Are you looking for some nifty guinea pig names beginning with A?

You’re going to love what we have in store for you!

Here we have listed 50 names for male and female guinea pigs each. 

All you need is to give a quick look and select the one that suits your furry friend.

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50 male guinea pig names beginning with A 

  1. Aaron: The name Aaron refers to the high priest.
  2. Antonio: A cute name that has roots in the Shakespearean play The Tempest.
  3. Anthony: A very popular name meaning “priceless.”
  4. Andrew: A strong choice for your pet, as it means “warrior.”
  5. Alexander: A “great” choice for your little warrior. Think Alexander the Great!
  6. Austin: The name Austin means “great,” and it has been derived from Augustus.
  7. Adrian: It is a very cute choice as it means “sea” or “water.”
  8. Alex: The name Alex has Greek roots, and it means “man’s defender, warrior.”
  9. Aiden: This name means little fiery one and has Scottish roots.
  10. Angel: This name means a messenger from God. 
  11. Asher: The name Asher has Hebrew roots, and it means happy, blessed.
  12. August: August has Latin roots, and the meaning of the name is esteemed.
  13. Alejandro: Means someone who defends mankind. A Spanish spin-off of Alexander.
  14. Ace: This name means someone who excels.
  15. Ali: A very beautiful Arabic name that means Lion.
  16. Allen: This name means “cheerful” and has Celtic roots.
  17. Alan: It means the handsome one.
  18. Aidan: Has Celtic roots and means someone who brings fire.
  19. Amir: Means powerful or strong.
  20. Adonis: In Greek, it means someone who is handsome.
  21. Andre: Means brave in Portuguese.
  22. Abel: This name means son, so it is a good choice for your pet.
  23. Anderson: Has Scandinavian roots, and it means manly or brave. 
  24. Alec: It is an abbreviation of the name Alexander.
  25. Augustus: It means someone who has majestic dignity.
  26. Ari: Means Lion in the language Hebrew.
  27. Axel: Has Danish roots, and it means my father is peaceful.
  28. Amos: A name of one of the twelve minor prophets in Judaism. A very good choice.
  29. Albert: Means bright in the German language.
  30. Andy: Means manly or brave.
  31. Aditya: The name Aditya means the sun in the Hindi language.
  32. Alfred: The name Alfred means counsel, so perfect for your little counsel.
  33. Angelo: Means Angel.
  34. Alden: Has Anglo Saxon origin, and it means old friend.
  35. Amare: A unique choice for your pet, it means handsome.
  36. Adan: This cute little name means fire.
  37. Alonzo: This name means someone ready to fight.
  38. Alfonso: Alfonso is used to naming kings in the Portuguese cultures.
  39. Adriel: Means beaver.
  40. Aldo: A quite unusual name for your little one as this name means the tall one.
  41. Alvaro: It is a beautiful name that means guardian.
  42. Arlo: Arlo is a name on the rise as it means a hill.
  43. Alonso: The name means someone noble and ready.
  44. Apollo: Apollo is a name cooperating with significance.
  45. Aapo: The name Aapo means breath, and it has Finnish roots.
  46. Aaren: This beautiful name of Hebrew origin means a mountain of strength.
  47. Aaric: The lovely name Aaric means an eternal ruler.
  48. Aaro: The name Aaro has Finnish roots, and it means the peak of power. 
  49. Aatami: This name means earth.
  50. Abbey: This adorable name means someone who provides you joy.

50 female guinea pig names beginning with A

guinea pig names beginning with a in alphabet
  1. Ava: It is a cute little name for your pet that means bird.
  2. Abigail: This name means father’s joy.
  3. Anna: This beautiful name means beautiful.
  4. Amanda: The name Amanda means someone worthy of love.
  5. Alexis: This beautiful name means someone who is a strong defender.
  6. Alyssa: The name Alyssa means noble.
  7. Azura: This exquisite name brings out the hypnotizing dark blue shade of the sea.
  8. Alba: It is a vintage name signifying ‘white.’
  9. Aurelia: It’s a Latin-roused name signifying ‘brilliant.’
  10. Amber: The name for the yellow-gold colored gemstone.
  11. Ashy: The shading it inspires for us is somewhat dingy dark, however.
  12. Amethyst: The shade of a purple gemstone.
  13. Abby: This name means ‘my father is joyful,’.
  14. Amy: This name means beloved.
  15. Ainsley: This name means a person’s own field and is a very adorable choice.
  16. Alexandra: A tough-sounding name meaning strong defender.
  17. Audrey: Audrey is a lovely and timeless name that means  “noble strength.”
  18. Alice: This name would be perfect for your little pet princess.
  19. Ariana: A Latin name signifying the color’ golden’. 
  20. Anne: A cute and popular name from the Shakespearean play Richard III.
  21. Adele: Adele is a lovely name that means nobility.
  22. Ana: Variation of classic Hannah. It means someone deserving of all your love.
  23. Angela: A variation of the word angel, this name is an attractive choice for you.
  24. Alicia: It means good-natured.
  25. Adriana: From the Shakespearean play Comedy of Errors
  26. Annabelle: This name means joyous and beautiful.
  27. April: The name April resonates with spring.
  28. Alison: The name Alison has German roots, and it means nobility. 
  29. Annie: This Hebrew name means prayer. 
  30. Alma: The name Alma means good in the Irish and Celtic regions.
  31. Angelina: The name means messenger of God. It is like Angel.
  32. Alisha: The name Alisha is the Latin version of Alice, and it means noble nature.
  33. Aliyah: The beautiful Hebrew name Aliyah means to ascend or rise above.
  34. Allie: The name Allie has Celtic roots, and it means peace.
  35. Agnes: This name means holy or pure in Greek.
  36. Aileen: This adorable name means light. It has Irish and Scottish roots.
  37. Anisha: Means something that never perishes, eternal, forever.
  38. Amelie: This beautiful French name means industrious.
  39. Angie: A nickname for Angel or Angelina.
  40. Alba: The name Alba means white, and can be resonated with purity. 
  41. Antonia: Has its roots in the Italian language, and it means the priceless one.
  42. Aubrey: A pretty name that means a little ruler.
  43. Agatha: The name Agatha has German roots, and it means good.
  44. Annalee: The name Annalee is a unique choice for your pet, and it means Grace.
  45. Aryana: This name means most holy or the purest in the Greek language.
  46. Arya: The name Arya is used as a Goddess in the Hindu culture.
  47. Autumn: If your pet was born in the Autumn season, this could be a perfect choice.
  48. Ada: The name Ada means happy or prosperous in the English language.
  49. Alanna: The name Alanna has European roots, and it means bright.
  50. Abir: The name Abir is from the Arabic language, and it means fragrant.

There’s a ton of names that start with the letter A and these are just a few.

It made me sweat to choose just one favorite among them!! I think I love “Aaro”. What do you think?

Looking for some guinea pig names beginning with A? You must read on as we gathered 100 adorable ideas for female and male cavies!



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