60 Lovely Bearded Dragon Photos You’ll Fall in Love With

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Bearded dragons are just the best, aren’t they?

Not only are they basically prehistoric dragons, but they’re also pretty good at being friends.

They’re companionable. They’re lively. They like to be held and cuddled. And their scales are literally made of magic.

But don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at these bearded dragon photos and see for yourself why we love them so much! (And why you will too!)

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60 Amazing Bearded Dragon With Photos

Their most notable feature is their beard, which they use to scare off predators when they’re in the wild.

In captivity, though, they’ll puff it out at [1] you if they’re sad or mad. They also bob their heads a lot when they’re happy!

But mostly, bearded dragons are really just weirdly cute. If you need any more proof of that, look no further than these photos of them being weirdly cute

#1 Karen the Bearded Dragon

Just look at Karen relax and get some sun on her wooden recliner having some dragon daydreams.

bearded dragon on a log under title Bearded Dragon Photos
credit: Abby Houston

#2 A Bearded Dragon and Meal Time

Getting ready for his meal. Maybe it’s the green color that makes him want to snack away?

beardie next to a bowl of salad
credit: Abigail Justman

#3 Coral Rocko Star

This 8-month old Coral Rocko Star loves to play with kids and even with the family’s pet dog! Colored balls serve as the perfect background for a dragon in studio pic.

beardie with colorful balloons
credit: Agnes Cain

#4 Karma

Karma shows her mischievous side while she sticks her tongue out to say “hi.”

smiling beardie
credit: Aimee Dalton Rumpza

#5 Dragon on a Hammock

Thus adult bearded dragon probably likes to chill out and dream dragon daydreams on his teal hammock. That’s living!

cute beardie
credit: Alicia Gratton

#6 Dragon on Rock

In their natural environment, bearded dragons do like basking under the sun on rocks.

beardie on a rock
credit: Alicia Gratton

This bearded dragon is definitely enjoying this moment as well.

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#7 Dragon on Rock 2

How about giving it up for this cutie as he gives us another pose of him on his favorite rock?

bearded dragon on a hammock
credit: Alicia Gratton

#8 Bert Up Close

Bert is a one and a half year old bearded dragon reptile who likes having raspberries for snacks. 

beardie on a white cloth
credit: Allisa Dadabo

#9 Bert From Another Angle

If you can’t get enough of Bert, here’s another dragon portrait for you. No head-to-tail shots.

The head is enough to show how captivating he can get.

beardie on a white cloth
credit:Allisa Dadabo

#10 Bruni

On what seems to be a woven mat, it really can be hard to distinguish Bruni’s body color from the background. 

beardie on a wooven mat
credit: Angela Danyell

#11 Fergus

Fergus is a central bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps).

Notice that his color is different from other bearded dragons?

beardie on a tree log
credit: Barbara Jones

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#12 Nova 

Bearded dragons love berries. So it isn’t surprising why Nova loves her blueberries.

orange beardie
credit: Baylee Rae

This orange morph is simply stunning to look at and she knows it!

#13 Basil

Basil is another orange morph.

His orange color though is mixed with white bands of color that makes him unique in his own little way.

beardie in a cage
credit: Brittney Zamesnik

#14 Basil 2

Here’s another view of Basil on a log.

beardie in a cage
credit: Brittney Zamesnik

#15 Sedona

Sedona is another orange morph whose body color makes her different. Orange morphs, after all, don’t carry common colors that typical bearded dragons have.

Sedona hates veggies, which is another of her atypical bearded dragon traits.

A beautiful bearded dragon
credit:Brook Ellsworth

#16 Sage

Sage is just two months old. Another dragon on rock photo that’s fit for a dragon action star.

A beautiful bearded dragon
credit:Cassie Kunkel

#17 Sage With a Hat?

Here is another picture of 2-month old sage with something that looks like a mini hat on her head.

