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If you’re looking for some great guinea pig names starting with P, stick around!

While there are literally million of options, we narrowed down the list a bit.

Below, we shared just our top 100 picks for the letter.

Let’s check them out!

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If you're looking for some great guinea pig names starting with P, come on in! We narrowed down thousands to our top 100 favorites!

Guinea Pig Names Starting With P for Males

  1. Pacific – after the majestic ocean.
  2. Paddington – this is probably the cutest bear!
  3. Paden – for a royal guinea pig.
  4. Padraig – for a noble-born guinea pig.
  5. Pakora – for a deliciously cute furball.
  6. Palm – beautiful name for an Angora guinea pig
  7. Palmer – this name means “rugged.”
  8. Panther – for a guinea pig with green eyes.
  9. Parker – after the tiger in “ Life of Pi.”
  10. Parvaiz – Persian name meaning “lucky.”
  11. Patrick – after the famous Irish holiday.
  12. Pavel – Russian name meaning “humble.”
  13. Pax-means “kiss of peace.”
  14. Peacock – after the beautiful bird with blue shades.
  15. Peanut Butter – for the sweetest guinea pig out there.
  16. Peanut – perfect for a brown guinea pig.
  17. Pearson– any This is Us fans out there?
  18. Penn– short for Pennsylvania.
  19. Pepi – after an Egyptian ruler.
  20. Pepper – after the grey and black spice.
  21. Percy – French name for the one who conquered your heart.
  22. Periwinkle – after the blueish purple color.
  23. Petersburg – after the famous Russian city.
  24. Peter – this is Family Guy’s main character.
  25. Phantom – after the famous ghosts.
  26. Pharaoh – because he rules your house.
  27. Phineas – perfect name if you have two guinea pigs.
  28. Phoenix – after the mythical bird, reborn from its own ashes. 
  29. Phuoc – Vietnamese name for the one who can do anything. 
  30. Pickle – great name for a guinea pig with a lot of personality.
  31. Pico – after the Illinois corporation.
  32. Pigeon – great name for a grey guinea pig.
  33. Pikachu – after the funniest Pokemon.
  34. Pixel – cute idea if you love gaming!
  35. Pirate – for a black guinea pig.
  36. Plume – for a dark grey one.
  37. Poindexter – just in case he has a lot of dots!
  38. Polaris – this is what people call the North Star.
  39. Pomme – French name meaning “apple.”
  40. Pongo – this is one of the most loving fathers!
  41. Porter – western name meaning “gatekeeper.”
  42. Prem – Sanskrit name meaning “love.”
  43. Primo – Italian name meaning “first.”
  44. Prince John – from the Robin Hood movie.
  45. Prosper – you know, for the one meant to prosper.
  46. Pumpkin – adorable name for an orange guinea pig.
  47. Purwanto – for the youngest of the pack.
  48. Putra – this name is suitable for a prince.
  49. Putu– after the famous volleyball player from Bali.
  50. Pyotr – this Russian name means “rock.”

There are thousands upon thousands of possible boy guinea pig names starting with the letter P.

So, needless to say, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I really like Prosper, though!

If you're looking for some great guinea pig names starting with P, come on in! We narrowed down thousands to our top 100 favorites!

Guinea Pig Names Starting With P for Females

  1. Pacifica – after the gigantic Pacific Ocean.
  2. Paddy – this is a very popular Irish name.
  3. Padme – after the best Queen of pop culture.
  4. Pakhet – after the lion Goddess of war.
  5. Pakuna – this name means “deer.”
  6. Panama – this one was popularized by a few TV shows.
  7. Pandora – after the mythological character.
  8. Paneer – beautiful Indian name for a wonderful lady.
  9. Panthea – Greek name meaning “all the Gods”.
  10. Paris – the most romantic city in the world!
  11. Parka – after the jacket with a cool name.
  12. Parthena – this Greek name means “pure.”
  13. Parth – this name means “warrior princess.”
  14. Pasha – this name is perfect for a small one.
  15. Pashmina – Indian name for a beautiful guinea pig.
  16. Paskha – this is a type of Easter cake.
  17. Patches – for a beautiful pattern.
  18. Pattaya – after the wonderful city in Thailand.
  19. Patty – Aramaic name meaning “the lady of the house.”
  20. Pauline – popular western name meaning “petite.”
  21. Pearl – for the precious jewel you have.
  22. Pebbles – for a guinea pig with a marbled pattern. 
  23. Peggy – after the famous Peggy Bundy.
  24. Peigi – after the one who keeps traditions.
  25. Pella – Hebrew name for “marvel of the Gods”.
  26. Penelope – Spanish name for a beautiful one.
  27. Penina – this name refers to a pearl.
  28. Penny – English name for a forest dweller.
  29. Pepper – cool name for a grey guinea pig.
  30. Persia – after the antique region. 
  31. Petunia – this name inspires something pure.
  32. Phoebe – after Phoebe Buffay.
  33. Phoenix – after the mythological bird.
  34. Phylicia – this is a very old name meaning “good luck.”
  35. Phyllis – this is an old name meaning “green.”
  36. Piggie – this is inspired by the Muppets.
  37. Pink – after the Pink Panther!
  38. Piper – British name referring to a fighter.
  39. Pippi – perfect name for an orange guinea pig.
  40. Piroska – Hungarian name for a red one.
  41. Poison Ivy – after the famous villain.
  42. Polina – Russian name meaning “little.”
  43. Polly – this is inspired by the cute Polly Pocket.
  44. Poppy – after the beautiful, red flower.
  45. Precious – Latin name meaning “beloved.”
  46. Prish – Hindi name meaning “God’s gift.”
  47. Priya – Indian name meaning “love.”
  48. Puca – after the popular folklore character.
  49. Puffy – from Something About Mary.
  50. Pusheen – for a very beautiful lady.

From the girls, I think Poppy is adorable! Pippi is fun, too!

Your turn! What are your favorite guinea pig names starting with P? Share below!

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