10 Best Entertaining Toys for Bearded Dragons (Review)

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Looking to purchase some toys for bearded dragons but don’t know where to start?

I’ve gathered up ten available options that’ll spice up your beardie’s life. 

a large yellow bearded dragon

Let’s see what one best fits your beardie’s personality and needs.

Start with a quick peek at our favorites, then read on for all the details!

Best Toys for Bearded Dragons Top Picks at a Glance

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Check this comparison table for a look at our top 5 favorites.

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10 Best Toys for Bearded Dragons Review

1. PamperedLizards Bearded Dragon Toy Balls (WINNER)

Lizard toy balls, one of the best bearded dragon toys

The simplicity, versatility, and affordability make this one our winner!

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep a bearded dragon active, PamperedLizards Bearded Dragon Toy Balls are an excellent choice. 

All you have to do is roll the dragon feeder ball past them to see how they might react.

If nothing happens, placing a wild insect inside the ball could entice them to interact with it.

It’s a simple, effective method of keeping your bearded dragon happy with a fun activity and exercise.

Physical Attributes

  • Set of 3
  • Multi-colored
  • Handmade
  • Made from non-toxic, BPH-free plastic
  • Features an organza cloth bag
  • Each ball has a different size hole


  • 2″ round

Benefits and Drawbacks at a Glance

Promotes exercise The holes are a little too small
Treats (silkworms, fly larva, and super worms) can be stuffed insideNo returns or exchanges
Easy to use
Great customer service
A colorful addition to the tank


The ability to offer a bearded dragon exercise and nourishment is an unbeatable combo. You won’t find a more effective method of stretching your beardie’s legs. 

It won’t cost you much money to invest in these toy balls, either. These toys are a bargain for anyone looking to cure their beardie’s boredom. 

Buyers also benefit from excellent service and colorful designs. Your beardie’s tank will never look better than when these toy balls are lying around inside it. 


Some customers did mention the embedded holes being a little too large. As a result, it allowed the insects to slither out from inside these balls. 

Your dragon might have an easier time getting these treats than expected. But it’s only a slight issue that doesn’t matter much in the long run. 

Lizard Toy Ball 3 Multicolor 50mm 2 Great Lizard image 5

How it Compare to Others and Why

It’s an affordable, simple toy that’ll make your beardie’s life a little more fun. The multi-colored design sure adds a stylish element that increases their appeal.

Honestly, you’ll love how these balls look in a beardie’s tank. Each one will provide a bit of spark that brightens the tank’s atmosphere. 

Expert Tips

  • Get them used to the balls before placing the insect inside them. 

For those interested in bearded dragon care, we recommend checking out our articles on “basking rocks for bearded dragons” and “playpen for bearded dragon” to learn more about creating a comfortable and stimulating environment for your pet.

2. ReptaboxCreations Bearded Dragon Cave

reptile hide cave

Are you looking for a comfortable sleeping spot for your bearded dragon? Look no further than ReptaboxCreations Bearded Dragon Cave. 

Its birch plywood construction will provide a pleasant, cozy environment for your beardie. 

You can also get engraved with their name to add a little customization. 

The cave is relatively durable, too, which should make it a staple in a beardie’s tank for years. 

Physical Attributes

  • Ten color options
  • Handmade
  • Made from durable birch plywood
  • Optional custom engraving 
  • Cave enclosure


  • 4″ H x 12″ D


Perfect hiding spot for brumationPricey, especially for larger sizes
Beautiful designTakes up to 2 weeks to ship
Durable construction
Excellent sleeping spot
reptile hide cave

How it Compare to Others and Why

The customization and beautiful design give it a step up on most bearded dragon caves. It should be a seamless fit into your beardie’s tank. 

You’ll also benefit greatly from this brand’s excellent customer service and shipping speeds. A few other buyers even made a mention of this aspect in their respective reviews.

More importantly, it’ll provide them with a lovely space to go through brumation. It’s a perfect addition to any well-equipped tank. 