A beardie with a Beatle on the head
credit: Cassie Kunkel

#18 Dwight

Dwight is another baby 2-month old dragon that seems to be a classic morph typical of bearded dragon species.

bearded dragon playing with a woven mat
credit: Caytee McCall

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#19 Tuffariff

Tuffariff is a 6-year old bearded dragon that has found love and a new home from his bearded dragon owners.

He was rescued from an abusive household in the past and is now happily living a much deserved life.

cute beardie
credit: Char Bauer

#20 Ash

Ash is a rare female zero dragon morph. You can say she is dragon white as she is devoid of any color or pattern.

A pink beardie
credit: Cheryl Futuregeorge

#21 Draco

Draco is another zero dragon morph who happens to be male. His owner said that Draco just jumped onto her after seeing her in the pet store. Now, Draco is in a loving home enjoying all the attention he can get.

A big bearded dragon
credit: Crystal Snyder

#22 Jojo

Jojo is a 7-8 month old female who happens to be such a diva too. Notice how she goes into such an elegant dragon pose?

A cute beardie
credit: Danalee LeBret

#23 Two Dragons

What’s better than one bearded dragon? A bearded dragon appreciating himself in front of a mirror.

two huge beardie dragons
credit:Franie Magee

#24 Sparky

Sparky is another adopted dragon after having been left without a home to care for him. This cute one-year old Pogona Vitticeps is spared from a sad family life and instead, is now family to his new hooman.

A beardie on top of a cage
credit: Heather Achey

#25 Dragon on Tree Trunk

This bearded dragon whiles away his time on a tree trunk all left to himself

mean looking beardie
credit: Heather Lynn Diaz

#26 Barry

While Barry may seem to be a green morph, he actually is blending into the background which is typical of many bearded dragons.

green beardie
credit:Heidi Hitch

#27 Lizzy

Lizzy is a fun-loving dragon who hates eating greens although she does love her crickets. Her long tail makes her stand out among the members of her home.

beardie with long tail
credit: Jae Jae

#28 Jovi

Jovi may look like your typical bearded dragon. She does have a unique hobby though: tv watching.

beardie with long tail
credit: Jaimi Maureen

#29 Sushi

Sushi, even at six months, has such beautiful colors and skin markings! She knows she is such a beauty.

beardie on a hand
credit: Jamie Lynn Smith

#30 Diva

Diva, the 9-month old doesn’t seem to be a diva but rather, an athlete.

beardie on a football
credit: Jasmine Flood

#31 Veda

What is there not to love about Veda?

beardie with a spiky ball
credit: Jessica Dasinger

#32 Rex

This is a photo of Rex in his glass tank in the petshop. He just had to look irresistible so his hooman just had to take him home.

A bearded dragon
credit: Kaylee Tucker

#33 Cletus

Cletus is obviously enjoying his worm snack in this photo.

A cheeky beardie
credit: Kimberly Honeycutt

#34 Wizard

Wizard is more than just a lizard. Just take a look at those scales and you’ll know he’s special.

orange beardie
credit: Kimberly Welsh

#35 Alduin

Do not mess with Alduin with he’s busy with his salad greens!

beardie with salad greens
credit: Lily Messing

#36 Zeus

Zeus seems to be a citrus or citrus tiger morph. Just look at those orange markings!

huge beardie in a steel bowl
credit: Lindsey Hamrick Rainey

#37 Translucent Bearded Dragon

Translucent bearded dragons have transparent spines and scales. Look at his light color too, which is very different from your regular bearded dragon.

A small pink beardie
credit: Lizzy Orosco

#38 Translucent Bearded Dragon 2

Here’s one more shot which gives a clearer image of those awesome spines and scales.

A small pink beardie
credit: Lizzy Orosco

#39 Spicy

Spicy is most probably a white bearded dragon. White-bearded dragon morphs usually change color between white and gray depending on the climate, just like Spicy.

huge beardie
credit: Lorena Lee

#40 Dexter

This beautiful 12-year-old white-bearded dragon morph is a rescue beardie who now lives in a loving home.

