5 Best Bonding Pouches for Sugar Gliders (Reviews)

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Looking for bonding pouches for sugar gliders to help establish your connection with your new pal?

You’ve come to the right place!

I’ll walk you through the entire process and show you some high-quality options. 

Everything here will make sure you buy a top-tier bonding pouch.

Our Top Pick

Check this comparison table for a quick guide. Read the review for further details.

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If you’re in a hurry, I’d suggest jumping right to KINTOR Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch. It has everything a glider owner could ever want in a bonding pouch, plus a few extra goodies!

The 5 Best Bonding Pouches for Sugar Gliders

1.  Suncoast Sugar Gliders Bonding Carry Pouch

Suncoast Sugar Gliders’ Bonding Carry Pouch will bring a whole bunch of style into your glider’s life. 

It comes in 12 colors to ensure every owner can find a suitable scheme for their glider’s personality. 

I can’t get over how perfect the tie-dye option would be for my glider. 

The tear-resistant window, comfortable interior area, and large size aren’t too shabby, either. 


  • 6.5″ x 1″ x 9.5″
  • 12 color schemes
  • Constructed from fleece fabric
  • High-quality zipper
  • Pet-safe screen 
  • Double sewn inside seams and side loops


  • Multiple appealing styles
  • Tear-resistant window
  • Can carry multiple gliders
  • Machine-washable


  • Small strap
  • Weak zipper
  • Complaints about quality of the liner.

Final Verdict:

You’ll have a hard time finding bonding pouches with more color variations than this one.

It makes this product a tough one for most people to pass up, especially when you consider its other high-quality features. 

After all, its double sewn design, machine washable construction, and durable zipper are all valuable additions.

It was a little discouraging to see a few customers felt the strap was a bit small. A few also complained about overall quality of the liner.

Still, the majority of users really like it, so it’s definitely worth considering.

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2. Asoract Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch

Asoract’s Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch makes carrying around your sugar glider an absolute breeze. 

Its adjustable shoulder strap, lightweight design, and stable construction will make your life much easier. 

You also shouldn’t overlook its velvet interior, sturdy zipper, or the affordable price tag. 

Each of these features will bring a smile to your face while buying this bonding pouch.


  • 8.74″ x 7.56″ x 1.46″
  • Two color schemes
  • Constructed from durable mesh and comfortable velvet material
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Strong, sturdy zipper
  • Lightweight, foldable construction


  • Excellent breathability
  • Easy and comfortable to carry 
  • Cozy velvet interior
  • Inexpensive
  • Machine-washable


  • Shipping issues
  • Complaints about durability of the mesh screen
  • Very thin material

Final Verdict:

Bonding pouches aren’t often this convenient for both owner and their gliders.

There’s nothing about this pouch that’ll make your life difficult, thanks to its well-thought design and features. 

However, a few customers did mention some shipping issues with this pouch.

It seems the product has a habit of arriving later than expected, which isn’t a massive deal.

Some users also complained that the material was a bit thin, but they were also using the pouch for pets larger than gliders.

3. Lambie Jammie Bonding Pouch for Sugar Gliders

Owners looking to bond with a single glider should consider Lambie Jammie’s Bonding Pouch for Sugar Gliders.

Its usage of breathable fleece material, top-tier ventilation, and cozy interior is perfect for bonding sessions. 

You’ll also benefit from its ability to reduce odor and prevent loose threads from becoming a problem. 

It’s perfectly suited to ensure your pet/owner relationship becomes even more special.


  • 6.69″ x 2.28″ x 2.17″
  • Red color scheme
  • Made with breathable fleece material
  • Adjustable black strap
  • Pet-safe mesh window screen
  • Free of loose threads


  • Top-tier ventilation 
  • It doesn’t absorb urine
  • Soft, cozy interior
  • Excellent security


  • Only big enough for one glider
  • Very few overall reviews

Final Verdict:

Your sugar glider will never be safer than when it’s inside one of these pouches.

It has proven time and time again to provide a secure, comfortable place for them to relax. 

I only wish this pouch was a bit bigger to fit more than one suggie.

