The 5 Best Bearded Dragon Beds for Your Pet [Review]

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Do you need help finding the best bearded dragon bed? It’s a search that many beardie owners undergo, including myself.

After all, I want my beardie to have all the stuff you need for a bearded dragon while making him as comfortable as possible inside his cage habitat.

I imagine anyone reading this article wants the same thing. So I created a comprehensive guide to help you find the best bed for your bearded dragon.

Read on, and your beardie will soon have a new favorite sleeping spot!

Don’t have time? Check this comparison table of our favorites!

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5 Best Beds for Bearded Dragons

My research into bearded dragon beds led me to five standout options. Each choice would have no problem being an ideal sleeping area for your beardie.

As for the selection process, I based my research on several metrics. Here’s a quick look at the complete list to show you how I formed it:

  • Size and weight
  • Safety of the design
  • Comfort level
  • Durability
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Value of cost
  • Heat conduction rate
  • Style and color choices

Since you’ve now got a handle on the selection process, let’s look at the top choices. I’m confident one of these beds will be perfect for your beardie’s needs!

#1 Winner: Penn-Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger

The Penn-Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger is an excellent way to this list. Its handwoven design from seagrass fiber provides a top-tier design and features anyone would love.

For instance, most other beds offer little versatility. But this one has proven to be a practical hammock for almost any lizard.

Your beardie will also love the comfort it provides with its usage of seagrass fiber. They will love laying on it during their various sleeping sessions.

I can’t imagine anyone will complain about this option’s effect on a beardie’s skin. It’ll offer them a safe place to rub off shedding skin when the time arrives.

The included suction cups allow you to set this bed up at any height. So I can easily see it fitting perfectly alongside my dragon’s other bearded dragon climbing toys.

Furthermore, this hammock couldn’t be easier to assemble. Penn-Plax did an excellent job crafting a product that even inexperienced beardie owners could use and adore.

I was disappointed by this option not being machine washable. But its other benefits make this one flaw worth it for any bearded dragon owner.

Features & Attributes

  • Styles: Extra Large, Extra-Extra Large, Large Corner Triangle, Small Corner Triangle, Sun Lover, and Vine Backdrop
  • Hammock design (some types include a ladder)
  • Made from 100% natural seagrass fiber
  • Three 2.5″ suction cups included
  • Adjustable mounting system


  • 3.25 x 20 x 17 inches
  • 11.8 Ounces

Pros & Cons of the Penn-Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger

Usable in various enclosures and terrariumsNon-machine washable
Peak comfort via handwoven seagrass material
Encourages healthy skin and shedding
Versatile design suits any height placement
Easy to assemble

How it Compares to Others

The handwoven design gives it a massive head start on most other options. It shows the company cared about crafting this bearded dragon hammock.

Meanwhile, it’s hard not to love its overall versatility. It’ll have no problem working in almost any enclosure or terrarium without issue.

Expert Tips

It’s recommended to spot-clean this bed using a water and vinegar mixture. Most people have found a hair dryer works wonders to dry it after spot cleaning.

What influencers say about this:

This reviewer adored everything about the Penn-Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger. But he was mainly shocked by the fact it worked.

Where to Buy:

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#2 Most Stylish Bed: ADOGGYGO Reptile Bearded Dragon Hammock

Looking to give your beardie’s tank some personality? ADOGGYGO’s Reptile Bearded Dragon Hammock multi-colored design has you more than covered.

Features & Attributes

  • Hammock design
  • Made from high-quality fabric
  • Attachment metal rings
  • Multi-color scheme
  • Three suction cups included
  • Machine washable


  • 15.7” x 15.7” x 19.7”

Pros & Cons of ADOGGYGO Reptile Bearded Dragon Hammock

Stylish design via multi-color patternLack of size options
Easy to clean with machine-washable material
Durable fabric constructionThe suction cup quality could be better
Easy to install on various tanksMetal attachment rings prone to rusting
Heightened placement encourages more exercise

How it Compares to Others

This hammock’s color and easy cleaning process are its main benefits. However, I also was delighted by its placement versatility.

You could place this reptile hammock anywhere in a tank without issue. It’s a rather convenient choice for a bearded dragon bed.

Expert Tips

Keep the metal attachment rings away from any water source. Otherwise, rusting could become an issue.

Here’s an excellent video about how to make burnt suction cups effective again.

It’ll help the included suction cups reach their potential.

What influencers say about this

One amazon reviewer couldn’t get over the hammock’s beautiful colors and massive size.

