How to Make a Bearded Dragon Leash (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Want to make a DIY bearded dragon (1) leash but not sure where to start? Welcome on board!

Science proves that heat and UV light (2) are essential metabolic needs of bearded dragons, and that’s an important reason to take them outdoors.

Using these leashes is a smart way to control your bearded dragon’s movements (3) when they’re outside their terrarium.

A fantastic feature of these reptile leashes is that you can make them yourself with simple steps we’ll reveal to you in a bit.

What Do You Need to Make Bearded Dragon Leash?

To make your bearded dragon leash and harness, here are the materials you’ll need:

1. Paracord

a bunch of paracords

There’s no leash without a cord. Even if it’s a piece of fabric, you’ll need some material that can effectively serve as a cord. 

The best material in this instance is the paracord. The paracord is a light material with high tensile, making it durable and fit for use as a leash for your pet. 

A paracord length of 6-10 feet is ideal for a bearded dragon harness. If you have to use a leather material for your cord, materials of the same length will be a perfect choice.

However, it would help if you avoid using just any soft leather or even handmade leather, except if you’re satisfied that the material is turgid and durable enough. A soft rope is not a great idea and should be avoided.

Prioritize using an adjustable rope to give your animal friend the needed comfort.

2. Pony Beads

a bunch of pony beads

If your pet is a full-grown bearded dragon, you’ll need pony beads to regulate the tightness of the leash. 

This is probably the most active your pet can be at this growth stage, much unlike baby bearded dragons. As you may have found out, an older dragon is an adventurous dragon.

You can also switch things up by using decorative beads with matching colors with your bearded dragon clothes. There are various color options to give your beardie that suave look! 

3. A Pair of Scissors

pair of scissors

You’ll need a good pair of scissors for this project. Whatever the size, your pair of scissors should be sharp enough to cut through the thickness of the paracord without fraying its edges.

Whether your cord is a soft material, handmade leather, or any material at all, a pair of scissors should be able to cut through it effortlessly. 

If you use the type of scissors that ends up destroying the cut edge of the paracord, you may not like the result. In the best case, it will ultimately diminish the paracord’s durability.

Now that you have the materials you need let’s go over the steps together.

Steps To Follow For Making a Bearded Dragon Leash

The following steps will teach you how to make a bearded dragon leash: 

1. Cut the Cord Into the Appropriate Length

cutting a cord

Your height will determine how long the cord will be. It would be best to keep the cord length at 1.5 feet less than your height.

Also, remember that you’ll need to double the length of the cord, so it would help to keep this in mind when cutting. If you’re 6 ft tall, you’ll need a cord that is not less than 9 ft long.

2. Insert the Beads

inserting a bead into a string

After cutting the appropriate cord length, the next thing to do is to double up the cord. You should have two equal lengths of the cord lying next to each other, running through two ends.

There’ll be a looped end and a loose double end. Insert three beads through the loose ends and move them towards the looped end. 

The beads should be about 5 inches from each other, with the closest bead to the looped end being approximately 5-6 inches from the end. 

3. Run the Loosed End Through the Loop

Take the loose end of your paracord and run it through the looped end. Keep pulling the open end through until you have one bead outside the loop with two beads inside the loop. 

4. Close Up the Loop

Of the two beads inside the loop, take the one closest to the looped end and slide it towards it until it closes up the loop. Now, you already have your dog harness.

The circle formed by this closed loop will serve as the passage for the dragon head. The bead outside the loop will also help keep the loop from loosening as the body moves.

5. Tie Up the Handle

After creating a perfect loop, the next part of the leash to work on is the handle. Start feeding in beads through the two loose ends. 

It is best to put in as many beads as possible. The more beads you have, the stronger the handle will be. 

You can also determine how far apart you want the beads to be. After putting in as many beads as you want, note the position of the last five beads, and run the loose ends through the beads on opposite sides up to the position of the fifth bead. 

You can then tie the knot with whatever style you prefer.

6. Try Putting In Your Bearded Dragon

carrying a bearded dragon

This step is the final and easiest part of the process. However, it’s the most crucial step as you need to be sure that you know how to put your beardie into the leash you’ve just made. 

There’s a central part of the circle formed by the closed loop. That’s where your bearded dragon’s head (4) will go through. 

There’s also a space between the two cords forming the circle. The dragon’s front legs will be in that space between the cords. 

You can now adjust the loop using the beads within the circle for a firm but comfortable grip on the bearded dragon. The closest bead outside the circle can be pushed closer to keep your cute dragon firm within the loop.

Remember that creating an adjustable leash is a perfect option for your pet friend.

According to pet expert Sydney Herndon (5), “due to their desert-dwelling nature, bearded dragons require a specific light intensity level to stay active and have optimal vision.”

A bearded dragon leash is not one of your regular animal accessories. It is an excellent choice to keep your dragon active and safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

For more details, you can check our guide on how to put a leash on a bearded dragon.

Check the video below for further guides: 

FAQs About Bearded Dragon Leash 

Can you walk a bearded dragon? 

woman showing an approve sign

Can you walk a bearded dragon?
Yes, you can walk a bearded dragon. However, you’ll also need to be very alert as they can be preyed upon by predators (6), including birds and even domestic animals like dogs and cats. This is also why you need a harness to keep your beardie from danger.

How long does it take for bearded dragons to get used to a leash? 

It might take some weeks to get your bearded dragon used to a leash. These animals are calm and non-aggressive, and they love to be handled. 

Are bearded dragons poisonous? 

person thinking

Bearded dragons do not produce venom that can harm humans. The venomous secretion they produce paralyzes small prey animals around them, such as harmful insects.


I have shown you how to make your DIY bearded dragon leash. Do well to practice and implement these tips. Not only will you keep your beardie active and safe (7), you’d see your bearded dragon will love you for it!

How to Make a Bearded Dragon Leash

Please let us know what you think about how to make a DIY bearded dragon leash down in the comments!


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