The Internet Goes Wild over Cute Video of Cat and Bearded Dragon Watching Cars Pass Together

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An adorable video of a cat and bearded dragon watching cars pass together is blowing up on the internet—and it’s easy to see why.

It’s just that it’s so unexpected—a cat and a bearded dragon sitting peacefully at a window, taking in the beauty of nature together.

It’s a known fact that animals love watching cars, but to see a cat and a bearded dragon [1] enjoying the view together is next level.

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@lindzieboucher #oddfriends #tigercat #beardeddragon ♬ original sound – Lindzie Boucher

The cat and bearded dragon’s mom, ticktocker  TikTok user @lindzieboucher, the duo are “very bonded” and spend lots of time together every day. They have been best friends for the past 6 years, and there’s nothing you can do to separate them.

While the two may seem like an odd couple, they’ve developed quite a special bond. Take a look at these sweet pals enjoying their time together!

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@lindzieboucher Luci&Lola #kitty #beardie #beardeddragon #tigercat #oddfriends #bestfriend ♬ You’re My Best Friend (From “Will & Grace”) – Movie Sounds Unlimited

And, of course, the internet is melting into a pool of love.

“Wow, what an interesting relationship, lol! So cute!” said @MeshaJannell

This is literally the cutest video ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more happier cat 🥰 commented @cameronhowe19, and @Donna S Anderson mentioned, “Pet neighborhood watch 😂.”

@Chris Headcount said, “I would have never thought that at this moment in time a cat and a lizard were friends but …. Here we are.” And that’s why we love it! Animals always surprise us, but I bet you didn’t see this one coming!

It’s incredible to see these two animals from different worlds—not to mention different species [2]—come together to bond over something so simple as watching cars drive by.

It seems like, no matter our differences, we can all bond together when we take time to stop and smell the roses—or watch the cars.

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Check out this other cute video of them playing with water.

@lindzieboucher Lola&Luci#beardeddragon #tigercat #lizard #oddfriends ♬ original sound – Lindzie Boucher

It’s clear that these two are pretty tight with each other. We can’t wait to see how their friendship develops!

cat watching rain through a window under title Cat and Bearded Dragon Watching Cars Pass Together


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