5 Best Guinea Pig Wooden Hutch You’ll Love (Review)

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Are you looking for a wooden guinea pig hutch to make your cavies happy and protected them from predators and harsh weather?

As you’ll discover, a guinea pig wooden hutch can be the perfect outdoor enclosure for your cavy, but the trick is finding the right one.

a black and white cavy inside a guinea pig wooden hutch

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help you find the top guinea pig cages!

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Guinea Pig Wooden Hutches Top Picks at a Glance

Check the table below for a side-by-side comparison of our favorites!

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5 Best Guinea Pig Wooden Hutches in 2021 with Reviews 

Guinea pigs are highly energetic and social animals that need plenty of playtime and attention to thrive and be happy.

As pet specialists point out, guinea pig playpens are essential so that your pets can explore, exercise, and bond with you/each other. 

But if you’re planning on letting your guinea pigs have some fun outside, a proper outdoor wood hutch is required.

And that’s where we come to your rescue with our best outdoor guinea pig hutch reviews.

#1 Winner: Wooden Outdoor/Indoor Guinea Pig Coop by Good Life

Good Life has an excellent guinea pig wooden hutch with enough floor space for guinea pigs to thrive.

It’s a great choice for indoor/outdoor use and one of the few outdoor guinea pig cages big enough for more than 1-2 pets. 

Standout Features

  • Premium fir wood
  • Measures 62 x 21 x 37 inches
  • Two floors
  • Eco-friendly varnish
  • Grid fences, a ramp, a sliding door 
  • Removable tray
  • A pitched roof  

Check below why we like Good Life’s wooden pet house so much.

Benefits & Drawbacks at a Glance

Spacious & SturdyShallow trays
Non-toxicA bit smaller than expected
Wood floor is gentle on your guinea pig feet
Easy access for cleaning


It’s spacious and boasts a sturdy, waterproof construction made from natural firm wood. Plus, the thick wire mesh ensures predators can’t get inside. 

All the materials and varnish are non-toxic, which means that your pets won’t get sick if they start chewing on the wood.

The hutch also consists of two tiers with a ramp and a sliding door. That’s great because your pets can have separate living/playing areas and a nook to hide. 

This two-level wooden guinea pig hutch is designed to provide you easy access to the inside, so you can change the bedding, drinking water, and food with minimal effort. 

Since the whole construction is waterproofed, it keeps your guinea pigs dry and healthy, no matter the weather outside.

The removable bottom tray makes cleaning the cage a piece of cake, and the grid fence ensures plenty of airflow to reduce the unpleasant smell


Some feel that the removable trays are too shallow to do a good job and that cleaning isn’t as easy as expected.

A few customers note that the actual living space is a bit smaller than the listed measurements and that it’s not a great choice for rabbits. 

What Makes This Guinea Pig Wooden Hutch Unique? 

  1. One of the biggest advantages of this wooden hutch over the competition is the spacious design with separate living/playing floors and lockable doors.
  2. The ramp also has timber ridges to ensure your guinea pigs don’t slide or fall when climbing up to their resting nest. 
  3. Moreover, the pitched waterproofed roof provides plenty of protection against the elements. Guinea pigs are susceptible to heat and cold, so the right roof is essential to keep them away from direct sunlight and cold temperatures. 

Upgraded Features

The manufacturer has updated the design by switching to plastic trays to make cleaning a bit easier.

However, customers still note that the tray leaks and the surface is hard to scrub. 

Considerations and Tips

  • The wooden hutch requires assembly, but an Amazon reviewer states,” assembly was much easier than I expected.”
  • Some pets might be scared to use the ramp, so you might have to teach them how to use the ramp. 
  • Litter train your guinea pigs to make cleaning easy and remember to select suitable safe bedding and appropriate cage liners. 

#2 Best Budget Pick: Pawhut Guinea Pig House with a Run

If you’re looking for something affordable and easy to assemble, then you should consider this triangle wooden hutch by PetHut.

It’s perfect for 1-2 guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits, or other small animals that need protection from predators and the elements. 

Standout Features

  • Natural fir wood/ steel wire
  • Closed nesting area
  • Triangular shape
  • Measures 45.5″ x 24.25″ x 20.75″
  • Two access doors 

Benefits & Drawbacks at a Glance

Light and easy to move around. No bottom
Easy to cleanPredators can dig to get under it
The enclosed area protects cavies in bad weatherWire is too wide for smaller cavies
Fenced outdoor run for exercise.
Easy to fill bowls through external doors
Designed to protect against predators.


