174 Great Guinea Pig Names Starting with A

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Looking for some really terrific guinea pig names starting with A?

We’ve got 174 of them for you right here, split evenly between boys & girls!

Let’s dive right in and check them out!

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Guinea Pig Names Starting With A for Males

We’re going to work our way through the alphabet to share some amazing pet names, starting of course with the letter “A.”

By the way, these names are also great for other pets, like sugar gliders or bearded dragons!

Let’s start with some ideas for our little boy cavies, then we’ll look at girl names below.

Looking for some really terrific guinea pig names starting with A? We've got 100 of them for you right here! Check them out!
  1. Aaron: The name Aaron refers to the high priest.
  2. Abasi – Egyptian name meaning “serious.”
  3. Abe – Hebrew name meaning “one.” 
  4. Abel: This name means son, so it is a good choice for your pet.
  5. Abu – after Aladdin’s monkey.
  6. Ace – English name for the best out there.
  7. Achilles – after the famous Greek warrior.
  8. Acorn – perfect name for a buff-colored guinea pig.
  9. Adonis – Greek name meaning “lord.”
  10. Adrian: It is a very cute choice as it means “sea” or “water.”
  11. Affogato – after the Italian delicious gelato.
  12. Agung – after Bali’s Mount Agung.
  13. Aidan – Irish name meaning “little fire.”
  14. Akio – this name refers to a “bright” one.
  15. Akira – Japanese name meaning “bright.”
  16. Albus – after Albus Dumbledore.
  17. Aleksandr – Siberian name for the defender of mankind.
  18. Alexander: A “great” choice for your little warrior. Think Alexander the Great!
  19. Alek – this name refers to the defender of the house!
  20. Alejandro: A Spanish spin-off of Alexander.
  21. Alessandro – Italian name meaning “defender.”
  22. Allen: This name means “cheerful” and has Celtic roots.
  23. Alan: It means the handsome one.
  24. Ali: A very beautiful Arabic name that means Lion.
  25. Almond – delicious name for the cutest guinea pig.
  26. Alpha – for the coolest guinea pig.
  27. Amos: A name of one of the twelve minor prophets in Judaism. A very good choice.
  28. Alden: Has Anglo Saxon origin, and it means old friend.
  29. Amare: A unique choice for your pet, it means handsome.
  30. Adan: This cute little name means fire.
  31. Alonzo: This name means someone ready to fight.
  32. Alfonso: Alfonso is used to naming kings in the Portuguese cultures.
  33. Adriel: Means beaver.
  34. Aldo: A quite unusual name for your little one as this name means the tall one.
  35. Alvaro: It is a beautiful name that means guardian.
  36. Alonso: The name means someone noble and ready.
  37. Aapo: The name Aapo means breath, and it has Finnish roots.
  38. Aaren: This beautiful name of Hebrew origin means a mountain of strength.
  39. Aaric: The lovely name Aaric means an eternal ruler.
  40. Aaro: The name Aaro has Finnish roots, and it means the peak of power. 
  41. Aatami: This name means earth.
  42. Albert: Means bright in the German language.
  43. Andy: Means manly or brave.
  44. Alfred: The name Alfred means counsel, so perfect for your little counsel.
  45. Angelo: Means Angel.
  46. Altan – Turkish name meaning “new.”
  47. Alvern – this name means “spring.”
  48. Alvin – after the stripped chipmunk. 
  49. Alyosha – this name means “defender of men.”
  50. Ambrossio – Spanish name for “divine.”
  51. Americano – after the coffee!
  52. Amore – Italian name meaning “lover.”
  53. Amir: Means powerful or strong.
  54. Andre: Means brave in Portuguese
  55. Amorette – French name meaning “love.”
  56. Anatole – this name means “new” in French.
  57. Anatoly – this name means “sunrise.”
  58. Antonio: A cute name that has roots in the Shakespearean play The Tempest.
  59. Anthony: A very popular name meaning “priceless.”
  60. Anderson: Has Scandinavian roots, and it means manly or brave.
  61. Andrew: A strong choice for your pet, as it means “warrior.”
  62. Andrei – Russian name meaning “manly.”
  63. Angel – for the most innocent guinea pig.
  64. Angus – guinea pig name meaning “strength.”
  65. Anjo – Portuguese name meaning “angel.”
  66. Anton – for the one who should be praised.
  67. Apollo – after the Greek God.
  68. Apricot – one of the cutest guinea pig names for brown and white cavy.
  69. Aquamarine – after the beautiful blueish-green gem.
  70. Archie – English name meaning “brave.”
  71. Ari – Hebrew name meaning “lion.”
  72. Arlo – this German guinea pig name means “hill.”
  73. Arman – Arabic name meaning “hope.”
  74. Arnold – this name means “eagle power.”
  75. Aroon – guinea pig name meaning “dawn.”
  76. Arseni – this name refers to a manly one.
  77. Artem – after Saint Artemius.
  78. Arto – this Balinese name means “money.”
  79. Arun – for a guinea pig who’s like the sun.
  80. Arvin – German name meaning “friend.”
  81. Asher – Hebrew name meaning “happy.”
  82. Ash – for the beautiful grey color.
  83. August: August has Latin roots, and the meaning of the name is esteemed.
  84. Augustus: It means someone who has majestic dignity.
  85. Axel: Has Danish roots, and it means my father is peaceful.
  86. Austin: The name Austin means “great,” and it has been derived from Augustus.
  87. Amulet– A cute magical name!

