfort zone and try going the extra mile to get the treats. 

5. Alternatively, Start from the Top

Sometimes cavies are very stubborn and won’t give in to your luring tactics. 

So, what do you do? Start from the top instead!

Use an enclosed ramp and ensure the only option they have is down the ramp. You can then put some treats on the ramp and ensure they’re more at the bottom. 

This will encourage your piggy to get down the ramp to get to the area they feel comfortable and enjoy the treats.

If you decide to use this route, ensure you watch the guinea pig closely. Some of them may freak out and decide to jump instead.

You want them to conquer their fear while maintaining a positive aspect of the ramp. 

Falling from the ramp could be very traumatic for your guinea pig, and they may not be able to get past it. 

Another video to check:


Here are the central questions when it comes to how to get a guinea pig to use a ramp. 


If your guinea pig steps onto it- even if he doesn’t go up- it’s a sign he’s getting used to it.


There’s no definitive answer. Some guinea pigs start climbing it within days, others need up to a month to feel safe on one.

Are Ramps Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Yes. As long as you make or buy something specifically for small pets, they’re perfectly safe.

Extended FAQ Answers

Those first two questions are a bit more involved than a quick “yes or no” answer, so here are some extra guidelines to help you out.

1. How to tell my guinea pig is getting used to the ramp

Since a ramp is a strange and new object, it may take time for your guinea pigs to adjust to it. 

But there are some signs that show that they’re getting used to their ramp.

One sign is if they start placing their two feet on the ramp to reach out for the treats. This shows they’re getting comfortable with the ramp. 

Guinea pigs are very curious and equally cautious, which is why touching the ramp or playing around it is such a great step. 

2. How Long till My Guinea Pig Start Climbing the Ramp?

It’s normal to get a little impatient with your guinea pig and start wondering if they’ll ever get used to the ramp. 

Well, there is no definite answer to this question. It can take up to one month for a guinea pig to use a ramp or a day. 

Some guinea pig breeds will only get to half of the ramp and increase the distance as they adjust. And that’s okay. 

How long a guinea pig takes to get used to a guinea pig is determined by their personality. 

Always keep in mind that it’s a new experience, and it’s not as easy for your guinea pig as it seems for you. 

How Do I Get My Guinea Pig to Use a Ramp? (Final Verdict)

Training a pet to do something is always the hardest job for every pet parent. It requires a lot of love and patience. 

The above steps will help you in training your guinea pig to use a ramp. But keep in mind that every guinea pig is different, and allow them time to adjust. 

Some may love it the first day, while others may take a month. And that is very much okay. 

Guinea pig standing up on a white ramp step

Back to you, what’s the greatest challenge of teaching your guinea pig to use a ramp? Share below!


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