Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets? (+ Best Options for Them)

Do bearded dragons like blankets? That will inevitably crop up in the mind of any new bearded dragon owner.

Beardies respond differently to different things, and blankets aren’t an exception. No one knows what reaction to expect from them.

I had the same questions when I bought my first beardie. If you are at a crossroads on whether to get your beardie a blanket, you are at the right place. 

I’ll provide the answers to your blanket queries and even suggest some suitable blankets. 

Let’s dive in.

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Best Blankets for Bearded Dragons at a Glance

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bearded dragon cozy blanket
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The dragon design and name.
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Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets And Other Soft Things?

beardie in a cage

Bearded dragons love blankets. But do bearded dragons love soft things? Of course, they do. But the reasons they love them will surprise you.

Humans love cuddling inside a blanket for its warmth. It isn’t the same for beardies, though. Most scientists would chuckle at using fleece blankets to keep a cold-blooded animal warm.

Veterinary doctors Rick Axelson and Laurie Hess of the VCA Animal Hospitals say beardies need an external heat source in their cages to stay warm (1).

The environmental temperature directly influences such animals’ internal temperature. Therefore, a warm blanket wouldn’t do much for a beardie’s body heat.

While most beardie owners would want to think that their pet reptiles need a blanket, that isn’t the case. Cold-blooded animals have no use for blankets when trying to keep warm. 

University of Rochester Associate professor Michael Welt stumbled upon a simple explanation for why cold-blooded animals didn’t need a blanket (2).

He says cold-blooded animals don’t need blankets to keep warm because their body produces a unique protein that combats the cold environmental changes.

Sure, you can get a bearded dragon towel for your reptile if you fancy it. But your beardie doesn’t need a blanket to stay warm since the blanket doesn’t qualify as an external heat source.

It might need the blanket for another reason, though. Beardies love soft and fuzzy blankets for the comfort they provide. But that isn’t always the case for all of them.

If you have a bearded dragon and want to get it a blanket, do so. It won’t help keep the animal warm, but your beardie will love the comfort it brings.

3 Reasons Why Beardies Like Blankets

We have established a blanket won’t keep your beardie warm. But your beardie buddy might grow to love the blankets as much as you do.

See how comfortable this beardie looks in his blanket.

What makes a beardie like a blanket?

1. Blankest Comfort Them

Blankets have the reptiles in beardie dreamland fast because they are comfortable. Most beardies appreciate something soft to chill on, and a blanket offers that.

So warm fuzzy blankets are a welcome addition for any beardie since they add a touch of comfort.

Beardies love such blankets, especially when you cover them and add a warm water bottle to keep the reptile warm.

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2. Nap Time Is Better with Blankets

 Dragons love to take naps in blankets. Blankets give them a place to hide and sleep. Beardies have strange sleeping behavior and so don’t be surprised when you see them hide in the blankets to sleep.

3. Blankets Make them Feel Safe and Secure.

According to Britannica, chemoreception is how animals sense danger or events in their environment by smell (3).

Using a blanket helps make the beardie feel more comfortable since it can smell familiar smells and be at ease. So, your beardie could love the blanket for the familiarity it provides.

Beardies can recognize artificial odors, which could cause aggression in the form of biting (4). So, it’s safe to say a beardie can bite a blanket if it doesn’t recognize the smell.

Male dragons will sometimes bite the blanket since that’s what they would do to a female when mating (5).

Blankets For Bearded Dragons: Safety Tips!

Okay, we know beardies love blankets and would enjoy a covering. But are there circumstances that could backfire?

Let’s look at how to use blankets on your pet safely.

Is it Okay to Blanket a Beardie?

It is okay to blanket a beardie if the reptile enjoys it. However, the dragon blanket should be safe for use. How do you even know if a dragon blanket is safe, though?

The type of material is the foremost thing to consider regarding the safety of a dragon blanket.

