How to Tell If Your Guinea Pig is Happy

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Wondering how to tell if your guinea pig is happy?

We’ve got you covered!

There are some “tell-tail” signs that your guinea pig is happy and enjoying life in your care.

Let’s check them out!

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How to Tell If Your Guinea Pig is Happy

Want to know how to tell if your guinea pig is happy? Read on for the top 7 surefire signs of a blissful cavy!

What’s better than having a guinea pig as your friend

Knowing that your little furry friend is happy!

A happy guinea pig is a bundle of joy when it is in a jelly mood.

Just like any other pet, guinea pigs, too, will show their happiness through pig body language, sounds, and activities.

Here’s everything you’ll notice in your little furry piggy if it is happy!

1. Healthy Body

We all know that health is happiness. When your guinea pig’s health is in its best condition, you do not have to worry about his happiness.

His eyes will be clean and dry, and so will his nose.

A runny nose and watery or crusty eyes can be a sign of its poor health. Even a lush coat is a sign of fitness.

Take a look at some simple health checks you can do to make sure your cavy is in tip-top shape:

2. Good Appetite

A healthy appetite is another sign of a happy piggy!

Does your cavy enjoy her grazing time? Does she enthusiastically squeak and squeal at feeding time?

My cavies always made the sweetest sounds when I delivered their daily salad (they got fresh veggies along with their regular food).

On the flip side, if your piggy suddenly stops eating- or doesn’t seem as excited about her favorite foods-it’s time to call the vet.

Remember, loss of appetite is often the first sign something is amiss.

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3. Active Lifestyle

If your fur baby is running around, it means that the animal is full of joy and has the energy to be at its liveliest best.

So if your guinea pig is lazy, that’s an indication that it is depressed. It’s one thing to take breaks in between an active lifestyle, but keep an eye out for sluggishness.

If your piggy seems bored with her usual activities, try one of these fun ways to exercise your guinea pig!

However, if she’s downright lethargic, it’s time to call the vet.

4. Popcorning

Speaking of being active, a happy guinea pig, especially a young one, will indulge in occasional popcorning. This is an act of jumping up in the air suddenly.

Sometimes it’s just once or twice together, and sometimes, it’s several leaps at a time. So, guinea pigs pretty much jump in joy!  

5. Socializing

At the beginning of a new friendship, a guinea pig is bound to run away from its hoomin friend.

But if your pet starts coming up to you and shows interest in socializing with you, it means that the guinea pig enjoys your presence

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A happy guinea pig will also love to interact with other guinea pigs.

6. Happy Sounds

It’s not just through body language and communications that guinea pigs express their happiness.

They also vocalize their joy in the form of wheeking, squeaks, loud squeals, whistles, and purring.

Whether you’re chopping veggies or there’s grass in sight, the little piggies can make such sounds.

Final Words

Want to know how to tell if your guinea pig is happy? Read on for the top 7 surefire signs of a blissful cavy!

Guinea pigs make great pets. They don’t demand a lot from their humans, be it food or toys. They also like to stay indoors.

They not only look adorable but also have the cutest way of communicating with you. Instead, a paper tube and some grass should be enough to keep them happy.

What do you think about these tips on how to tell if your guinea pig is happy? Share below!


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  1. My daughter has 3 rescued guinea pigs and I’ve noticed they do several of these things. I’m glad they are happy.

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  3. This is great information for those who have guinea pigs. I actually would love to get one. I think they’d be a great pet for my kids.

  4. I enjoyed reading about this. We actually have six guinea pigs, and these are all great things to make sure they are happy. It is good to be aware of a pet’s wellbeing.


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