10 Best Cages for Sugar Gliders (Review & Top Picks)

What are the best cages for Sugar Gliders?

This is the burning for any glider pet parent TO BE! 

Before my daughter brought her sugar glider home, I did a LOT of research! And frankly, it was HARD finding the right answers! 

You don’t have to go through this daunting task as I’m sharing my experience with you today

In this guide, I will tell you exactly which sugar glider cages are the best ones in the market.

Here is my list of the top ten cages.

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Sugar Glider Cage Top Picks at a Glance

I have hand-picked these based on a lot of research so that you can trust these choices. Below are my favorite top 5.

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Editors Choice
MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit Small Animal Cage (Model 162)
Top Benefit
Plenty of Room to Climb and Jump
Check Latest Price
Great CHEAP Starter Cage
Prevue Pet Products 484 Deluxe Critter Cage, Dark Gray
Top Benefit
Plenty of space under the cage for storage
Check Latest Price
Best User Friendly
PawHut 57" H 6-Level Indoor Small Animal Cage Rabbit Hutch with Wheels - Black
Top Benefit
Very spacious
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10 Best Cages for Sugar Gliders (Reviews)

Top-rated cages for sugar gliders not only keep your fur babies safe; they also provide exercise and mental stimulation [1], which prevent your gliders from getting bored. 

Your Sugar Glider’s cage should be comfortable and safe while also being large enough to allow them to move around freely.

#1. Winner: Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

One of the first things we noticed with our pet sugar glider was that it had a lot of energy.

This is why our friends with gliders recommended taller cages to allow it plenty of room to climb and jump.

You see, climbing and jumping are excellent activities for gliders as they help them expend that extra energy.

Without these activities, sugar gliders can get depressed [2], which is never a good sign.

We selected MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation cage because it came highly recommended by our friends.

Also, it had the following great features which we loved, and most importantly, our gliders loved as well:

  • A Multi-Tier Construction 
Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation best cages for sugar gliders

Critter Nation cage provides your critters with multiple levels to climb up and jump from. The cage has enough levels to keep your pet exploring and prevent boredom.

Multiple layers also mean that you can add in another glider or two at some point later.

My daughter added two more gliders later, and the large cage ensured plenty of room for all three fur babies.

She also keeps water bowls on one level and treats and food on another level. This keeps our gliders moving up and down.

  • Excellent Design

This thoughtfully designed cage comes with ramps having happy feet covers so your glider’s paws do not get hurt or stuck in them.

This is a drawback many other cages have – I have read reports of gliders’ paws getting injured due to the rough metal floors.

Deluxe Critter Nation cages have overcome this major design flaw.

  • Omnidirectional Wheels

The wheels are simple to lock so the cage can stay firmly in place. You can easily remove the lock when you’re ready to move the cage.

We transport our cage from the living room to the patio, which gives our gliders a change of scenery and further helps prevent boredom. 

Physical Features and Measurements

  • 36 L x 24 W x 63 H inches
  • Weighs slightly over 105 lb.
  • ½-inch horizontal wire spacing.
  • 2 leak-proof pans and adjustable shelves
  • Full-width double doors
  • Available in single and two-story sizes plus an add-on cage.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Very easy to assemble and cleanSome pieces were too tight.
You may require a mallet for opening them,
and a mallet isn’t provided with the cage.
Customizable – multiple points for adding hammocks, toys, etc.
Lockable casters keep the cage in place
Safe, secure, and escape-proof due
to small spacing and chew-resistant materials
Full-width (removable) double doors for easy access
Ramp covers prevent injuries

Expert Tips

  • Replace the plastic trays with steel ones if your gliders are aggressive chewers.
  • Add some urine guards at the bottom shelf to prevent urine from leaking out.

How it Compares

MidWest pet products are trendy – I have used their dog crates too and been very happy with them. This cage is sturdy and robust, just like their crates.

The fact that the cage is equipped with lockable rolling casters means you can push it from the living room to the outer deck (or away from direct sunlight) to give your pets some change of scenery.

The multi-tier construction keeps your gliders stimulated too. So, go ahead and buy this best cage for sugar gliders – do not let its price deter you.

Check out this video that shows the assembling and disassembling of the Double Critter Nation cage.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit Small Animal Cage (Model 162)
  • Includes 2 pans, 2 adjustable shelves, 3 plastic ramps with covers & easily maneuverable stand with 4 locking wheel casters
  • Full-width double doors on critter nation small animal cage and removable shelf provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning & feeding
  • Critter Nation's wide expanse shelves & full width leak proof pans provide maximized play area & prevent dangerous falls
  • Great for Rats, Chinchillas, Dagus, Ferrets, tubing (corners) 0.6 inches square & 1/2 " horizontal wire spacing allow pets to fulfill their instinct to climb & explore in a secure environment
  • Dimensions: 36" L x 24" W x 63" H

#2. Budget-Friendly – Mcage Store 3-Level Small Animal Sugar Glider Cage

Mcage Three Size, 3 Level with Tight 3/8 Inch Bar Spacing Shelves Ladders for Guinea Pig Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Rats Mice Gerbil Animal Cage

Mcage 3-level sugar glider cage is sure to fit tight budgets.

