5 DIY Sugar Glider Wheel Ideas (The Beginner’s Guide)

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Looking for DIY sugar glider wheel ideas?

You don’t want to spend the money on commercial wheels?

I’ve got you covered with these 5 suggestions that are perfect for Beginners and seasoned people alike!

Check them out!

5 Sugar Glider Wheels to Make at Home

a DIY sugar glider wheel

Unlike hamsters and other small animals, sugar gliders have a different gait [1].

They tend to jump and hop while running on a wheel, unlike other small animals that run steadily while on the wheel.

Most commercially sold wheels have parts protruding that tend to injure their backs and nails. So ensure about how to cut sugar glider nails properly.

Some of the critical components of DIY sugar glider wheels include sturdy wooden bases, durable wire casings, and soft fabric inserts to provide plenty of cushioning for those little furry feet.

Whether you’re looking for a fast-spinning design or a lazy-wheels option for more relaxed playtime, DIY sugar glider wheels are the perfect project for any animal lover.

So if you’re looking for a fun DIY project that will help keep your sugar gliders happy and healthy, why not try making a DIY sugar glider wheel? Your little pets will love it!

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Check out what other Shuggie parents [2] have done for some inspiration.

1. Simple DIY Sugar Glider Wheel

You don’t need any crazy tools and intricate skills for this DIY. Such a simple excellent wheel that will keep your little marsupial busy for hours.

2. Cardboard Wheel

Check out this cute glider wheel made of cardboard and ice cream sticks.

3. Cool DIY Wheel

Here’s a cool, more intricate DIY wheel.

4. DIY PVC Wheel

This Shuggie dad made a glider wheel from PVC.

5. Hammy Wheel

Of course, we can take something from the other furbaby wheel.

Voilà! There you have it. You can easily have a DIY sugar glider wheel perfect for keeping your furry friends happy and healthy!

And if you’re going to make one, might as well go all out. You can even add an LED light for nighttime fun.

So what are you waiting for? Get crafting today!

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DIY a Sugar Glider Wheel or Buy One: Which Option to Choose?

Many sugar glider owners choose to make their sugar glider wheels since these can be custom-made to fit the needs of their sugar gliders.

lady thinking about which type of sugar glider wheel to buy

Unlike smaller exotic pets like hamsters, sugar gliders require space to move in. Many commercially available wheels sadly lack in size, and some designs can cause injury to your glider.

That said, there are a few sellers in the market who do sell sugar glider wheels with customizable options, in which case you may want to check these out if budget is not an issue for you. 

There are also commercially available wheels, such as sugar glider nail trimming wheels, which are more than just a simple exercise wheel for your sugar glider. 

You may want to check out this review of sugar glider nail trimming wheels to see if there is one that can easily fit the need of your sugar glider.

If you are working within a given budget, though, again, a DIY sugar glider wheel is a better choice since you can make a wheel using essential items that will amount to only half the price of a commercially sold wheel.


How do you fix a squeaking sugar glider wheel?

If you have a squeaky sugar glider wheel, you can try adding a bit of vegetable oil on the hinges so these can run smoothly and stop squeaking.

Can sugar gliders run in a hamster ball?

a plain hamster ball

Sugar gliders can run in hamster balls, but it is vital for you to introduce your glider to the ball slowly. Some get stressed out just staying in the ball. Others get dirty from their pee and their poo.

There’s a possibility of injury if nails get stuck between the slots. Caution should be taken when using the ball.


Sugar gliders, just like any other pet, need constant exercise to remain healthy. Lack of exercise [3] in gliders leads to excess weight, resulting in problems, such as heart disease, which aren’t good for your glider.

DIY sugar glider wheels allow you to customize your wheel based on the needs of your pet, whether that means making it extra-wide or adding different textures or objects for them to climb on.

And best of all, building your DIY wheel is a great way to save money compared with purchasing wheels from a pet store.

So if you want to give your sugar gliders the absolute best, DIYing their wheel is the way to go!

Sugar Glider Wheel DIY Guide

DIY or buying a new one? Share with us what’s your decision when it comes to sugar glider wheels down in the comment section!


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