Walking a Bearded Dragon: How to Do it Properly (Safety Tips)

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Walking a bearded dragon in or out of your home can be a difficult task if you are new to pets. 

I got myself a beardie last year and just like any other pets, beardies need frequent activity levels for a healthy life

I did extensive research and spent hours talking to vets and other pet reptile owners who gave me useful information.

Here’s all you need to know.

Can You Walk a Bearded Dragon?

walking bearded dragon

I found it extremely difficult to take my beardie on walks in the beginning. However, through my experience of owning a beardie, I can say that you can definitely take it on a walk.

You need to put a leash on your beardie before going out for a walk. But, in the beginning, I did not know how to put on a bearded dragon leash.

Although, with time and practice in handling a beardie, it became easy for me to put my beardie on a leash and take it outside for walks.

I found this video really helpful. It shows you how to put a harness on a beardie.

Can Bearded Dragons Walk Around the House?

At times, your beardie needs some time out of its tank. It is completely safe to let them walk around the house if you do not have other pets in the house, like cats or dogs.

Cats can certainly pose danger to your beardie due to their predator instincts. Hence, it’s best to let your beardie walk around the house only under controlled surroundings. 

You can do this by having a separate room just to let your pet lizard roam around. This will help them explore their surroundings.

Make sure that your beardie is under your watch and do not leave it alone for long durations. This will eliminate any dangers that could turn out to be fatal for your pet reptile.

You can make the experience a little more playful by using laser pointers. 

Make sure you are gentle on your beardie while handling it. Research performed by VR. Stockley of the University of Lincoln revealed that longer durations of handling pet reptiles resulted in slightly aggravated anxiety levels. [1]

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Can Bearded Dragons Walk on the Pavement?

You can take your beardie out for a walk on the pavement. This triggers mental stimulation and will help your beardie keep away from potential health issues.

Going on regular walks with your beardie for short periods of time can be amazing as they might not always like to stay in a domestic setting.

However, there are some rules to keep in mind before you let your beardie out of the house. 

But look at this speedster go!

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What Not To Do When Walking With A Bearded Dragon: Safety Tips

First, make sure that the temperature outside is favorable for your beardie. An extremely hot or cold climate can be highly distressing for a bearded dragon, resulting in an increased body temperature.

The temperature range that is beast for beardies is 75 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit according to the vets at Birds & Exotics Veterinary Clinic. But they should be allowed move out of the hotter temperature when they choose. [2]

Temperature Check 

You should always check the temperature of the pavement before stepping out. This will avoid any risk of burns on your beardie’s claws. 

Staying Safe From Wild Insects

poisonous insect laying around

Some active lizards might eat wild insects, bugs, or leaves and fall ill. Avoid taking your beardie to forest areas and surroundings that usually have poisonous insects. 

Even if it’s an adult dragon, make sure they do not ingest any poisonous insects. This will also let you have peace of mind that your beardie won’t get sick.

Keeping Your Beardie Calm

Once you reach the pavement, let the beardie adapt to its new environment. Beardies are commonly known for their calm and sensitive nature among other pet reptiles. 

Although coming out of their natural environment might make your reptile friend a little tense. If you detect any discomfort or signs of stress, you should immediately put it back into its tank. 

This video gives you tips on how to walk your pet for bearded dragon owners.

How Do I Get My Bearded Dragon To Walk?

Pet reptiles love to be in their natural habitat. Although, it is essential to take them on walks once in a while.

Once you are ready to step out, use a harness and a leash on your bearded lizard. This will help you catch your beardie if it tries to run away in confusion or fear. 

Some beardies do not like putting on a harness. This is a natural behavior, and you can change it by gradually training your beardie so that it gets comfortable with a harness.

If you own a baby beardie, be gentle and take special care while putting a leash on it.

Here’s a great video that shows bearded dragon can be walked.

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How to Make a Bearded Dragon Leash

It is possible to make your own leash for your beardie. One idea is to use a piece of soft but durable fabric and make holes for your pet’s lets to slip through. You can then attach a leash to the top.

This video shows you how to make a bearded dragon leash.

 When walking a bearded dragon start by going slowly and taking baby steps. Beardies are different from other pets. At first, they might not want to walk at all. This is because they are not used to leaving their normal environment.

With time, your beardie will get used to the leash and will enjoy short walks with you.

The best thing about pet reptiles is they do not need daily walks. You can take your beardie out for a walk once a week. The average duration of the walk should not exceed 20 – 30 minutes.

FAQs About Bearded Dragon Walking

How often should you let your bearded dragons out?

calendar date

You should let your beardie out of the cage at least once a day. They also love to walk outside the house once a week.

Do beardies run away from you?

Even though beardies are usually calm and affectionate towards their owners, they might run away from you if they sense danger or get anxious.

Can you bring beardies with you on a walk in a pet backpack?

Yes, you can bring beardies in a pet backpack for a walk. Make sure the backpack is ventilated, and your beardie feels comfortable inside it.

How much exercise does a beardie need?

Being a pet lizard, your beardie does not need daily exercise. It’s best to take them on short walks once a week. The walk should last no more than half an hour.


Walking a bearded dragon might sound difficult at first. As a pet owner, you have to be extremely cautious about your little friend. One of the biggest fears of most pet owners is seeing their pet fall sick.

Keep that in mind when bearded dragon walking. However, it is also important for you to enjoy the journey of watching your beardie grow into a healthy and affectionate pet. 

How Do I Get My Bearded Dragon To Walk

Are you ready to walk your bearded dragon? Please share with us what your thoughts are down below!


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