It costs less than $60, and we bought this as an extra cage to keep our gliders at my mum’s house to watch them when we were out of town.

Despite its affordable price, Mcage 3-level cage is very sturdy.

It has a chew-free construction and can also withstand travel. It even folds down when you need to transport or store it.

Physical Features and Measurements

  • 24 (H) x 18 (W) x 30 (L) inches
  • 3/8th inch cross metal wire
  • Pull out tray for cleanup
  • Handles and foldable design for transport
  • Removable 3/8th inch raised grate
  • Large double front doors

Benefits & Drawbacks of Mcage Store 3-Level Small Animal Sugar Glider Cage

Easily houses 2 gliders – roomy and spaciousThe wires do not come together in some key places.
Very tiny animals could easily slip out.
Sturdy construction
Easy to clean
Great for travel

Expert Tips

Use zip ties in the areas where you feel the gaps are large, and your ferret/glider/chinchilla might escape. This will enhance the cage’s security.

How Does it Compare?

This is one of the most inexpensive-yet-sturdy glider cages on the market. It looks small, but it is quite roomy, and I am sure it will keep your gliders happy.

It comes with ramps and platforms, so your gliders are sure to have fun. The fact that it folds down means it is easy to travel with.

It serves the purpose of an extra cage should you need one. The only drawback to the cage is that you might have to zip-tie some larger gaps to prevent escapes.

Mcage Three Size, 3 Level with Tight 3/8 Inch Bar Spacing Shelves Ladders for Guinea Pig Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Rats Mice Gerbil Animal Cage (Black, Large)
  • 【Large Size: 30"L x 18"W x 24"H】 【All Metal, Chew Free】3-Levels, Cage Body With Tight 3/8-Inch Cross Bar Spacing; Cross Wire Shelves and Ladders, Paw Safe
  • Two Front Doors, With Removable Raised Wire Grate Floor, 3/8 Wire Spacing; Easy Carry Handless
  • Slide out bottom Pan for easy cleaning; Animal Safe Epoxy coated finish
  • 【Foldable, Easy For Storage or Travel】
  • 【Easy to Setup No Tool Needed】

#3. Best Overall: Yaheetech 69-Inch 3-Level Sugar Glider Cage

Yaheetech 69 Inch Extra Large Wrought Iron 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Squirrel Small Animals Cages with Cross Shelves and Ladders

Yaheetech is a renowned name in cages for birds, reptiles, and smaller animals. I have used their bird cages and have been very happy with them.

I am sure your pets will be very comfortable in this top-rated glider cage.

Yaheetech 69-Inch 3-Level Sugar Glider Cage

This 69-inch, 3-level cage is perfect for multiple gliders.

Its bars are very closely spaced together, so you won’t have to worry about escapes.

Yaheetech cages also come with large doors for easy cleaning and interaction with your gliders.

Physical Attributes and Measurements

  • 31.9 W x 18.3 D x 69’’ H with bar spacing of 0.4 inch
  • Ladder size – 23.2 x 4.7 inches
  • Includes colorful rope bungees
  • 360-degree swiveling casters for easy transport
  • Ladders, ramps, and wooden perches for adequate mental and physical stimulation.
  • Lower storage shelf 
  • 2 side openings with 10 small doors

Benefits & Drawbacks of Yaheetech 69-Inch 3-Level Sugar Glider Cage

Easy to assembleThere is no way to lock the food doors in place.
You need to zip tie them so your gliders cannot open them
Value for moneyThe bar spacing is well over an inch which they did not indicate on the listing.
You can purchase some animal safe netting to sew it inside of the cage over the parts that are wide-spaced
Chew proof
Multiple access points for easy cleaning and feeding.
Great for multiple small animals
Space-saving, detachable-storage shelf for keeping food and treat bags

Expert tip

  • Cut out some pieces of a fleece blanket and line the floors so they won’t hurt your pets’ feet.

How it Compares

Yaheetech is a popular brand in animal and birdcages and a reliable name in the pet industry. Their cages are well-made, sturdy, and durable.

The dimensions of the Yaheetech cage are ideal for sugar gliders to run and jump, and the ramps, ladders, and rope toys are an excellent addition.

The price is slightly on the higher side, but you get what you pay for.

Here is a video tutorial to decorate your sugar glider’s cage.

Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Wrought Iron 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Squirrel Small Animal Cage with Cross Shelves and Ladders, Black
  • Overall Dimension: 81 x 46.5 x 175.5 cm/ 31.9 x 18.3 x 69’’ (WxDxH)
  • Bar Spacing: 1 cm/ 0.4"
  • EASY CLEANING: Double door design makes it easy to access and clean the cage with cleaning tools. A slid e-out tray under the cage can be removed and cleaned with water. A grate between pets and the tray can avoid your pets walking/laying directly on their droppings, which ensures your pets’ hygiene and the tidiness of the cage.
  • CONVENIENT MOVING: Due to its extra large size, it may take a little effort to move this cage. However, our parrot cage comes with a stand that sits on four 360° swivel smooth rolling casters, which can perfectly solve this problem. Detachable mobile stand can be easily removed if needed.
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN: All 2 tier panels, 2 ladders and 6 perches are detachable. You can design a sweet home for your beloved pets. Extra lower storage shelf is prepared for holding your pets’ accessories and feed, keeping them handy and neat. Two side-opening composite doors convenient for birds in various sizes to use and ten small doors for feeders(8pcs included), breeding boxes (not included) and bird bath (not included).

#4. Best Chew-Proof – Mcage Wrought Iron Cage

Large Elegant and Durable Wrought Iron Double Ladders Open Play Top Bird Parrot Rolling Cage, Include Seed Guard
Mcage Wrought Iron Cage

Wrought iron is considered a far superior material [3] in fences and cages for a reason: it is sturdier and requires little maintenance.

And with small animals like ferrets and sugar gliders, wrought-iron cages eliminate the danger of chewing through wires and plastic.

Physical Features and Measurements

  • Large door size of height 21-inches.  The entire cage is 60-inches deep
  • Very tight bar-spacing is ½ inch, making it safe for naughty gliders who love to escape.
  • All-metal (wrought-iron) chew-free construction
  • 32-inch storage shelf to place your glider’s food and treats
  • Dimension without the stand beneath – 37” high and 30” wide

Benefits & Drawbacks of Mcage Wrought Iron Cage

Sturdy, durable, low-maintenanceCage wiggles when the gliders run and jump.
Safe, chew-proof, escape-proofProne to rusting
Easy assemblyIf you have young gliders they may escape.
Easy to clean
Multiple doors and access points

Expert Tips

  • Use some garden wire to secure the cage to the stand below. 
  • Spray some fish oil to prevent the cage from rusting. [4]

How it Compares

While this cage is no MidWest Critter Nation, it is undoubtedly lighter than it. Also, the price is half that of Critter Nation.

The size is excellent, and the large doors ease the cleaning process. I strongly recommend this cage if your gliders are aggressive chewers.

Large Elegant and Durable Wrought Iron Double Ladders Open Play Top Bird Parrot Rolling Cage, Include Seed Guard
  • 【Large Elegant and Durable Wrought Iron Construction】 Parrot Bird cage with Parrot Safe non toxic powder coated finish
  • 【Large Overall Dimensions: 30.5''L x 29.5''W x 65''H】 with an overall height (Including stand, Around seed guards and Play Top); 【Large Interior Cage Dimensions: 24" x 22" x 43"H.】
  • 【Bar spacing: 5/8''】Large front swing-out door (size: 10" x 34"H) with Improved safety metal lock
  • 【Open Play-Top Ground】 With Two Parallel Wooden Stand Perches, Double Walk Ladders, Two Stainless Steel Feeder Bowls, Top Slide-out Metal Tray and Removalbe Panel For Easy Access to Play-Top or For Easy Cleaning
  • 【Four Stainless Steel Cups】 With Swivel Solid Metal feeder doors prevent spillage, Inside Natural Wooden Stand Perch.
  • [Bottom Slide-out Grate and Metal Tray] for easy cleaning, Around seed guards included.
  • Four Heavy Duty Swivel Casters for easy mobility and durability.

Check: Sugar Glider Cage Requirements for DIY

#5. Best User-Friendly Design – PawHut 57″ H 6-Level Indoor Small Animal Cage with Wheels

PawHut 57

PawHut critter cage is roomy and spacious, and its large-sized doors allow easy access to your pets. Moreover, its removable tray makes cleanup easier.

The spacing between bars is 0.95,” which will keep your nocturnal animals from getting injured or stuck. It is also available in 3 colors to suit your décor.

Measurements and Physical Features

  • 32″L x 20.75″W x 57.5″H overall dimensions
  • 3 large doors – 2 in the front and one on the top.
  • Front door 1 has an opening of 13 x 11 inches, and front door 2 has an opening of 13.75 x 11.75. The top door is 17.25 x 13
  • The size of each platform is 17 ½ x 10 inches
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Bar spacing of 0.95 inches.

