70 Disney-Inspired Female Pet Names [For Sugar Gliders, Guinea Pigs & More]

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Looking for some Disney-inspired female pet names for sugar gliders, guinea pigs, and more?

Since Walt Disney Animation Studios released its first movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937, there have been countless more Disney movies released.

One major theme in Disney movies is animals/pets, so there’s no shortage of ideas!

Below are our all-time favorites to narrow down your list.

Disney-Inspired Female Pet Names

cute kitten suitable for disney-inspired pet name

Disney movie animals run the gamut of everything from tiny fish to ginormous whales. We’ve included our favorites out of the dozens of female animal characters!

Don’t feel like you have to stick with the same animal as your pet. There’s no reason why you can’t use, say, a dog name for a tough bearded dragon name, for example!

Now that we cleared that up, let’s get started.

  1. Abby Mallard– Chicken Little’s supportive duckie girlfriend.
  2. Anda– from the sweet film, Brother Bear 2
  3. Angel-She’s Scamp’s love interest in the Lady and the Tramp sequels.
  4. Audrey– Audrey is a plump chicken from Home on the Range.
  5. Captain Amelia-the popular cat from the movie Treasure Planet
  6. Bea Goldfishberg-from the show Fish Hooks.
  7. Baylene -a character in Dinosaur.
  8. Brandy Harrington– A smart & pampered pooch from Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.
  9. Billina– Billina is the pet hen of Dorothy Gale in The Marvelous Land of Oz.
  10. Bonnie Hopps-mom to Judy Hopps in Zootopia
  11. Cadpig– while she’s a dog in 101 Dalmatians, it’s a great guinea pig name.
  12. Chloe– The main pup in Beverly Hills Chihuahua, its 2011 sequels.
  13. Cleo– Cleo is the affectionate, loyal and sweet pet goldfish in Pinocchio.
  14. Destiny– The funny near-sighted whale shark in Finding Dory.
  15. Dallas – A dog in 101 Dalmatian Street.
  16. Daisy Duck– This one needs no explanation! She’s Donald’s true love.
  17. Dory– Disney’s most popular fish helps find Nemo before starring in Finding Dory.
  18. Delilah– The street-smart dog from 1996 Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco.
  19. Dhahabu – a golden zebra in The Lion Guard.
  20. Dinah– The name of Alice’s cat in Alice in Wonderland.
  21. Duchess– the super elegant and refined cat from The Aristocats.
  22. Dumpling– A female pig in 101 Dalmatians: The Series 
  23. Faline– Bambi’s true love in one of Disney’s first animated movies.
  24. Felicia– the spoiled feline from The Great Mouse Detective.
  25. Foxy Loxy -main villianious of Chicken Little.
  26. Gazelle– A parody of Adelle from Zootopia 
  27. Georgette– The calm and sophisticated poodle from Oliver & Company.
  28. Goosey Loosey– Kind yet dim-witted goose from Chicken Little.
  29. Gypsy– a beautiful butterfly in A Bug’s Life
  30. Hissy– You’ll find this cute cat in Disney Junior’s Puppy Dog Pals.
  31. Kanga– One of the few female characters in Winnie the Pooh.
  32. Kiara– Simba and Nala’s daughter from The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride
  33. Judy Hopps– this perfect bunny name comes from Zootopia.
  34. Lady Kluck– From Robin Hood, she is a sassy Scottish hen.
  35. Lady– One of Disney’s most popular dog, from Lady & the Tramp.
  36. Lola– Lola is a seductive lionfish from Shark Tale. Voiced by Angelina Jolie.
  37. Lulubelle– Bongo’s love interest in Fun and Fancy Free
  38. Lumba-Lumba– a character in The Lion Guard, based on The Lion King.
  39. Maid Marion- the beautiful fox is Robin Hood’s love interest.
  40. Madame Upanova– Black ostrich ballerina that represents the dawn in Fantasia.
  41. Makini-Rafiki’s young mandrill apprentice in The Lion Guard. 
  42. Maya-The wise lead sled dog from the “based on reality” film Eight Below.
  43. Miss Atlantis– The comedic mermaid from the live-action remake of Dumbo.
  44. Miss Piggy-From The Muppets, his is a perfect pig-themed guinea pig name!
  45. Minnie Mouse– Longtime girlfriend of Mickey Mouse.
  46. Miss Bianca– fearless mouse from The Rescuers.
  47. Mrs. Jumbo– Dumbo’s loving mama.
  48. Mittens– the street-smart cat from Bolt.
  49. Nita -Kenai’s love i in Brother Bear 2.
  50. Nana– Wendy’s faithful St. Bernard in Peter Pan.
  51. Nala– Simba’s true love in the Lion King and its sequels.
  52. Oddball– one of the daughters in 102 Dalmatians.
  53. Olivia Flaversham– kind young mouse in The Great Mouse Detective.
  54. Peach– the Starfish from Finding Nemo.
  55. Perdita– The sweet mama dog from 101 Dalmatians.
  56. Perla– the sweet and loving cat n Cinderella.
  57. Pistol Pete– the sassy cat from Goof Troop.
  58. Raksha-the Indian Wolf who adopted Mowlgi in The Jungle Book.
  59. Rosie– A kind black widow spider in A Bug’s Life.
  60. Sarabi– Simba’s wise mom in The Lion King.
  61. Sassy– A feisty and hilarious Himalayan cat from Homeward Bound.
  62. Sheriff Callie– Clever title cat from Disney Junior’s Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.
  63. Sita– A real cheetah from the nature documentary film- African Cats.
  64. Sweet Polly– Sweet Polly is the feisty and sweet love interest of Underdog.
  65. Shansa– Sea witch from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
  66. Shellsea– A jewel fish from comedy children’s television series- Fish Hooks.
  67. Syrena– Mystifying mermaid from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
  68. Tiana– Human turned frog turned human again in The Frog Princess.
  69. Ursula– the villainous sea witch from The Little Mermaid.
  70. Wilhelmina– One of the main canine characters in The Ugly Dachshund.

Final Thoughts

That was indeed a great list!

If I were to choose, I will pick “Nala”! Who doesn’t love Lion King?

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what are your favorite disney-inspired female pet names? share with us below!


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