How to Make Sugar Glider Cage Sets [6 Different Styles]

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Want to know how to make sugar glider sets?

I’m not a crafty person, and so every time I think about a DIY project, I procrastinate and, in most cases, never do it. 

But, lately, I’ve had a change of heart and attitude towards homemade projects, and I must say I’m getting pretty good. 

So today, I’ll share a list of tutorials that I found helpful when I was researching tips on making sugar glider cages!


From simple PVC projects to ginormous structures, I tried to give you a good selection of tutorials designed to fit your budget, glider, and space.

1. A PVC Sugar Glider Cage

When I got started, I found the PVC cages very intimidating. It seemed like too many nuts and pipes to join, not to forget the many measurements. 

But then, you’ll realize that the practical part of it isn’t as complicated as the theory part of it. 

This tutorial from Club Fauna explains all the steps you need to follow to get the work done. 

I’ll also include a video because I find videos easier to follow when crafting something ‘complex’. 

2. Sugar Glider Cube 

This was my first trial, and its simplicity is what kept me going. It doesn’t require crazy measurements or multiple materials. 

It’s also relatively cheaper compared to the PVC sugar glider set cage. 

And I promise you, your glider will love it. 

Below is a 2-minute video with the materials you need and the steps to follow to build a glider cube. 

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3. DIY Wooden Sugar Glider Cage 

There is a lot of backlash when it comes to wooden cages for sugar gliders. One of the main issues revolving around this is the smell problem.

When your glider pees on wood, it can be very hard to get rid of the smell. To prevent this, consider using a sugar glider cage liner, which can absorb waste and help mitigate any unpleasant odors.

It’s so strong without the use of a liner; you may have to get rid of the entire cage (scary, I know). Therefore, using a cage liner could save you from this extreme measure.

However, coating the wood correctly permanently solves the problem. 

The other important thing to consider is the type of wood you use. Some of them-like cedar wood- are toxic and could potentially pose as a health risk to your glider. 

I got a helpful procedure from Glider Central, but I think the video below will give you a better mental image of the cage. 

4. Laundry Shelf & Tie Wraps Sugar Glider Cage 

I loved this idea because I’ve never heard of it before. We mostly talk about PVC and wooden cages. 

It’s incredibly pocket-friendly and actually looks very beautiful upon completion. 

My friend used something similar when she was building her guinea pig habitat (except it was long rather than tall).

Here is a video explaining the process. 

5. Wire Mesh Sugar Glider Cage 

If you’re looking for something less complex and you’re on a tight budget, the wire mesh cage will work for you. 

You can find all the materials you need at the hardware or animal cage equipment. 

Here is an easy tutorial from Angelfire. The basics are along the line of the video above, except you’re using different materials.

6. Panel Sugar Glider Cage 

For this DIY, you’ll need to purchase the panels/ wire and then join them to form a cage. 

You can purchase the panels from the local hardware. The total cost is around $150, so it’s still more economical than buying a complete cage. 

Below is a video of the DIY sugar glider cage; the Youtuber even shows you the results after decorating it, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. 

And his glider? He seems to love it too. Take a look for yourself. 

How Big Should my Sugar Glider’s Cage Be?

This is the only variant when it comes to building a sugar glider cage for your glider. 

I know you probably think that the bigger the cage is better (and it is). But the main determinant of the glider’s cage size should be their age. 

Sugar gliders are scared of falling, so they don’t  jump if they think they’ll fall. 

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the size of your glider’s cage allows them to jump freely without fear. Dr. David explains well in the video below. 

How to Make Sugar Glider Cages (Final Words)

There are multiple reasons why people prefer DIY sugar glider cage sets. One is that they’re somewhat economical.

And two, it’s a good way to keep busy while doing something good for your glider. 

Whatever your reason is, I hope you found a good tutorial on my list to help you build your sugar glider’s cage.

pair of sugar gliders huddled together

Do you have any other suggestions on how to MAke a sugar glider cage Set? Please share with us Below!

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