5 of the Best and Useful Sugar Glider Wheels

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Sugar Glider Wheels are a vital part of your habitat setup, as they give your pet a chance to exercise and burn off excess energy.

Finding the right one can be a challenge, especially since gliders are a relatively new pet trend.

Don’t worry, though; I picked out a few options to make this search much easier.

Let’s take a look and find your perfect sugar glider wheel!

Our Top Picks

Check this comparison table for a quick guide. Read the review for further details.

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When it comes to finding the best anything for sugar gliders, Etsy is almost always your best bet, as you’ll see. We did include Amazon options, too, though, don’t worry.

1. Mylittlesugarglider Lunar Sugar Glider Wheel

Lunar Sugar Glider Wheel Black Baby Blue

Mylittlesugarglider’s Lunar Sugar Glider Wheel multi-colored design, sturdy construction, and affordable price are tough to beat. 

Your suggie will have no problems enjoying their exercise times when using this safe, spacious wheel. 

Other users rave about how their gliders seem to be on it non-stop, thanks to its comfortable running platform.

But a few buyers did note that it’s a bit noisy, which could be a problem for some. 

For instance, you might not want to set this wheel up in a cage within your bedroom.

11.5-inch diameterA bit noisy
Sturdy plastic/metal constructionHigh shipping cost
No interior axleUp to 2 weeks for delivery
Lightweight design
Comfortable running surface

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2. MonPetitSugarLove Sugar Glider Wheel

Ultra-quiet sugar glider wheels for sugar gliders

The MonPetitSugarLove’s Sugar Glider Wheel is one of our most convenient options. 

It has a sizeable 12.24-inch diameter and six different color options to ensure your suggie will be running in style. 

Buyers should adore its 3-in-1 PVC stand/mount that offers top-tier installation flexibility. 

This wheel’s ultra-quiet operation level doesn’t hurt its case, either.

12.24-inch diameterSomewhat pricey
Six color optionsVery high shipping
Mesh with openings of less 3/8-inch to prevent injuryTakes up to a month to receive
Ultra-quiet operation
No center axle

3. SugarGliderWheels Raptor Wheel

Raptor Wheel for Sugar Gliders

If you’re looking for an option with a sizable number of style choices, SugarGliderWheels’s Raptor Wheel is a perfect fit. 

The ten color options should make it easy to find a perfect variation for your glider’s personality. 

More importantly, it offers top-tier performance with its diamond mesh/plastic construction and PVC stand.

Your suggie should have an abundance of running area, too, with this wheel’s 12-inch diameter. 

But owners will need to spend more cash than with other choices, as it’s one of our most expensive. 

Money-back guaranteeAmong the pricier models
Ten color optionsExpensive shipping
Silent operation
PVC stand/mount for easy usage
Simple to clean 

4. Exotic Nutrition Sugar Glider Treadmill Wheel

Our next wheel, the Exotic Nutrition Sugar Glider Treadmill Wheel, is different from the other options. 

It features a saucer shape design to prevent any spinal injuries from happening with its usage. 

Buyers will also notice its lack of ball bearings or center axle, which are other top-tier safety measures. 

Your glider will never feel safer than when using this wheel.

Some customers did report a few durability concerns, but it’s nothing I would put too much stock into.  

14-inch diameterDurability concerns
Silent operationNot the most stylish
Easy to clean
Saucer shape design to prevent spinal injuries
Lightweight construction

5. Quality Cage Crafters Exercise Wheel

The Quality Cage Crafters Exercise Wheel is easily our most durable wheel. 

Its metal and wood construction will endure anything your glider throws at it. 

Your suggie will love its 15-inch diameter, as well, which offers more running space than any other wheel. 

Please don’t sleep on its 1-year warranty, either, as it could save you from being left without a usable wheel. 

Its warranty will also come in handy when you realize the wheel’s easily our most expensive option. 

Durable metal/wood constructionPriciest option
Comfortable running spaceComplaints that it wears out earlier than expected
Open-wheel design
Made in the USA
1-year warranty

What is a Sugar Glider Wheel?