Where to Buy:

#3 Most Adorable Design: JanYoo Bearded Dragon Habitat Bed

Adorable doesn’t do enough justice to JanYoo’s Bearded Dragon Habitat Bed. In fact, there isn’t a cuter beardie bed available than this one.

Features & Attributes

  • Sizes: Small, Large, and X-Large
  • Styles: Giraffe, Pig, Panda, Elephant, Crocodile, Koala, Bee, and Reindeer
  • Hideout design
  • Made from high-precision cotton and velvet materials
  • Removable pillow case
  • Anti-slip bottom


  • 9.06″L x 8.27″W x 5.91″Th (Large)

Pros & Cons of JanYoo Bearded Dragon Habitat Bed

Adorable style choicesSizes are a bit misleading (X-large is appropriate for adult beardies)
Simple to clean via machine washing (must be put into laundry bag)Durability concerns with stitching
Astonishingly soft, comfortable materialRequires frequent washing, about every two weeks
Cozy, warm bed/hiding spot
Easy to enter and exit for animals

How it Compares to Others

Of course, it’s easy to get sucked into the cute design choices. But I also must praise this product’s comfortable surface material.

This aspect was noted several times in other customer reviews. Beardies seem to really enjoy sleeping inside this cozy, warm bed.

Expert Tips

Anyone who feels there needs to be more room in this hideout bed can remove the bottom piece. It’ll make the bed less snug but create more space inside.

Check out the video on its ad page to see how to remove this bottom piece properly.

What influencers say about this:

This YouTube reviewer was thrilled about how it was the perfect size for their bearded dragon.

Where to Buy:

#4 Easiest to Use: ISMARTEN Bearded Dragon Sleeping Bag Set

The ISMARTEN Sleeping Bag Set is a solid bed choice for any beardie owner. Its easy-to-use design and breathable fabric will ensure your beardie gets his 8 to 12 hours.

Features & Attributes

  • Colors: Blue, Green, and Orange
  • Sleeping bag, modular design
  • Made from soft cloth and filled with sponge material
  • Removable pillow
  • Cactus pattern on the interior mat
  • Machine washable


  • 13” x 8.5”

Pros & Cons of ISMARTEN Bearded Dragon Sleeping Bag Set

Simple design with no complicated installation or assemblyLacks sizing options
Ideal for usage inside or outside a beardie’s tank
Effortless washing and maintainCloth pieces could be more durable
Large interior for comfortable, roomy sleeping
Usable for various reptiles

How it Compares to Others

Simplicity is the name of this bed’s game. After all, everything about this option is made to make your life easier and your beardie more comfortable.

Expert Tips

You can either hand wash or machine wash this bed. Both have proven effective at even dealing with the occasional beardie poop incident.

What influencers say about this:

This YouTube reviewer couldn’t get enough of the cute cactus pattern.

I can’t blame him, given how much I love it.

Where to Buy:

#5 Most Private Choice: MRREPTILE Bearded Dragon Tent

MRREPTILE’s Bearded Dragon Tent offers your beardie a private and cozy place to catch some z’s. They won’t have to worry about their owners ruining any sleeping sessions anymore.

Features & Attributes

  • Color options (only available at Walmart): Blue, Green, and Orange
  • Handmade tent design
  • Made from canvas and safe lining material
  • Cactus pattern
  • Foldable and machine washable
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Wooden dowels were included to hold up the tent


  • 12” x 8”

Pros & Cons of MRREPTILE Bearded Dragon Tent

Provides top-tier privacy and shelterWooden dowels could be more reliable
Good sizing for adult beardiesProne to collapse when under pressure (not a safety concern)
Suitable for various animals (leopard gecko, hamster, etc.)No available size options
Encourages comfort with breathable fabric
Simple to store, use, and wash

How it Compares to Others

The provided solidarity alone makes this tent worth consideration. However, it also offers solid sizing and breathable fabric for top-tier comfort.

But it does have a habit of collapsing a little bit. Owners don’t need to be overly worried, though, as it won’t fall on their beardies.

Expert Tips

I’d recommend crafting some DIYbeams if you’re concerned about the collapsing issue. It won’t be too tricky, as you just need to ensure it fits into the tent’s slits.

It would be best if you also took a few seconds to look at the video on this product’s ad page.

It’ll explain how most beardies will approach this lovable tent.

What influencers say about this:

A few Amazon reviewers were pleasantly surprised by the fabric’s thickness. It’s a valuable quality as it’ll help cultivate an excellent sleeping environment.