People looking for a pouch to hold multiple should have a chance to benefit from its excellent features, as well. 

4. KINTOR Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch

If you’re looking to buy a bonding pouch for multiple gliders, KINTOR’s Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch is an excellent choice.

The pouch’s 9.6″ x 6.5″ x 1.1″ should have no problem fitting more than one of your suggies. 

It’ll provide them with top-tier comfort thanks to its high-quality ventilation and soft fleece interior. 

Those suggies will be in heaven as they start to learn your scent and voice. 


  • 9.6″ x 6.5″ x 1.1″
  • Two patterns available
  • Double-layer construction (fleece interior and canvas exterior)
  • Slightly waterproof and windproof construction
  • Double sewing design
  • Bite resistant hard plastic window


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Well-constructed design
  • Excellent security
  • Easy to carry
  • Machine washable


  • Only fits one glider comfortably.
  • Complaints about incomplete patterns.

Final Verdict:

Everything about this bonding pouch screams high-quality.

Its well-constructed, double-sewn design and the bite-resistant plastic window will ensure your suggies remain comfortable and safe inside this pouch.

I didn’t even mention the two pattern choices, which would provide some style into your glider’s life.

It was hard to find anything bad to say about this one. However, one customer complained that the pattern she bought looked incomplete or badly arranged.

She noted that there “is no complete deer at all on the bag,” and had she known that, she would have gone with a different pattern. So be aware of that when picking one.

5. Exotic Nutrition Glider Bonding Pouch

Our final choice, Exotic Nutrition Glider Bonding Pouch, has become a favorite among sugar glider owners. 

It’s not too surprising given the adorable sugar glider design. 

But this design wouldn’t make much if the brand didn’t make it with high-quality features. 

Thankfully, this bonding pouch doesn’t fail there with its double-layered fleece material and an adjustable nylon strap.


  • 12.6″ x 8.58″ x 2.56″
  • Adorable sugar glider design
  • Double layered fleece material
  • Pet-safe seems
  • Equipped with screen window for ventilation
  • Adjustable nylon strap


  • Durable construction
  • Soft, comfortable interior
  • Holds up to three gliders
  • Machine washable


  • Most expensive option
  • Not always Prime Eligible (depending on seller)
  • Issues with zipper

Final Verdict

This product’s adorable design and high-quality construction are only the tip of the iceberg. Owners will also benefit from it being 100% machine washable, capable of holding multiple gliders, and loose thread resistance. 

But this bonding pouch is easily the most expensive on our entire list.

However, it’s more than worth its asking price because it offers a secure, cute home for your favorite suggies. What more could a sugar glider owner want?

Bonding Pouches for Sugar Gliders FAQS

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about sugar glider bonding pouches.

We’ll look at the quick answer for each, then keep reading for more detailed responses.


Sugar glider sneaking out of his pouch

They are pouches designed to resemble nesting pouches, which provides your glider with a feeling of being within their natural habitat. 


a cute sugar glider held by a female hand

Look for something made from durable and comfortable material- preferably soft fleece- that also includes a zipper to keep your glider safe from escaping.


cleaning a sugar glider cage for a baby glider

10-12 hours, as long as you provide them with food inside the pouch. Give them a break every 2-3 hours, though.

Let’s take a look at those questions in more detail.


Bonding pouches aren’t an overly complicated or difficult product to understand.

These pouches are designed to resemble nesting pouches, which provides your glider with a feeling of being within their natural habitat. 

Owners will put their gliders inside these bonding pouches to help develop a bond between them.

It ends up being a safe and comfortable way to carry these pets around your home or elsewhere. 

If owners use these pouches enough, their gliders will eventually pick up on your scent and voice.

It’ll form a bond between you and them, which will improve the pet/owner relationship significantly. 

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a cute glider to put in a sugar glider travel cage

Glider owners might assume choosing a bonding pouch isn’t a tricky process.

But the number of options available do make this buying experience a lot more involved than one might think. 

This section will make it easier for each buyer by discussing several key elements, which require consideration.

Each discussion should help shape and determine what bonding pouch would best suit your glider. 