Sugar glider wheels are exercise equipment suggie owners put inside their cages.

These products don’t look much different than what you’d see in a gerbil or hamster’s cage.

Their entire purpose revolves around giving a suggie unlimited running opportunity and letting their energy out without limitations.

Sugar gliders need a way to keep themselves in good shape, and running/gliding around their sugar glider cage sets only provides so much. 

As for their design, sugar glider wheels usually consist of metal or plastic material.

Each material comes with its own set of pros and cons that an owner will need to account for when buying one. 

Metal options offer the main advantage of lasting longer than plastic wheels. After all, metals tend to be a much tougher and stronger design material. 

These models will be much less susceptible to the wear and tear that comes from sugar glider usage. I very much doubt your suggie will chew through a metal wheel.

But metal wheels do have one downside, which is these models usually are made with rungs. Their inclusion is bad for sugar gliders because their legs are fragile and might get injured when falling through the gaps.

Meanwhile, plastic wheels are often made from a single piece rather than rungs.

Sugar experts and owners consider this construction much safer because there aren’t any of those dangerous gaps.

How to Choose a Safe Sugar Glider Wheel

Sugar glider owners must understand that 99.9% of wheels found in pet stores aren’t safe.

These wheels are known for causing numerous injuries and deaths to our favorite suggies. 

Each potential buyers need to know how they can determine whether a sugar glider wheel’s safe. Here’s a list to follow when looking into a wheel for your favorite suggie.

1. Needs to be Flat on the Inside

Hamster or rat wheels usually contain a bar in the middle, which isn’t suitable for sugar glider usage. These bars can cause spinal injuries when/if a suggie hits it. 

It’s a common occurrence because gliders tend to bounce or hop through their wheels rather than running flat.

As a result, a bar right in the middle of their middle becomes incredibly problematic. 

2. Can’t Have a Rotating Bearing on the Inside

A glider’s running and hopping style could also be dangerous with this type of wheel. In these situations, your glider’s tails could get snagged on the rotating bearing. 

Owners should inside look for wheels will these bearings on the outside. It’s a simple, effective way to prevent any unfortunate incident from occurring with your glider. 

3. Features Tracks or Mesh 

It would be best to look for an option with built-in tracks or mesh to ensure a glider’s comfortable while using them.

Please stay away from wheels with nail trimming paper covering them, as well.

Gliders instead prefer and love to grab onto tracks. It makes landing on the material a lot less painful for them. 

4. Open Front Design 

Your glider’s wheel needs to feature a completely open front design. Options with a cover provide safety issues that could cause some severe injuries. 

For instance, gliders who hit this cover when jumping in or out of the wheel could result in spinal injuries.

It can be especially dangerous when more than one glider is using the wheel. 

5. At Least 11 inches or More in Diameter

Gliders need a wide running area because they tend to be a little bouncy.

Eleven or more inches should provide enough room to ensure they can run without requiring any back bending. 

Sugar Glider Wheels FAQs 


Wodent wheels aren’t safe for gliders and have a notorious reputation for causing serious issues. In some cases, their usage has even lead to a glider’s death.


Each wheel mentioned in our article has a reputation for been sugar glider safe! But if an unlisted wheel meets the criteria outlined earlier, it should be more than safe.


Sugar gliders are massive fans of wheels because it’s an excellent outlet for their highly energetic personality. It’s an easy way for them to get rid of their pent-up energy.


Sugar gliders need a wheel in their cage to let them stretch out while they’re running. It offers them an acceptable amount of exercise to prevent obesity from becoming a problem.


Like I mentioned above, sugar gliders are a relatively new pet trend, so finding accessories for them is still a bit challenging.

Etsy is almost always your best bet, but as you see, Amazon has some options designed for other small pets that work well, too– or you can try making your very own sugar glider wheel DIY.

Our #1 Top Pick

Ultra-quiet sugar glider wheels for sugar gliders
Sugar glider, Petaurus breviceps, isolated on white background

Which ones are your favorite sugar glider wheels? Please share with us!

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