Where to Buy:

Things To Consider When Choosing Beds For Bearded Dragons

Buying a bed for a bearded dragon requires a sizable amount of research. In other words, several key factors are essential when making a final decision.

But there’s no need to worry about the process becoming overwhelming. Instead, I’ll walk you through each consideration in the following discussions.

In doing so, selecting a high-quality bearded dragon bed will become effortless. 

#1 Do Bearded Dragons Need a Bed?

It’s vital to identify why your bearded dragon would need a bed. Basically, it boils down to these creatures needing a soft and warm place to sleep.

A high-quality bearded dragon bed would meet these qualities with ease. My beardie has used and adored his bed since I got him one.

Of course, a bed isn’t the only option for a bearded dragon’s sleeping place. Some owners use a soft blanket or pillow to create a toasty and safe sleeping environment (1).

But a comfortable bed with a heating pad warming it up is the best bet. This setup has continued to work wonders with every beardie I own.

#2 Safe Design

Bearded dragon owners must be careful about everything in their pet’s enclosure. Beds aren’t any different, as poorly suited ones can cause safety issues.

For instance, beds with easily shredded fabric are very dangerous. The shredded pieces can get logged in their mouths and digestive systems, leading to blockages.

In particular, “impaction is a common clinical problem of captive bearded dragons“(2). So beardie owners should do what it takes to prevent it from occurring.

You’ll also want to avoid beds with sharp edges or metal components. As you can imagine, both situations represent serious safety issues.

Avoiding these concerns easily is done by reading other customers’ reviews. Your fellow pet owners will alert you to any safety concerns with the bed.

#3 Ease of Cleaning

Only buy a bearded dragon bed that allows for easy cleaning. Trust me; I once bought one without an easily washed design, and it made my life a nightmare.

As a result, I always recommend buying one made from machine-washable materials. It makes everything so much easier when an accident occurs, or water spills onto the bed.

Furthermore, it’s a godsend if the enclosure gets infested with mites or fungus (3). You can throw the bed in the washer, and you’re back in business.

#4 Comfort Level

No bed is worth buying if it can’t provide your beardie with excellent comfort. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure the bedding is soft and comfortable before putting it into the cage.

Otherwise, there’s a high risk of your beardie never using the bed. It’ll end up defeating the entire purpose of buying one in the first place.

The bed also needs to be easy on your beardie’s feet. Basically, it shouldn’t hurt or be uncomfortable to walk on for them.

#5 Price

You can expect bearded dragon beds to vary significantly in their price. Creating a budget based on my preferred features can help deal with the variation.

For example, I want a machine-washable bed for my beardie. This feature will increase a bed’s price, so I need to include that in my budget.

I can then use the budget to lessen my available options to a more manageable level. This process has helped me so much whenever I’m buying pet-related products.

#6 How Well Does The Bed Conduct Heat?

Any worthwhile bearded dragon bed will have no trouble conducting heat. In doing so, the bed will remain warm and comfy for your beardie.

This aspect is another one where customer reviews come in handy. After reading a few, it should become clear whether it manages to conduct heat well.

#7 Style

Bearded dragon beds are available in various styles and colors. As a result, I’d suggest getting one that matches your beardie’s personality and cage aesthetic.

It would be pretty easy to find one that fits both, too. This marketplace is full of excellent, appealing bed choices for your bearded dragon.

It’s just a simple matter of taking the time to find your perfect option.


#1 How long do bearded dragons sleep?

Bearded dragons will sleep around 8 to 12 hours per day. So in this way, they’re not too much different than humans.

#2 How can I keep my bearded dragon warm at night?

Keeping your beardie warm at night is about having the proper enclosure setup. You should utilize heat mats, tank insulation, ceramic bulbs, and basking rocks for bearded dragons. All these items will help your beardie get through any cold night.

#3 Do Bearded Dragons Sleep With Their Eyes Closed?

Bearded dragons do sleep with their eyes closed. But it’s essential to keep light to a minimum during sleeping hours as beardies are highly light-sensitive.

#4 Can My Bearded Dragon Sleep In My Bed?

Letting a bearded dragon sleep in your bed is not a good idea. They’re much safer inside an enclosure with the right heating equipment and other essentials.

Final Recommendation

The best bearded dragon bed ensures your beardie has a soft, comfy place to rest their body. It’s a crucial piece to crafting a perfect habitat for them.

Now, if I had to recommend one, I’d choose Penn-Plax’s Reptology Lizard Lounger. Its hammock design couldn’t be more suited to keep your beardie happy, healthy, and entertained.

Remember to let me know what you think in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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