Can Hamsters Have Broccoli? Is it Safe or Bad for Them?

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Can hamsters have broccoli, or is it on their “no-no” list?

That’s a good question, and one with a pretty straightforward answer!

Keep reading to find out if it’s safe for your sweet little pal!

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Can Hamsters Eat Broccoli?

Yes, hamsters CAN eat broccoli (unless your vet says otherwise, of course).

In fact, broccoli is a great treat for hamsters and can even be served pretty regularly!

The best amount of broccoli is half to one teaspoon every one or two days.

Told you it was a straightforward answer!

Take a look at this cute hamster eating broccoli:

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3 Benefits Of Broccoli For Hamsters

Broccoli is an amazing food for hamsters. It is full of antioxidants and vitamins that your hamster needs to stay healthy. You should try to feed your hamster broccoli as much as possible.

Below are some of the benefits of feeding broccoli to your hamsters:

1. Rich In Vitamin C

Broccoli contains plenty of Vitamin C, which is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system and healthy bones and teeth.

A lack of Vitamin C can cause premature aging, poor wound healing, and dry skin, among other things. Hamsters need Vitamin C in their diet to prevent these problems from developing.

2. High In Fiber

Broccoli also contains plenty of fiber, which helps keep your pet regular by drawing toxins out through their bowels. Fiber also promotes good digestion and lowers cholesterol levels in humans and animals alike.

This can help prevent heart disease, constipation, and other serious health problems down the road if you include it in your pet’s daily diet.

3. Rich In Calcium And Iron

Calcium is very important for maintaining strong bones and muscle tissue in both humans and hamsters alike, while iron plays an important role in producing red blood cells and transporting oxygen throughout the body (which helps prevent fatigue).

Can Hamsters Eat Broccoli Leaves?

Hamsters can eat broccoli leaves. They also like leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Broccoli is a good source of fiber and vitamin C.

If you want to give your hamster broccoli leaves for dinner, make sure that the leaves are well cooked first because raw broccoli contains oxalic acid which can damage your pet’s kidneys if eaten in large amounts or on a regular basis.

Get creative in the kitchen with our article on hamster treats at home – learn how to make tasty and healthy snacks for your furry friend.

Can Baby Hamsters Eat Broccoli?

Baby hamsters can eat broccoli and other vegetables but only in small amounts because they are high in fiber and low in protein, which means they don’t have enough nutrients to make up for the fiber.

If you give your baby hamster too much broccoli or other vegetables, he could get sick or even die. If you want to give your baby hamster some vegetables, try giving him just a little bit once or twice a week and see if that works for him.

How To Feed Broccoli To Hamsters

Feeding broccoli to hamsters is a great way to add variety to your pet’s diet. Broccoli is a low-calorie vegetable that contains healthy nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and dietary fiber.

Below are the steps to preparing and feeding broccoli to your hamsters:

Step 1: Chop the broccoli into bite-sized pieces using a sharp knife or kitchen scissors.

Step 2: Place the pieces in a bowl of water and allow them to soak for 10 minutes before feeding them to your hamster. This process will soften up the leaves so that they are easier for your pet to eat.

Step 3: Change the water every day if you have leftovers or once every two days if you only have enough for one meal.

How Often Can Hamsters Eat Broccoli?

You can feed your hamster broccoli once or twice per week as part of its regular diet. The recommended amount of fresh foods for your pet is about 10 percent of its total daily intake — so if your hamster eats 1/4 cup of food per day, you should feed it 1/4 cup of fresh produce every 7 days (or three times per week). However, this amount will vary depending on the size of your hamster and how much it eats each day.

If your hamster seems to be gaining weight too quickly or losing weight too slowly, increase or reduce the frequency with which you feed it broccoli accordingly.

What Others Treats Can I Give My Hamster?

Hamsters thrive on a high-variety diet. Fruit and vegetables are with some exceptions good and healthy choices that add antioxidants and healthy fats to a diet. In addition, food like meat and cheese can be important protein sources [1].

Watching your hamster feast on its treats is sure to give you a warm and even proud feeling!

If you’re ever unsure about feeding your hamster a particular food, just don’t do it. Likewise, if your hamster ate something you’re not sure about, call your vet.

​To answer the most common items given as treats (and some items not to give you hammy) we’ve put together a hamsterific infographic you can get below.


hamster food infographic

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3-Step System for Testing New Hamster Treats

When I introduce new treats for my Hamster, Mr. Bubbles, there is a 3-step system I use every time to ensure it’s good for his little stomach.

How to Test New Hamster Treats

  1. Make sure it’s fresh, washed, and doesn’t contain any pesticide (i.e. purchase organic treats)
  2. Test if your hamster can eat the treat. This is done by giving a little test piece and waiting a couple of days watching for any symptoms
  3. Introduce the treat into your hamster’s diet at more regular intervals over the coming weeks

Best Hamster Food

Besides giving your hamster treats, it is very important to give it the right kind of hamster food.

There is a lot of food out there with one of the following traits:

  • Not enough protein in it
  • Becomes dusty
  • Your hamster simply doesn’t like it and leaves a lot of food

That’s why, we have done the research and recommend the following three products, which are none of the above, and instead are the backbone of a good hamster diet.

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Other Feeding Tips for Your Hamster

1. Provide fresh water every day. The water bottle should be frequently checked for any dirt or leaks to avoid contamination of the water. It is also good to monitor your hamster’s water intake because a reduction of water intake can mean you need to visit the vet.

2. Remove any remnants of feed to avoid rotting- this is especially for fresh fruits, vegetables, and powdered food which tend to grow mold/bacteria.

3. Do not overfeed on vegetables to avoid diarrhea. Overfeeding on sugary fruits and treats is also discouraged because it tends to cause obesity in your pet.

4. When introducing a new kind of feed to your hamster, you should first give a small amount and observe for a week for any negative reaction to the food. If there is no negative reaction, then the feed is safe for consumption for your hamster. A sudden change in the diet of your pet may cause stress.

a girl feeding hamster, can hamsters eat broccoli

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Hamsters can eat broccoli. It is not a good idea to feed your hamster raw broccoli, due to the fact that it is harder for them to digest and may cause diarrhea.

However, you can cook the broccoli and let it cool before feeding it to your hamster.


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a hamster with broccoli in front of him, can hamsters eat broccoli?

Can hamsters eat broccoli? Have you tried feeding it to your pet? Please share your experience with us below!


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