This outdoor hutch is light and easy to move around, allowing you to keep your pets close by.

The portable design and the triangular shape also give you full access to the inside for cleaning and regular maintenance.

It features an enclosed resting area where your piggies can sleep or hide when the weather is bad, while the fenced outdoor run (accessed through a door inside) provides plenty of exercises.

The two external doors ensure you can fill the food bowls and change the bedding without worrying about your cavies escaping. 

Last, but far from least, the thick steel wire and the locks also keep your guinea pigs safe from predators and ensure plenty of ventilation and airflow.  


The biggest issue is that it doesn’t have a bottom. That’s not great because guinea pigs are sensitive to temperatures and shouldn’t exercise on damp surfaces.

Determined predators can also topple the constructive or dig a tunnel to reach your piggies.

Also, according to customer reviews, “the wire is too wide” for some small cavies.

What Makes this Guinea Pig Wooden Hutch Unique?

  1. PawHut’s outdoor guinea pig cage stands out among the competitions with its unique triangular design and portability.
  2. You can place the hutch outside when the weather is nice and get it back inside when the temperatures go down. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your piggies freezing during the winter months. 
  3. This is one of the easiest guinea pig cages to assemble because all you need is a screwdriver. As such, it’s perfect if you’re aren’t DIY handy.

Updated Features

Compared to other cages available from PetHut’s, this wooden hutch with a run isn’t the most spacious model or the richest in features.

However, it’s perfect for owners with limited space, and the wood/steel wire construction is great keeping your guinea pigs cool in summer. 

Still, we’d like to see a wooden base in future models to make the hutch more secure and keep your guinea pigs safe from predators. 

Consideration and Tips

  • Place the wooden hutch in an area that you don’t mind getting dirty and ensure that the surface isn’t too cold for your guinea pig feet. Or place litter mats at the bottom.
  • Apply roofing sealant to prevent wood warping and structural damage.
  • The cage isn’t waterproof, so you’ll need to do some modification if you plan to use it outside on a regular basis. 

#3 Best for Multiple Pets: The Wooden Bunny House for Outdoor/Indoor Pets by Purlove

Purlove has a great guinea pig wooden hutch with an elegant cottage-style design that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

The outdoor guinea pig cage is big enough to house a couple of guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, poultry, or other small animals.  

Standout Features

  • Made from solid wood
  • Metal trays
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Heavy-duty wire
  • Waterproof roof 
  • Measures 62” x 18” x 36.8” 

Benefits and Drawbacks at a Glance

Very spacious and cozyNot chew-proof
Withstands harsh conditions & protects against predatorsThere’s no cover or netting over the pull-out trays.
Sleek design makes every part of the structure easy to access.


It’s spacious with separate living, playing, and sleeping areas.

The upper floor is a cozy nook where your piggies can hide from the rain, wind, or predators and sleep undisturbed in a loud environment.

There’s ample living space all around so that you can teach your guinea pigs to use one part of the house as a bathroom and the other for exercise.

The whole construction is designed to withstand harsh weather and keep your piggies protected from predators, including cats.

Your pets have a ramp connecting the upper and lower floor and a sliding door for easy access.

You can open the weatherproof asphalt roof on the main building, making wooden guinea pig cages easy to clean and maintain.

The hinged roof is also great for allowing your piggies to enjoy the sun. And as an Amazon reviewer states, the hutch is “super cute.” 


The biggest problem is that it’s not chew-proof.

Some customer reviews indicate that the rabbits and other small animals don’t have problems chewing through the wood. 

Since cavies are major chewers, this could be an issue. On the other hand, the wood is thick enough that it would take them a long time to work their way through.

The lack of cover and tray is another major concern.

What Makes This Guinea Pig Wooden Hutch Unique?

  1. Unlike other outdoor wooden guinea pig cages we’ve reviewed, this animal shelter boasts removable metal litter trays, not plastic. That’s great because metal is less likely to get damage by animals’ waste and urine and is less likely to leak and make a mess. The metal pull-out trays also ensure fast cleaning. 
  2. Moreover, the manufacturer has made the roofing with asphalt, which is the best for leak waterproof buildings. 

Updated Features

Compared to other outdoor hutches available from P Purlove, this one impresses with the better locking mechanism for added protection.

Moreover, unlike previous models, this outdoor hutch is raised from the ground and has a solid bottom.

That’s great because small animals are prone to chills, and being close to the ground isn’t good for them.