Guinea Pig Names Starting With A for Females

Ready for some super cute & girly guinea pig names starting with A?

While there are literally thousands of them out there, these 50 are my top picks.

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Looking for some really terrific guinea pig names starting with A? We've got 100 of them for you right here! Check them out!
  1. Abby – sweet name for a guinea pig.
  2. Ada – meaning “noble and happy.”
  3. Adelaida – Siberian name meaning “noble.”
  4. Adeline – German name meaning “noble.”
  5. Adhira – Sanskrit name meaning “restless.”
  6. Adita – Indian name meaning “first.”
  7. Agave – after the striped cactus.
  8. Aghy – Irish name for a friend of the horses.
  9. Ahava – Hebrew name meaning “love.”
  10. Ai – Himalayan name meaning “love.”
  11. Aiko – Japanese name meaning “loved child.”
  12. Ailbe – this Irish name means “white.”
  13. Aileen – this name means “green meadow.”
  14. Aislin – Irish name meaning “vision.”
  15. Akemi – Japanese name meaning “beauty.”
  16. Akila – Egyptian name meaning “wise.”
  17. Akira – this name means “intelligent.”
  18. Aleandra – this Siberian guinea pig name refers to the “defender of mankind.”
  19. Allegra – Italian name for a white guinea pig.
  20. Alice – this name refers to a noble one. 
  21. Alina – Slavic name meaning “bright.”
  22. Almond – for the cutest brown guinea pig.
  23. Alyonushka – this name refers to a shining light.
  24. Amara – Italian name meaning “everlasting.”
  25. Amaretto – after the Italian liqueur. 
  26. Amber – after the precious jewel.
  27. Alanna
  28. Ambrosia – Spanish name for “divine.”
  29. Amorita – Latin name meaning “loved.”
  30. Anastasia – this name means “resurrection.”
  31. An – Chinese name meaning “quiet.”
  32. Angel – for a real angel!
  33. Angelika – this name is inspired after the word “angel.”
  34. Angkasa – for a guinea pig with blue eyes.
  35. Anka – perfect name for a graceful guinea pig.
  36. Anlon – this Irish name means “champion.”
  37. Anna – for a graceful one.
  38. Annette – beautiful name for a gracious guinea pig.
  39. Annipe – Egyptian name meaning “daughter of the Nile.”
  40. Antoinette – French name meaning “praiseworthy.”
  41. Anya – this name means “grace.”
  42. Aoife – Irish name meaning “beautiful.”
  43. Ariadne – referring to the one dressed in white.
  44. Aria – if your guinea pig is a gracious Goddess.
  45. Arianna – Welsh name meaning “silver.”
  46. Aries – Latin name referring to the white ram.
  47. Angelina: The name means messenger of God. It is like Angel.
  48. Alisha: The name Alisha is the Latin version of Alice, and it means noble nature.
  49. Aliyah: The beautiful Hebrew name Aliyah means to ascend or rise above.
  50. Allie: The name Allie has Celtic roots, and it means peace.
  51. Agnes: This name means holy or pure in Greek.
  52. Anisha: Means something that never perishes, eternal, forever.
  53. Amelie: This beautiful French name means industrious.
  54. Angie: A nickname for Angel or Angelina.
  55. Antonia: Has its roots in the Italian language, and it means the priceless one.
  56. Aubrey: A pretty name that means a little ruler.
  57. Agatha: The name Agatha has German roots, and it means good.
  58. Artemis – after the Greek Goddess of the moon.
  59. Asha – Siberian name for a hopeful one.
  60. Ashley – beautiful name for a light grey guinea pig.
  61. Asoka – after the beautiful flower.
  62. Aster – after the star shaped, blue flowers.
  63. Ava: It is a cute little name for your pet that means bird.
  64. Abigail: This name means father’s joy.
  65. Amanda: The name Amanda means someone worthy of love.
  66. Alexis: This beautiful name means someone who is a strong defender.
  67. Alyssa: The name Alyssa means noble.
  68. Azura: This exquisite name brings out the hypnotizing dark blue shade of the sea.
  69. Alba: It is a vintage name signifying ‘white.’
  70. Aurelia: It’s a Latin-roused name signifying ‘brilliant.’
  71. Ashy: The shading it inspires for us is somewhat dingy dark, however.
  72. Amethyst: The shade of a purple gemstone.
  73. Amy: This name means beloved.
  74. Ainsley: This name means a person’s own field and is a very adorable choice.
  75. Alexandra: A tough-sounding name meaning strong defender.
  76. Audrey: Audrey is a lovely and timeless name that means  “noble strength.”
  77. Ariana: A Latin name signifying the color’ golden’. 
  78. Anne: A cute and popular name from the Shakespearean play Richard III.
  79. Adele: Adele is a lovely name that means nobility.
  80. Angela: A variation of the word angel, this name is an attractive choice for you.
  81. Alicia: It means good-natured.
  82. Adriana: From the Shakespearean play Comedy of Errors
  83. Annabelle: This name means joyous and beautiful.
  84. April: The name April resonates with spring.
  85. Alison: The name Alison has German roots, and it means nobility. 
  86. Annie: This Hebrew name means prayer. 
  87. Alma: The name Alma means good in the Irish and Celtic regions.

What are your favorite guinea pig names starting with A? What letter of the alphabet would you like to see us do next? Share below!

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