A big beardie
credit: Lottie Hudson

#41 Lizzy 

Lizzy is a 7-month old orange bearded dragon morph whose face seems to be filled with curiosity.

A big beardie
credit: Marsha Gregoire

#42 Joe

Joe is a classic morph. Don’t let his classic look fool you. Since he was named after a famous quarterback, it seems to be that he is just about ready to get into any game.

beardie in a glass cage
credit: Mary Krup

#43 Ruby

The pattern on Ruby’s scales are indeed gorgeous. Don’t let that look fool you though. You’ll know when she doesn’t care much for her veggies since she’ll end up stepping on them, says her loving hooman.

beardie in a glass cage
credit: Megan Ailene

#44 Ruby Part 2

And here is one more shot of Ruby from her head to her tail.

beardie in a glass cage
credit: Megan Ailene

#45 Beardy

Beardy likes to attend classes in school and is probably the most famous one in the class!

beardie next tobooks
credit: Melissa Bergeron Wilkinson

#46 Echo

Echo was named after a velociraptor in the movie Jurassic Park. All he has though are killer looks. Other than that, he truly is a gentle creature.

orange beardie
credit: Melissa Mertins

#47 Hildegard

Hildegard is a 5-year old who is recovering from trauma after having been abused in another household. Look at her as she calmly rests and sleeps on the hands of her new hooman.

credit: Michelle Louis

#48 Buddy

Buddy, another orange morph, is in a serious business meeting.

2 beardies in a meeting with toy dragons
credit: Michelle Mc Afrey

#49 Bubbles

Look at Bubbles and her happy smile. That’s the look of contentment when you know you are loved by your mama.

Big beardie on a wooven mat
credit: Michelle Thompson Jefferson

#50 Nubs McKenzie

Nubs was injured by his mom when he was a baby. The mom bit his tail and his back feet so he was given up for adoption. He, luckily, survived and is now doing well in his new home.

beardie on a wet rock
credit: Naomi May

#51 Kai

Look at the blue color of the sky blend with Kai’s color! At 3-months old, she is still getting to know humans but is slowly getting there.

long beardie
credit:Rachel Lee Linton

#52 Carrot

Carrot is another rescue bearded who has just turned two. Two and terrific too!

huge beardie
credit:Sahvana Flaherty

#53 Classic Morph

Another classic morph with the typical bearded dragon scale pattern. Don’t you just love the spikes and scales on his face too?

big beardie
credit: Shay Reiner Oiler

#54 Athena

Athena is a gamer!

beardie on a game console
credit: Sheila CJ Poole

#55 Jumba

Jumba loves her veggies. Loves baths. Loves staying on shoulders. Hates hugs.

beardie in a sink
credit:Terri McKinney

# 56 Frederico

Frederico is one-year old rare zero morph. Zero morphs are known for their lack of color or distinct scale patterns usually seen in classic dragons.

beardie in a sink
credit: Tisha Collichio

#57 Quartz

Quartz is a  three-year old classic morph who was placed into adoption. She obviously is quite comfortable in her new home too.

cute beardie on a log
credit: Toni Jones

#58 Quartz Front View

Here is another picture of Quartz, this time with his face in full view. 

laughing beardie
credit: Toni Jones

#59 More of Quartz

Still can’t get enough of Quartz? Here is another one of his handsome pictures.

curious beardie
credit: Toni Jones

#60 Easter Dragon

Dragon in a bunny costume! Now if only he had an Easter basket…

easter bunny beardie
credit: Wendy Wayman

Final Thoughts

Bearded dragons [2] are wonderful creatures that have a rare and majestic look.

There are many who try to raise a dragon in captivity as pets, but many end up being abused and not taken care of.

These bearded dragon pictures and not just bearded dragon stock pictures. They are reminders of how nature has gifted us with such beauty.

They are for any bearded dragon lover who thinks of beardies not only as objects of display. After all, they are pets and as pets, they are family.

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orange beardie


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