Complete Guide to Cinnamon Sugar Gliders

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Are you interested in getting a pair of cinnamon sugar gliders?

You’re in the right place!

I’ll walk through everything a person needs to know about cinnamon sugar gliders.

These discussions will make sure you’re prepared to take on this responsibility.

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Thinking about getting a pair of cinnamon sugar gliders to add to your fur family? Here is everything you need to know about them!

What Is a Cinnamon Sugar Glider?

Cinnamon sugar gliders are thought to be a variation of the classic/standard gray coloring, such as black beauties and lion,.

Typically, these animals will have coats with a brownish tint and feature a rather dark reddish-brown stripe.

However, sugar glider enthusiasts often debate weather the cinnamon coloring is a true variation or not.

You might be asking what causes the debate?

In most causes, this coloring is a result of a bad diet and hides a glider’s true color variation.

Standard gray gliders will have their fur change to a cinnamon coloring when they aren’t being properly cared for.

This coloring will change back to its standard gray or other variation when returned onto a healthy diet. Its a lengthy process as most owners find the color to return back into its natural type after six months.

But again,several glider owners swear the cinnamon sugar gliders exists and remain this color their entire life.

There’s no proven perfect diet based on one or two items for a pet sugar glider, which makes it difficult to tell who’s telling the truth.

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How to Much Will a Cinnamon Sugar Glider Cost?

This debate about cinnamon’s doesn’t stop breeders from selling gliders with the label.

It not uncommon for an owner to get a “cinnamon sugar glider”, have it for six months, and it turns out to be a classic gray.

But cinnamons aren’t as sought after as some other variations.

It’s another reason why we haven’t figured out whether its a true coloring or simply a fur discoloration.

Other gliders will cost a lot more than a cinnamon variation would, such as mosaic varieties or albinos.

You can usually find them for the same price, two for $350, as a standard gray.

If they’re charging you more than this price, make sure they have lineage of being a true “cinnamon”.

Even more important, make sure the breeder is actually caring for their gliders, since cinnamon coloring is often a result of negligence.

The last thing you want to do is bring home a new family friend only to lose him because previous owners were careless.

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Adopting a Cinnamon Sugar Glider

I’m always going to recommend adopting over buying any type of sugar glider

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Many people assume these animals won’t find there ways into shelters because of their rarity.

But it’s a lot more common than you might initially expect.

As with all trendy and unique pets, too many people buy one for the “cuteness” factor and the social media likes.

Then, they realize that these creatures are living beings and not just a photo prop.

Once they find out that they’re in over their heads, the gliders wind up getting dropped off at a local shelter.

Several shelters will house these animals and do their best to find them a new home.

There’s also a long list of rescue groups dedicated to finding these creatures proper homes.

Due to this, potential owners should look into these organization before buying from a breeder.

You should look into your state’s laws about sugar gliders, as well.

These wonderful creatures aren’t legal in some and come with an extensive fine in those areas.

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What’s a Proper Diet for A Cinnamon Sugar Glider?

Getting cinnamon sugar gliders on healthy diets might be the only true way to tell what’s their true variation.

Pet sugar gliders seem to best thrive on a diet made up of the following three items:

  • 25% protein (pellet diets for insect-eating animals, limited amounts of gut-loaded insects, cooked eggs, cooked lean meat, etc.)
  • 25% leafy vegetables (collard greens, kale, and lettuce) and limited amounts of fruit (apples, berries, carrots, and various assortments)
  • 50% commercially available sugar gilder pelleted food

Some owners will replace the sugar glider pellets with Leadbeater’s mix, which has always been recommend for gliders.

This mix combines nectar power with water, honey, vitamin supplements, hard-boiled eggs, and several other items.

The recipe can vary depending on who is making and sharing it, but these are the essentials.

Here’s a great video with a guide to the proper sugar glider diet:

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If you follow these guidelines, a cinnamon suffering from fur discoloration should change back into their standard gray coloring after a few months.

I hope this discussions about cinnamon sugar gliders cleared up any of your questions or concerns. If you do have a few more, feel free to post them in our comment section. Thanks for reading!

Do you have a pair of cinnamon sugar gliders? Share your thoughts and stories below!

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