Expert Tips

3. BackCountryHarnesses Hide Hammocks

BackCountryHarnesses’ Hide Hammocks offer an easy way to ensure your beardie’s cage is a little cozier. 

Each one is a resting area and can be a bed for bearded dragon where your beardie can sleep and dream about the next wild insect to eat. 

The 400 print choices and size options don’t hurt its appeal, either. 

You won’t have any issues finding a variation that meshes with your beardie’s personality. 

Physical Attributes

  • Handmade
  • Over 400 print choices
  • Two size options
  • Made from cotton or flannel with an interior fleece
  • The additional pillow is available upon request
  • Includes grommets 


  • A choice between 16″ or 10″ designs


Unmatched customizationSlow shipping speeds
Comfortable sleeping spaceNot all prints in listing are available
High-quality design materials
Easy to hang
Outstanding customer service 
Affordable price

How it Compare to Others and Why

You won’t find many other bearded dragon toys that offer this much comfort or support. This hammock will bring a soft resting area for them to drift off during the night. 

Owners will also benefit from it being easy to use. You won’t have a simple issue hanging this hammock up inside your beardie’s tank. 

Honestly, there isn’t a single product performance quality where this hammock doesn’t excel. 

Expert Tips

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4. ReptaboxCreations Bearded Dragon Reptile Lounger

If your bearded dragon’s a climber, ReptaboxCreations’s Bearded Dragon Reptile Lounger would be an excellent choice. 

Your beardie will love to mosey up this lounge’s three adjustable levels.

Its placement inside the tank won’t ruin the environment’s aesthetic, either. 

Each buyer will have nine colors to choose from, making the right option easy to find. 

Physical Attributes

  • Handmade lounging perch 
  • Three platform levels
  • Nine color choices
  • Two engraving options
  • Embed slots for height adjustment
  • Constructed from high-quality wood


  • 15″ L x 13″ W x 11″ H


Easy to assembleIt takes a little time for most bearded dragons to use it
Durable constructionPricey compared to other toys on our list
Each level is height adjustable
Promotes exploration and exercise
Excellent craftsmanship
Offers plenty of surface area

How it Compare to Others and Why

This toy stands out because of its three adjustable levels. It provides a bit more convenience and user-friendliness than similar lounge accessories. 

Your beardie will have a lot more room to explore on these levels, as well. Each one has a sizable amount of surface level to ensure comfortability. 

As a result, the lounger makes climbing onto a lot more feasible for any bearded dragon.

Expert Tips

5. PamperedLizards Roach Toy Wand

One of the easiest ways to bond with a bearded dragon is by playing with them. 

No other toys make this task easier than PamperedLizards Roach Toy Wand. 

You simply dangle its plastic roach near your beardie and watch them go nuts. 

There’s nothing quite like watching a bearded dragon chase after this wand’s plastic roach.

It’s a hilarious, fun experience for both you and your dragon. 

Physical Attributes

  • Handcrafted
  • 24″ wooden dowel
  • Suede leather cord
  • Equipped with a single plastic roach
  • Features an elegant lizard pendant


  • 24″ long


Provides endless exercise and funNo warranty or return policy
Quick assemblySlow shipping
Affordable price
Well-crafted, durable design
Makes playing with your dragon easy

How it Compare to Others and Why

The ingenious incorporation of a plastic roach makes this product a lot more effective than most bearded dragon toys.

It gives them an incentive to engage with the toy rather than ignore it as you see with other options.

Its easy assembly process doesn’t hurt its case. Multiple customers made a point to acknowledge how easy it was to set up and use. 

Expert Tips

  • The manufacturer recommends “providing live treats” to them after play sessions. It’ll help them learn to distinguish live roaches from plastic ones. 
  • Don’t allow your beardie to ingest the plastic roach as they “are not to be eaten.

6. HAICHEN TEC Small Animal Inflatable Floats

Most bearded dragons are known for their hatred of bath time. 

