100 Tough Bearded Dragon Names for Your Strong Pal

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Looking for some really tough bearded dragon names for your little badass?

You’re so in luck, because that happens to be exactly what we’re talking about today!

Listed below are 100 mighty monikers for your tough-as-nails pal.

Let’s dive right in and check them out!

Top 50 Tough Names for Male Bearded Dragons

orange lizard with tough bearded dragon name
  1. Audie: Anyone with a noble strength is known as Audie.
  2. Andrei: This Romanian & Russian name means “strong, manly, & brave.”
  3. Archard: A German name that means “powerful.”
  4. Anax: It is the name for a strong tribal ruler in Greece.
  5. Alcander: The Greeks used this name to describe a strong person.
  6. Boris: In Russia, it means both mighty and small. Just like your beardy!
  7. Baron: A Baron was supposed to safeguard the king.
  8. Badu: Means “strong and robust”
  9. Bradley: It is a US-owned fighting vehicle.
  10. Conall: A strong wolf is known as Conall.
  11. Caesar: After the mighty Roman ruler.
  12. Clipper: it is the name of a powerful and robust aircraft.
  13. Conley: A person with a sturdy will-power is called Conley.
  14. Duke: It is a synonym of the word ‘leader.’
  15. Dauphin: The king’s son is called Dauphin in French.
  16. Drake: It is inspired by Sir Francis Drake, the great warrior.
  17. Ekon: An African name for the tough man.
  18. Ethan: It is a Hebrew name for a strong one.
  19. Farris: Farris comes from “ferrous,” which is strong iron.
  20. Griffin: The strong lord is known as Griffin. Hence, Gryffindor.
  21. Gogorra-It means “tough” in Basque.
  22. Hartman: A person with a strong heart is called Hartman.
  23. Hercules: he was a strong Greek character.
  24. Jedrek: An iron-strong name of Polish origins.
  25. Joshua: The place Jericho was successfully captured by Joshua.
  26. Magnar: The Norwegians call Magnar someone who is tough.
  27. Magnus: This word refers to the one who is brave and mighty.
  28. Mustang: One badass bearded dragon name, don’t you think?
  29. Murphy: Name your draggy after Sir Audie Murphy.
  30. Makin: This name is for your tough bearded Dragon.
  31. Neron: In Spanish, Neron means Strong.
  32. Oscar: It stands for divine strength.
  33. Paladin: It is the one who defends any noble cause.
  34. Patrizio: it is derived from the word ‘Patrician.’
  35. Perandor: It stands for ‘the emperor’ in Albanian.
  36. Patton: It is taken from the name of George Patton, who was a General.
  37. Rex: It means a ruler or a king. Oedipus Rex is the best example.
  38. Rian: A little king is known as Rian. Your small Dragon is perfect for it.
  39. Remo: It is the one who is physically strong.
  40. Regis: Another form of Rex, the king.
  41. Spartan: It is for the person who is very powerful and full of strength.
  42. Spartacus: he was a Thracian gladiator.
  43. Sterkur – Icelandic word for “tough.”
  44. Tamerlane: He was a mighty leader and ruler of Uzbekistan.
  45. Takeo: It stands for someone as strong as a bamboo stick.
  46. Tenno: The one with the heavenly sovereign is called Tenno.
  47. Ulysses: It is the title of a beautiful poem and synonym of Odysseus.
  48. Valor: It signifies determination and bravery.
  49. Zilav-Bosnian for “tough.”
  50. Zommie: This person is an operator of flying machines.

Top 50 Tough Names for Female Bearded Dragons

a tough bearded dragon on top on the lady's shoulder

Here are 50 unique female bearded dragon names that you can try out.

  1. Arya: This name stands for someone noble and honorable.
  2. Andra: It is someone courageous and manly.
  3. Amber: It means strength, stability, and success.
  4. Astra: It is used for someone having a heavenly aura and powers.
  5. Angus: Angus means someone determined and headstrong.
  6. Artemis: Artemis was the Goddess of wild animals who were very brave.
  7. Avril: It is perfect for someone who has bold and authoritarian qualities.
  8. Briana: It means strong and robust.
  9. Brawn: Brawn symbolizes the physical strength that one has.
  10. Burly: A person with a heavy built and strong nature is called Burly.
  11. Breanne: A woman who is noble, high, and bold is Breanne.
  12. Banshee: She is a mythical woman who symbolizes death.
  13. Beretta: Beretta is a type of gun that many military officers use.
  14. Barbarian: The influential Romans were known as barbarians.
  15. Bridget: This name symbolizes virtue, vigor, strength, and power.
  16. Carla: A free soul is known as Carla.
  17. Cleopatra: She was a strong Egyptian Character and ruler.
  18. Chaos: It is a Greek name that means emptiness and chasm.
  19. Damia: Damia is the Goddess of nature’s forces.
  20. Diva: Diva means Goddess, and this name is mighty for your pet.
  21. Ebony: It is a tree with a strong foundation and deep roots that fan wide.
  22. Fury: It means extreme anger, wrath, and rage.
  23. Harley: The hare’s meadow is known as Harley.
  24. Hecuba: Hecuba was the mother of Hector and Paris.
  25. Ire: It signifies the good time and golden opportunities.
  26. Jenna: Jenna is referred to as a girl who is very amicable and sweet.
  27. Jedi: Someone who is God’s beloved is known as Jedi.
  28. Kahlan: Kahlan symbolizes a strong leader.
  29. Kaia: This name symbolizes the power of the ocean and sea.
  30. Khaleesi: Khaleesi means the Queen who rules over others.
  31. Kelsey: The other name for victory is Kelsey.
  32. Kitana: It means to honor and pride.
  33. Laika: Laika is a name given to the ferocious dogs.
  34. Leia: It refers to a child who has been directly sent from heaven.
  35. Marine: As powerful as the sea is what is described by Marine.
  36. Matilda: Might and Strength are conveyed by the name Matilda.
  37. Olympia: Anyone who belongs to mount Olympus has this name.
  38. Rawan: It is a formidable name for your bearded girl.
  39. Roxie: Roxie means Dawn. Hence, it is the perfect name for a dragon.
  40. Ravenna: Another great name for the Dragon with a tough nature.
  41. Rogue: It refers to someone dishonest or ill-tempered.
  42. Storm: Storm means the tempest and the roughness.
  43. Sheba: It stands for a person who keeps the promises made.
  44. Steffi: Steffi is the name given to a person who is crowned.
  45. Trixie: The one who brings joy and happiness is called Trixie
  46. Ursa: A bear in Latin is known as Ursa.
  47. Ursula: A derivative of the original synonym of Bear, Ursa.
  48. Valkyrie: A strong female character in battles who decides many things.
  49. Wrigley: It means to strive in the harsh conditions.
  50. Zelda: Zelda means the dark battles that have bloody outcomes.

I hope you enjoyed these tough or fancy bearded dragon names and found the perfect fit for your new pal!

I love Roxie because I also love dawn as it is the first light of the day. Valkyrie is also beautiful!

Looking for some tough bearded dragon names? Well, we've got you 50 male and 50 female ideas that will surely match your pal. Read on!

what are your favorite tough bearded dragon names? share below!


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