Safe Blanket Types/Materials for Bearded Dragons

In the wild, beardies don’t have the luxury of a blanket. Since they live mainly in xeric woodlands (6), they also don’t have any use for blankets for comfort.

Captive beardies don’t care about the type of blanket you get them. They’ll be fine with a polyester, fleece, or cotton blanket as long as it’s soft and offers them the comfort they crave.

Unless the blankets contain traces of gravel or sand, any brand should be safe to use. Sand and gravel are a possible cause of gastrointestinal impaction and shouldn’t come close to your dragon (6).  

I’ve seen some dragons that loved their knitted blankets and wouldn’t sleep without them. Sometimes you can see your beardie hide under the heater blanket you bought.

While there isn’t a scientific explanation for this, it could be because the dragon wants to nap there. The blanket could also be an avenue to escape the spotlight and have some me-time. 

Some can use human blankets, with some as young as five months wanting to be tucked in before they sleep, as you can see from this Reddit conversation. It seems even baby beardies love some warmth.

Benefits of Blankets

Do you know that besides the beardies loving the blankets, there are other reasons to use blankets? If you didn’t, then the below benefits should change your mind.

1. They Will Nap Better

As you already know, beardies love to hide to take a nap. Using a blanket will help them nap better and avoid too many disruptions in their sleep.

2. After Their Bath

Blankets can act as a Sort of Towel after showering the beardie. Beardies need showers for more than hygiene. They also need them to boost moisture retention.

So, it won’t hurt to use the blanket as a towel and tidy its hide after dipping your dragon in water.

3. To Retain Heat from a Heat Source

Though blankets can’t keep a beardie warm, they can help them retain heat from a heat source. So, you can cover your beardie with a blanket when heat source such as a hot water bottle.

The blanket will help the beardie retain heat better.

Other Considerations When a Bearded Dragon Uses a Blanket

When using a blanket in the bearded dragon’s cage, you’ll need to uphold the highest hygiene standards. The RSPCA advises owners to use easy-to-clean materials in the dragon enclosures (7). 

That applies to the blankets too. 

If the dragon poops on the blanket, clean it up as soon as possible. Dirt in the cage or enclosure could cause the growth of fungi and bacteria that could cause infections.

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What Do Bearded Dragons Like to Sleep On?

What do bearded dragons love to sleep on? Is it a soft blanket-like material? Beardies can sleep on different things. But the below are the most common.

1. Ceramic Tiles

According to the RSCPA, dragons need something hard to sleep on (7). Such surfaces are easier to clean and maintain a high level of hygiene. Ceramic tiles are popular because they are cheap and easy to clean.

One problem with tiles is they need a constant heat source for your dragon. Ceramic tiles get cold fast.

2. Newspapers

Newspapers are an excellent bedding material for dragons since they make cleaning the cage easier. All you have to do with newspapers is replace them each time the beardie soils them.

There are also fewer chances the dragon will eat the newspapers (6). You can be sure there won’t be any adverse reactions, even if it does swallow them.

3. Paper Towels

Paper towels are another safe for use dragon bedding since they make cleaning easier. Replacing the towels once dirty is easier than cleaning and restoring some bedding into the beardie enclosure.

4. Reptile Carpet

IN THEIR DRAGON CARE HANDBOOK, the NC State Veterinary hospital recommends using reptile carpets since they are also hard to eat (8).

But then reptile carpets can be pretty stiff. That begs the question, do bearded dragons need a soft place to sleep? No, they don’t. Neither do they need it to be that hard, hence why reptile carpets are still ideal sleeping places.

Best Blankets for Bearded Dragons

There are many options to choose from for the best-bearded dragon blankets. When I was helping my friend get some for her beardies, we came across many blankets. 

The below were our favorites.

1. Bearded Dragon Blanket Set

bearded dragon blanket

This cozy fleece-lined duvet caught my attention for the soft touch. It feels incredibly soft to the touch, and as you can recall, beardies love soft things.