Zipper Closure

Every high-quality bonding pouch will feature a zipper for closing and opening purposes.

It’s the most effective way to ensure an accident doesn’t occur where your suggie manages to slip out unexpectedly. 

Owners will want to do significant research into the quality of these zippers, as well. Some bonding pouches come with subpar zippers that do a lot more harm than good. 

It’s not uncommon to see these zippers break or stop closing all the way. In either case, it’s a recipe for disaster with your gliders who are inside the pouch.

 I’d recommend sticking with zippers made from heavy-duty materials to avoid these issues.

Customer reviews should also provide some much-needed insight into the zipper quality. 

Easy to Clean

Glider owners will want a pouch with an easy cleaning process. After all, the gliders will be eating and going to the bathroom inside these pouches at certain points.

You’ll need a pouch that doesn’t require much effort to clean. I’d suggest sticking with options capable of being machine washed rather than anything else. 

If you’re anything like me, limiting these pouches’ cleaning and maintenance will be a top priority. Machine wash capabilities provide these benefits more than anything else.  

Comfortable Material

Bonding pouches should consist of comfortable materials to provide your gilder with a cozy, relaxing environment.

Look for options made with fleece or similar fabric to ensure they enjoy staying inside the pouch. 

Owners will want to stay away from fraying materials, such as flannel or cotton. These fabrics can rip off or fray easily, which exposes loose fibers. 

Sadly, gliders are prone to get their toes wrapped up in these strings or fibers.

These incidents can lead your suggie to lose circulation in the toe and cause some severe issues.

Aside from the non-fraying requirement, materials capable of wicking away moisture is another must.

It’ll help keep the temperature inside the pouch from getting too hot. 


Nothing irks me more than a product that doesn’t provide long-term durability.

Bonding pouches with short-term longevity aren’t any different, and there are many of them on today’s market. 

Potential buyers will need to take a long look at each option’s construction and design.

You’ll want to choose a bonding pouch with a known reputation for lasting a long time. 

In most cases, brands will make high-quality options with durable mesh and a comfortable fabric (fleece, velvet, etc.).

These materials usually are capable of lasting more than a few years without issue. 

Durability is another factor where customer reviews will be an absolute godsend.

People will be ruthless with their thoughts when a product doesn’t meet their expectations. Use these resources to help form your final decision. 


As you might imagine, bonding pouches come in many different configurations.

You’ll come across ones with tie-dye color schemes while also seeing choices with unique designs. 

Each buyer should think about what best meshes with their glider’s or gliders’ personality.

It might not be the most critical factor in your choice, but it can be a fun one. For instance, I’m always going to look for the most colorful option possible.

I find it brings a warmness into their cages and isn’t a complete eyesore like other options.  


Bonding pouches shouldn’t be too expensive, but their prices do vary considerably based on specific features.

Options made from higher quality materials will cost more, as will larger size choices. 
Owners should build a budget based on what they value in their respective bonding pouches.

It’ll provide an easy way to limit the number of choices to a more manageable level. 


We're taking a look at sugar glider cost estimates to find out how much you'll spend on adoption, long-term care & more. Take a look!

A common question among sugar glider owners is how long a gilder can safely stay inside its bonding pouch?

The answer ends up being as long as you’re willing to care them around in it. 

Honestly, if the pouch has some edible food inside it, a glider can stay in there for 10 to 12 hours without issue.

Most owners even allow them to do their bathroom business there during the bonding process when necessary. 

But once they’re bonded, I’d recommend staying away from those more extended periods inside the pouch without breaks.

It would be best if you let them out every 2 or 3 hours to let them do their bathroom business and stretch their legs. 

This activity will help reduce the need for cleaning the pouch, which can be a hassle.

Most pouches are more than capable of being machine washed, but please ensure they’re dry before putting the gliders back in them.

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These discussions should’ve offered a much better handle on what to expect from this buying process. But if you have any more questions or concerns, let me know in our comment section. Thanks for reading!

Sugar glider in a bonding pouch

What is your favorite bonding pouch for sugar gliders? share with us below!

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