Considerations and Tips

  • The outdoor guinea pig cage requires assembly, and according to reviewers, you need “2 people and a drill.”
  • Remember to put toys and accessories to enrich your pets’ environment.
  • Some guinea pigs might be reluctant to use the ramp to access the sleeping area. 

#4 Best for Backyards/Gardens: Flyline Garden Window Wooden guinea pig Hutch

Are you looking for a cute guinea pig cage that won’t take much space, then these outdoor/indoor hutches by Flyline won’t disappoint you.

The elegant design and flower box make this animal shelter a great addition to any garden while keeping your household pets safe and sound.

Standout Features

  • Measures 43″ x 31″ x 46″ inches
  • Weatherproof asphalt roof with hinges
  • 2 pull-out trays
  • Lockable doors
  • Fenced bottom area
  • Enclosed upper resting area

Benefits and Drawbacks at a Glance

Weather-resistant and waterproofSome customer reviews indicate that the wood is brittle
Pull-out metal trays make cleaning it a breezeDifficult to assemble due to wood issues
Hinged doors and roof accessDoors and wire aren’t as strong as expected.
Designed to protect against predators


The cute flower box and the garden window aren’t the only reason why this cage makes the top 5 best guinea pig wooden hutches. 

The whole structure is weather-resistant and waterproof to ensure that your pets are warm and dry, no matter the weather conditions. 

You’ve got two metal pull-out trays that slide easily when you need to clean the inside and change the bedding.

The two doors and hinged roof also give you ready access for changing food/water bowls and allow you to clean the inside thoroughly.

The wire mesh and lockable doors also offer plenty of protection against predators and noisy cats. 


Some customer reviews indicate that the wood is brittle, which is an issue all on its own. It also makes assembling the house without damaging the wood hard.

A couple of users also note that the doors and wire aren’t as strong as expected.

What Makes This Guinea Pig Wooden Hutch Unique?

  1. Compared to other guinea pig cages, this wooden hutch impresses us with its adorable look and ample space for exercise.
  2. It’s big enough to house 1-2 guinea pigs, and you can even separate fighting pets by locking the door between the floors.  
  3. The roof also has real shingles, which are great for providing adequate protection, but not so much when cleaning.  

Updated Features

Unlike other pet cages and coops by Flyline, this model has a solid bottom instead of wire, ensuring your pets don’t get too chilly or hurt their feet. 

Moreover, it’s designed to take less space than other models while still providing ample space for exercise.  

Considerations and Tips

  • If you use the flower box, make sure that your pets don’t have access to the plants. Also, check this list of safe guinea pig foods. 
  • The hutch requires some assembly, and the holes are pre-drilled. 

#5 Best Splurge: The Mini Condo by ConcreteworksDesign

Are you looking for something unique to house your guinea pigs, you should consider this handmade outdoor guinea pig cage. 

It boasts a sturdy construction to withstand harsh weather and ample living and exercise space to keep 1-2 piggies happy and healthy. 

Standout Features

  • Handmade
  • Measures 31” x 14” x 21”
  • Metal mesh
  • A locking door
  • A hinged roof

Benefits and Drawbacks at a Glance

Made from waterproof wood to resist weather damage. Harder to clean due to lack of pull-out trays
Spacious two-floor design that’s easy to cleanPricier than other cages
Wire mesh and locking doors to protect piggiesShipping costs extra
Remote-controlled LED lights on each floor

Benefits for Pet Owners

It’s handmade from waterproofed wood to ensure that it won’t warp or crack. Since it’s handmade, you also don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals or vapors.

The hutch is spacious with its two-floor design. You’ve got an enclosed sleeping area on the upper floor along with one more room for toys or accessories.

The bottom level also has plenty of exercise space and room for food and water bowls. You can easily keep your guinea pig entertained. 

The hutch boasts thick wire mesh and a door with locks to keep your guinea pigs safe from potential predators and prevent escape attempts. 

Each floor has LED lights, which are great for checking on your piggies during the night. You can also dim the lights easily with remote control on each floor. 

The roof also opens to give you convenient access to the inside for cleaning. 


You don’t have a pull-out tray for cleaning and maintaining the cage. That means it will take more time to change the bedding and scrub the floor.

Moreover, the cage is more expensive than other guinea pig wooden hutches because it’s handmade. Also, shipping isn’t included in the price. 

What Makes This Guinea Pig Wooden Hutch Unique? 

  1. This outdoor guinea pig hutch differs from similar products with its handmade design, LED lights, and roomy exterior.
  2. Unlike many outdoor guinea pig cages that we’ve tried, this one has a fully enclosed room where your piggies can hide and sleep. As such, you can’t observe your pets without opening the roof. 
  3. Moreover, you can request a custom color and ask the seller to add your pet’s name. 