That’s why my friend and I thought it would be the perfect blanket for her beardie.

Why We Liked This Blanket

  • Easy to clean since its machine washable
  • Soft and super comfy
  • Handmade with the best quality stitching
  • It comes with a Bed and is ideal for brumation

Drawbacks of the bearded Dragon Blanket Set

  • It can fade if hand washed regularly

2. Seaphane Bearded Dragon Bed with Blanket

bearded dragon blanket

This is a machine washable dragon blanket of the highest quality. It is made from high-quality, durable material that should last your dragon a long time.

The polar fleece used to make it is soft and comfortable for any dragon. The blanket comes with a bed and is in a sleeping bag design to offer the best hiding place for your dragon.

Why We Liked This Blanket

  • The sleeping bag design is perfect for hiding
  • It is machine washable and thus easy to clean
  • It comes with a bed 

Drawbacks of the Seaphane Dragon Blanket

  • Handwashing can easily damage the seams
Bearded Dragon Bed with Pillow and Blanket, Reptile Accessories, Small Pet Animal Hide Habitat Shelter, Solf Fabric Warm Sleeping Bag with Cover for Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Lizard
  • 🦎【High Quality Material】: The lizard sleeping bedding and pillow are made of durable and breathable canvas that are filled with PP cotton. And the blanket is made of polar fleece, which touch soft and warm. he stitches of sleeping bag are are tight and not loose.comfy to use, washable and reusable, not easy to fade or tear, and it will not scratch your little pets. It will provides your reptile a comfortable place to have a good sleep or rest.
  • 🦎【Sleeping Bag Design for Reptile】SLEEPING BAG DESIGN:The reptile sleeping bag has been designed much like a sleeping bag. it is a little roll up quilted mattress with pillow and a blanket attached fixed at all corner to leave a gap for the tail to stretch.Pillow with Velcro can be easily fixed and removed according to needs, which is convenient for the bearded dragon to rest and play and is not easy to fall off.
  • 🦎【Lizard Habitat Hideout with Cactus Pattern】The reptile habitat sleep bag is design with cactus pattern that is very cute , looking beautiful & warm. The bedding will be a great decor for your lovely Lizard habitat.
  • 🦎【Sleep Pouch is Easy to Clean】The sleepy bed for bearded dragon is washable by hand and machine with quick dry feature. And the sleep bag with pillow can be scrubbed repeatedly and durable.
  • 【Best gift for your bearded dragon】The gecko bed shape is rectangular. The length is 33cm/13”. The width is 21cm/8.47”,Provide a shelter for your Beardie, and he will feel more secure, less stress and stronger immune systems.

3. Ubby Bearded Dragon Blanket

bearded dragon cozy blanket

A blanket for your dragon, a dragon design, and your pet’s name on the blanket, who wouldn’t want such a blanket? This 19 by 19-inch blanket is super warm, soft, and entirely handmade with fuzzy fleece material.

Depending on the size of your dragon, you can get a larger blanket with dimensions that correspond to it. It will still have the name on it. I couldn’t find anything wrong with this blanket!

Why We liked This Blanket

  • The dragon design and name.
  • It is soft, fuzzy, and super comfortable
  • It is well crafted

Drawbacks of the Ubby Dragon Blanket

  • It is susceptible to fading with regular washing

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Do bearded dragons like to cuddle?

Yes. Bearded dragons love to cuddle, especially if they have a warm blanket to do cuddle in.

How do I entertain my bearded dragon?

There are many ways to entertain a dragon. One of the best is getting toys for bearded dragons. There are many different toys you can consider for your dragon.


Do bearded dragons like blankets? Oh yes, they do. But the blankets aren’t to make them warm but rather a source of comfort. Get your dragon a blanket and see how much it will enjoy hiding in there as it sleeps.

Use the options we have provided and if you have better options, share them with us below.

bearded dragon lying on a soft blanket

Does your beaded dragon like blankets? Please share with us below!


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