Cute Sugar Glider Drinking From The Bottle [Must-Watch Video]

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Sugar gliders love their water! This one was having the time of their life, gulping it all up while lying down in their comfy little carrier bag.

This video of a sugar glider drinking from their water bottle is the cutest video you’ll see today:

But why are they drinking so much bottled water?

It Must Have Been a Busy Day

Sugar gliders normally do not need lots of water since they usually get the fluids that they need from the food that they eat.

That’s why gliders need their fresh food to have 75% of water (1). Succulent fruits, for example, are an excellent source of fluids for your pet.

Seeing the little fella and how much they’re drinking may mean that they have been pretty active throughout the day.

The Need for Water

Water is more important than food in the glider’s diet. Not that they shouldn’t be fed meals.

But leaving your glider with no sources of water can easily cause dehydration (2). Extreme dehydration in sugar gliders can be a problem as it may lead to sickness or even death.

Make sure you always have a source of water ready for your gliders.

Sugar gliders make great pets since they easily get along with humans. They love to interact, but they also need a lot of TLC.

Part of that TLC is to keep them in comfortable surroundings that are complete with all their basic needs, and that includes water.

That little one is a pretty good example of one happy sugar glider. Seems to me they are completely happy and surrounded by all the TLC they’ll ever need!

Water Bottles or Water Bowl

In order to have a constant water supply, sugar glider owners usually choose between bottled water or a water dish for their pets.

Either is okay. A sugar glider water bottle, though, may give you the advantage of not leaving a huge mess.

Just make sure that if you do get a water bottle, choose one that is made of glass or plastic made from BPA-free material. Have one that is with a chew-proof nozzle too!

Just keep in mind that your glider must always have clean water since drinking water is part of what will keep them hydrated and healthy, like that cute sugar glider drinking from their bottle.

Cute Sugar Glider


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