Fancy Bearded Dragon Names: 100 Awesome Ideas

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Are you all looking for sophisticated and fancy bearded dragon names?

Well, buckle up, because we came up with some amazing choices for you.

We have plenty each for males and females, don’t worry.

Let’s dive in and check them out.

50 Names For Male Fancy Bearded Dragons

pogona vitticeps with fancy bearded dragon names on top of a wood

Given below are some of the top fancy male bearded dragons names:

  1. Augustine- It means majestic and grand in German and Latin.
  2. Amadeus- The name means “beloved of God.”
  3. Archibald- It refers to bold and genuine.
  4. Basel- It indicates origin or popularity.
  5. Barden- The word denotes ” Living near a boar’s den.”
  6. Bartram- It symbolizes “bright or famous.”
  7. Cielo- In Italian, it refers to ‘sky.’
  8. Egbert- It refers to “bright edge.”
  9. Edwin- This signifies a “rich friend.”
  10. Emerson- after the Son of Emery.
  11. Forrester- It means belonging to the forest or the forest keeper.
  12. Geraldo- It denotes “ruler with the spear.”
  13. Giovanni- In Italian, it conveys “Jehovah is gracious.”
  14. Hugo- Means “heart” It’s one of my favorite tough bearded dragon names, too!
  15. Ignatius- after the fire.
  16. Kingsley- It represents “straight from woods or meadow.”
  17. Lawson- It means “son of Lawrence.”
  18. Leopold- In English and French, it signifies boldness.
  19. Maximillian- The word conveys “greatest.”
  20. Matteo- In Italian, it implies “Gift from God.”
  21. Mungo- In Welsh, it refers to “being gentle.”
  22. Montague- In French, it signifies “pointed mountain.”
  23. Nikolai- In Greek, it denotes “victory.”
  24. Octavius- It is the number eight.
  25. Orlando- This name means “famous land.”
  26. Orson- Its literal meaning is “bear cub.”
  27. Percival- In French, it means someone who pierces the valley.
  28. Pierre- In French, it implies “rock.”
  29. Quentin- In English, this name signifies “from Queen’s estates.”
  30. Randolph- The name that points to a strong warrior.
  31. Sanders- It represents the “defender of mankind.”
  32. Tancred- The word implies “thought.”
  33. Theodore- It denotes “Gift from God.”
  34. Anthony- In Italian, this name refers to a highly praiseworthy person.
  35. Asher- In Hebrew, it means “happy and blessed.”
  36. Benjamin- In Hebrews and Bible, this name signifies “son of my right hand.”
  37. Charles- In German, it refers to “free man.”
  38. Daniel- In the Bible, it signifies the ” judge of God.”
  39. Dominic- In Latin, it means “belonging to the Lord.”
  40. David- In the biblical sense, it means ” beloved.”
  41. Franklin- In English, it means “free landholder or owner of the free land.”
  42. John- In the Bible, it implies ” God is gracious.”
  43. Oliver- The word denotes “Oliver Tree” in the masculine sense.
  44. Philip- It means “lover of the horse.”
  45. Richard- This name refers to ” powerful ruler.”
  46. Xavier- In Spanish and Basque, it means “the new house.”
  47. Sal Manders- The character from ” The Lion King.”
  48. Wally- The famous crocodile of “Hanna Barbera.”
  49. Simon- In the Bible, it refers to “the listener.”
  50. Sebastian- Fun fact, it means “one from the ancient history of Sebasta.

50 Fancy Bearded Dragon Names for Females

green and gray bearded dragon sleeping on a branch of a tree

Check out the perfect name for your female bearded dragons!

  1. Adele- In German, it signifies noble.
  2. Alexandra- In Greek, it means “Defender of Man or humankind.”
  3. Amalia- In the German origin, it refers to a hardworking soul.
  4. Anastasia- In Greek and Russian origins, it means ” Resurrection.”
  5. Arabella- In Latin, it conveys “prayerful” or “answered prayers.”
  6. Arianna- In Italian and Greek origins, it showcases “a very holy.”
  7. Audrey- In English, it refers to “noble strength.”
  8. Augusta- In the feminine version of Roman, it means “magnificent.”
  9. Blythe- It has the meaning of being “spirited.”
  10. Camilla- This name refers to the “servant of the temple.”
  11. Chanel- In French, it means “pipe” or “dwellers near the canal.”
  12. Christabel- In Latin and French, it is believed to be a beautiful follower of Christ.
  13. Constance- It conveys ” steadfast.”
  14. Eleanor- In historical references, it is the symbol of brightness and shining.
  15. Elaina- In Hebrews, it meant “God answered me” while in Greek and Latin, it denotes “Daughter of the Sun.”
  16. Elle- It is derived from the French pronoun “she.”
  17. Eloise- In French, it means healthy and wide.
  18. Eudora- In Greek Mythology, it shows “generous gift.” The name kind of reminds me of these Harry Potter bearded dragon names.
  19. Genevieve- In German and Celtic origin, this name implies “A Woman of the Race.”
  20. Giselle- In German, it showcases “pledge.”
  21. Guinevere- In Welsh origins, it denotes ” fair lady” and “bright light and bright shadow.”
  22. Helena- In Greek, it means bright and shining light.
  23. Honora- In Latin and Italian, it implies ” Woman of Honour.”
  24. Isabella- This name signifies “consecrated to God.”
  25. Isadora- In the Greek origin, it refers to ” Gift of Isis.”
  26. Isla- In Spanish and Scottish origins, it means “island.”
  27. Lorelei- In German origins, it implies “alluring enchantress.”
  28. Lucinda- It means ” light.” It is also referred to as Mary or the “Lady of the Light.”
  29. Lydia- In Greek origins and Turkey, it holds the meaning of a ” kind spirit.”
  30. Marguerite- In French, it means “pearl,” and the variant is “Margaret.”
  31. Melisande- In French and German origins, it means ” strength.”
  32. Miranda- Taken from Shakespeare’s play, “The Tempest,” which means “marvelous.”
  33. Monroe- This name means “mouth of River Roe.”
  34. Natalia- In Latin, it means ” Christmas Day.”
  35. Naomi- In Hebrew, it refers to “pleasant.”
  36. Olivia- In Latin, this name is an “olive tree” taken from Shakespeare’s play named “Twelfth Night.”
  37. Ophelia- In the Greek origin, it refers to ” help.”
  38. Penelope- In Greek origin and mythology, this word means “weaver.”
  39. Violetta- In Italian, it signifies the color of ” purple.”
  40. Virginia- In Latin, it conveys the meaning of “pure.”
  41. Vivianna- In Latin origin, it denotes ” life.”
  42. Willa- This name is the feminine form of “William,” and is known as the “protector.”
  43. Zara- In Arabic, it means “star/flower.” In Russian, it means ” princess.”
  44. Evangeline- In the biblical sense, it refers to “good news.”
  45. Elizabeth- It refers to ” devoted to God.”
  46. Diana- In a religious and spiritual sense, this name means “divine.” One of the best bearded dragon goddess names that I could think of.
  47. Clementine- This name means mild and gentle.
  48. Aurelia- It refers to the ” golden child.”
  49. Aria- This name conveys “Lion of God.”
  50. Annabelle- In Scottish origins, it refers to the quality of being “graceful.”

We only the best of all the fancy bearded dragon names, so obviously we love them all.

Still, I do think Clementine is SUPER cute!

What Are your favorite fancy bearded dragon names? share with us below!


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