HAICHEN TEC Small Animal Inflatable Floats will ensure cleaning sessions become a lot more enjoyable for them.

These floats will provide some peace of mind and offer a perch to cling onto during the bath.

You can also place them into their tanks as a lovely resting place. 

It gives them a bit more versatility than a buyer might initially expect. 

Physical Attributes

  • Set of 6 (multiple designs and patterns)
  • Made from high-quality PVC material
  • Includes a storage bag and mini air pump
  • Lightweight construction
  • Trimmable 


  • 7.9″ bottom diameter and 3.0″ interior circle diameter


Inflates quicklyPackaging issues. 
Effortless to useInflatables can pop
Cute designs and patterns
Offers a unique resting area
Wearable when trimmed 
Perfect bath accessory

How it Compare to Others and Why

The multi-purpose ability to work as a bath and tank accessory makes these products unique. Due to this, they tend to be a bit more cost-effective than most other toys. 

But don’t overlook the cute designs. Any bearded dragon owner should find them more than helpful when taking care of these animals. 

Expert Tips

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7. Fluker’s Cavern Reptile Animal Hide

The Fluker’s Cavern Reptile Animal Hide is a perfect addition to any beardie’s tank. 

After all, its natural aesthetic provides an outdoorsy feel while offering an excellent hiding spot.

Beardies will love climbing on top of it, as well, which offers an excellent entertainment quality. 

Its mess-free design also makes it a godsend for owners.

Physical Attributes

  • Four size options
  • Pine wood construction
  • Natural hide design
  • Lightweight
  • Trimmable for convenience purposes


  • Small: 4.5” L x 4.5” W x 2.5” H
  • Medium: 5.5” L x 5.5” W x 3.5” H
  • Large: 6.5”L x 6.5” W x 4” H (acceptable for adult bearded dragon)
  • Extra large: 8” L x 8” W x 6” H (acceptable for adult bearded dragon)


Excellent hiding spotStaples are difficult to remove
Provides a natural outdoor aesthetic Measurements are off*
Sturdy, reliable construction
Great for climbing
Suitable for various small reptiles and amphibians
*See note in expert tips.

How it Compare to Others and Why

Its outdoorsy aesthetic and mess-free design make it a step ahead of most animal hides. These abilities help prevent it from being much of a burden for bearded dragon owners.

The durable design is another reason for its placement on our list. It should last several years without much upkeep, which speaks to its overall convenience. 

Expert Tips


8. Yaonrach Crinkle Toy Balls

Activating a bearded dragon’s auditory sense is a great source of mental stimulation (more on this later).

There isn’t a single toy on our list that does it better than Yaonrach Crinkle Toy Balls, even though it’s made for cats!

Owners will simply just crinkle the balls inside their hands and place them near their buddy. 

You can then watch your beardie investigate and go crazy over its crinkling sound.

Physical Attributes

  • Handmade 
  • Two size options
  • Bright color schemes made from PET colored paper
  • Make crinkle sound
  • Non-toxic, safe design


  • 2.36″ diameter


Interact with your dragon’s auditory sensesSort of pricey for what they are
Durable, long-lasting constructionNoisy
Full refund or replacement policy
Bright and colorful
Cures boredom

How it Compare to Others and Why

Aside from their crinkling noise, the bright, colorful schemes and durability give this option a bit more appeal.

Plenty of crinkle balls fail to last when placed in a bearded dragon’s tank.

You’ll benefit significantly from its refund/replacement policy, as well. It’ll help every buyer ensure this purchase meets their expectations. 

Expert Tips

  • You should reward your dragon with a treat after each playing session. 

9. Pinty Green Laser Pointer

I know a rifle laser sight seems like a really weird thing to include on a list of toys for bearded dragons, but just hear me out.

Pinty’s Hunting Rifle Green Laser Pointer will have most bearded dragons going crazy. 