Updated Features

The seller doesn’t have any other models available for comparison, but we consider that the cage will be easier to clean with a pull-out tray.

Moreover, if you plan to use the cage outside, you’ll have to find a way to elevate it off the ground to keep your household pets dry.

Adding legs or caster wheels will make this model almost perfect. 

Considerations and Tips

  • The seller doesn’t ship internationally, and you’ll have to pay extra for delivery. 
  • The shelter is available in custom colors to match different interiors. 
  • The seller has a quick response time and excellent communication. 

What to Consider When Buying a Guinea Pig Wooden Hutch?

Pet cages and hutches come in so many varieties and models that even experience owners have a hard time picking the best one. 

That’s why we’re going to talk about what you should consider when shopping for the best outdoor guinea pig cage for your piggie. 

#1 Size

Picking the correct cage size is of the utmost importance, no matter what small animals you’re housing.

Lack of adequate exercise space leads to boredom/depression and increases the risk of health issues.

Studies on the use of cage space state, “groups of guinea pigs use very little of the space available to them.

Still, pet specialists recommend at least 7.5 square feet cages for a single guinea pig.

We recommend that you get as large a cage as possible, especially if you’ve got multiple pets.  

#2 Material

Outdoor cages should be weather-resistant and waterproofed to provide optimum protection against the elements. 

Look for cages with asphalted or metal roofs and choose a type of wood that doesn’t warp easily.

The walls should also be thick and feel solid, or your animals will chew through it with ease. 

#3 Pet-Friendly Desing with Predator Protection 

The best guinea pig wooden hutches have a pet-friendly design to ensure no sharp edges or wires that can hurt your pets. 

Moreover, the best cages have protection against predators, such as meshed fences, lockable doors, and an appropriate hiding spot.

Reliable doors are a must, even indoors. Or you might wake up to find your pet running around the house or worse if you have cats. 

#4 Easy to Clean and Assemble

You should clean cages regularly, so you want something easy to scrub or wipe down when the need arises.

Pull-out trays and hinged roofs make cages easy to maintain, but you also want to have full access to the inside.

Most pet houses also require assembly. Depending on how handy you are, that could be a big problem.

We advise that you read the customer reviews to judge how easy it is to assemble the cage. 

#5 Safety

Finally, look at the paint or varnish used on the house.

Toxic paint isn’t good for humans, but guinea pigs are small creatures, and it doesn’t take much to poison them. 

Look for eco-friendly, non-toxic paint and avoid wood that might have been treated with chemicals. 

Best Guinea Pig Wooden Hutches FAQ

How Big Should a Wooden Guinea Pig Cage Be?

Most specialists recommend a 7.5 square feet cage at minimum for a single guinea pig. Two guinea pigs require 10.5 square feet, while three need 13 square feet.
Err on the side of caution and pick a large cage. Guinea pigs are social creatures and do better in packs, so if you get a small cage, you will have to get a bigger one eventually. 

Is It Okay For Guinea Pigs To Chew On Wood?

Yes, it’s normal for your piggies to chew on wood. That’s how guinea pigs wear down their teeth and keep them short. If your guinea pig doesn’t have suitable chews or is bored/depressed, they will chew the wooden hutch’s floor or walls. Ensure you’ve got plenty of suitable toys and plenty of mental stimulation. 

What Kind Of Wood Is Safe For Guinea Pigs? 

Cherry, poplar, fir, oak, apple, linden, and aspen are among the types of wood safe for guinea pigs. Stay away from soft wood with a strong aroma. These are usually very toxic to pets. Cedar and pine are among the most dangerous for guinea pigs since they contain strong phenols and lead to respiratory problems.


Wooden guinea pig hutches are an excellent choice for keeping your pets protected from bad weather, potential predators, and low temperatures.

However, remember that guineapigs need plenty of social interactions and cuddy time to thrive and keep boredom away.

They will enjoy the sun and fresh air but will be miserable if you leave them alone for long.


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  • White, W. J., M. W. Balk, and C. M. Lang. 1989. “Use of Cage Space by Guineapigs.” Laboratory Animals 23 (3): 208–14. https://doi.org/10.1258/002367789780810617.

Final Recommendation

black and white guinea pig inside his guinea pig wooden hutch

What do you think about these 5 best guinea pig wooden hutches? Which one is your favorite? Share your opinion in the comment section. 


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