It produces a green laser (versus the traditional red from “toy” laser pointers), which they will perceive as an insect. 

You’ll then see them running around trying their best to capture the elusive little bugger. 

But it’s essential to note your dragon will catch on after a while.

It’d be best to use this pointer from time to time rather than for daily exercise. 

Physical Attributes

  • Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Produces a visible green laser
  • Reaches up to 100 ft to 300 ft (daytime), up to 1000 ft (night time)
  • Features a remote control for on/off switching
  • Adjustable based on windage and elevation


  • 4.72″ L x 1.54″ D


Encourages bearded dragon exerciseSome buyers felt the laser was too bright.
Simple to useTechnically made for rifles, which can make some buyers uncomfortable.
Bright, sharp visible laser
Multi-purpose usage
Suitable for numerous animals

How it Compare to Others and Why

Laser pointers are helpful in various facets of life. This quality alone makes them different from plenty of other choices on our list. 

Its practicality and simple using method are other aspects to stand out. Honestly, there isn’t much about this laser pointer that a buyer will see as a detriment.  

Expert Tips

  • Never point this laser directly at another person.
  • You should never “aim at reflective surfaces.”
  • Use them once or twice a week for a couple of minutes to prevent them from figuring it out too soon. 
  • To avoid OCD behavior, let your beardie “catch” it at the end of a session and reward him with a treat.

10. Penn-Plax Lizard Lounger

Our final option, Penn-Plax Lizard Lounger, is a well-crafted climbable lounger that any dragon will enjoy. 

Your beardie will love the feel of its 100% natural seagrass fiber when climbing up and down it.

The strong, durable suction cups ensure there aren’t many limits about its placement, as well. 

You won’t have any issues finding an ideal spot for this climbing lounger in your beardie’s tank. 

Physical Attributes

  • Handcrafted from 100% natural seagrass fiber
  • Equipped with four suction cups
  • Attaches onto glass or acrylic terrarium walls
  • Rectangle-shaped design
  • Natural, rough texture feel 


  • 29″ L x 7″ W x 3″ H 


Durable suction cupsNot suitable for baby dragons
Easy to move from location to locationAlso not suitable for XL dragons
Fresh, leather smell
Suitable hammock-style resting place
Ideal fit for dragons who love climbing

How it Compare to Others and Why

This bearded dragon hammock will perfectly adapt to most tanks. As a result, both you and your dragon should end up happy with its placement in the tank.

Dragons seem to love using it as a resting place, too, which is another excellent trait. It’s easily one of the best-bearded dragon gifts that an owner could buy. 

Expert Tips

  • Make sure to “wash soiled areas by hand with hot water.”

Toys for Bearded Dragons FAQs

Why do bearded dragons need toys?

Bearded dragons need toys, such as hammocks or crinkly balls, to entertain themselves inside their tanks. Plus, toys offer a way to play with your beardie, which helps “stimulate them and build a bond.

What kind of toys do bearded dragons play with?

Bearded dragons do best with toys, which give them “exercise without being pressured.” In other words, your chosen toys should encourage physical activity and offer mental stimulation. Some excellent examples would be a ping pong ball, hammock, cat ball, cave enclosures, crinkly toy balls, a laser pointer, and crinkly paper.

Are toys really good for bearded dragons?

Yes, toys are endlessly helpful when owning a bearded dragon. These products represent a way to play with them and offer a great deal of mental stimulation and exercise. You want to provide physical stimulation and better their mental health as it “can prolong the life and health of an animal.


I hope our discussions about toys for bearded dragons made your buying choice more straightforward. But if you have any questions, feel free to use our comment section. Thanks for reading!

Our Top Pick/Recommendation

I’d have to recommend going with PamperedLizards Bearded Dragon Toy Balls. These products offer the ability to encourage exercise with an effective incentive.

You can’t ask for much more when searching for a bearded dragon toy. 


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bearded dragon on top of a wood

What are your favorite toys for bearded dragons? Share with us below!

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