Benefits & Drawbacks of PawHut 57″ H 6-Level Indoor Small Animal Cage with Wheels

Easy to assemble and cleanThe ramp/stairs keep falling off sometimes.
Sturdy and durable
Very spacious – has plenty of room to keep your glider’s stuff in it.The metal flooring is noisy.
If you keep the cage in the bedroom, your gliders might create a ruckus and wake you with their jumping.
Has plenty of ramps insideGliders tend to escape because the bar spacing is larger than 1/2”. Make sure to cover any large bars.
Modern design that fits all kinds of décor
Chew proof and rust-resistant metal construction with painted finish

Expert Tips

  • Put some bedding in the pull-out tray.

How it Compares

For less than $300, PawHut is a great cage that will last for years. It is sure to provide your gliders with plenty of room which is great for their mental and physical stimulation. 

The well-designed cage has a sturdy and dependable construction, and it is relatively easy to clean, thanks to the presence of multiple doors on it.

There are plenty of stairs and ramps for your glider to climb inside. The presence of wheels makes it easy to transport too.

Most users found its assembly reasonably easy and did not need any tools.

Here is a video tutorial of sugar glider cleaning

PawHut 57" H 6-Level Indoor Small Animal Cage Rabbit Hutch with Wheels - Black
  • DELUXE ANIMAL CAGE: This wheeled indoor fancy 6-level habitat in beautiful pink and white colors is great for your small pet to live. Ideal for a small pet of large size such as rabbits, pet mink, etc
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The large inner space features a platform with an anti-slip ramp and two openings, one on the top and one on the front, for easy access to your pet.
  • EASY ROLLING WHEELS: The small animal shelter includes 4 omnidirectional wheels,2 with brakes for easy movement and transport around your home or yard.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: A removable tray is included for quick cleaning allowing you to maintain a healthy environment for your pet.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Our small animal cage is made using a sturdy metal frame with 0.78''and 0.13''wire and a fully painted surface to make it wear and corrosion-resistant. Thoughtful 0.95''bar spacing avoids your animal getting stuck. NOTE: Buyer to determine the amount of pets that will fit in the hutch depending on breed and size.

#6. Best Versatile: Mcage 4-5 Level Multi-Pet Versatile 55-Inch Cage

Mcage 55

Sometimes, you need a versatile cage that can house different small animals like ferrets, chinchillas, sugar gliders, etc.

The Mcage 4-5 level cage costs just $100, and its design can accommodate different varieties of small critters.

The best feature is its tight-bar spacing that can prevent your little ones from escaping.

Please check out these rules [6] if you plan to house different pets together.

Physical Features and Measurements

  • 30 x 18 x 55 inches (W x L x H); 3/8th inch bar spacing
  • 3 x doors (10 x 10.5 H – inches)
  • Slide-out bottom tray with raised edges to catch messes
  • Non-toxic epoxy coat
  • 4 platforms

Benefits & Drawbacks of Mcage 4-5 Level Multi-Pet Versatile 55-Inch Cage

Safe and sturdyUnclear assembly instructions
Chew-free design
Heavy-duty casters for easy transport
Easy access for cleaning

Expert Tips

  • Use zip ties to make the doors close properly.

How it Compares

Other than unclear instructions Mcage 4-5 level 55-inch cage is great. It is inexpensive and safe. Its safety features include non-toxic epoxy coating and very tight spacing between bars.

All in all, it is a great cage to house various small pets that costs just about $100.

Mcage 55" X-Large Multiple Flight Bird Aviary Budgie Canary Finch Breeding Cage with Rolling Stand (White)
  • 【Extra Large 30"Wide x 18"Deep x 55" Tall 】Bird Cage for Multiple Small Size Flight, Parakeets, Canaries, Aviaries, LoveBirds or finches
  • 【Narrow 3/8" Bar Spacing】For Small Size Birds Flight.. 【Safe Non-toxic Epoxy Coated Finish】 and 【Slide-Out bottom tray】 make cleaning easy
  • 【3 Large Access Pull Up Front Doors, 10" x 10.5"H】 Total 9 Feeder Doors
  • Plastic clear transparent feeder cups and wood perches are included
  • Removable stand with rolling wheels

#7. Great CHEAP Starter Cage: Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Cage

Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage

Are you looking for a deluxe, premium housing for your sugar gliders? If you don’t mind spending a little extra, then you will love Prevue’s Deluxe critter cage.

It is safe and spacious, and also easy to assemble.

The best part is that, unlike other critter cages, it does not wobble as it comes with extra rails, clips, and alignment tabs that can keep the cage firmly in place.

Prevue deluxe cage also provides multiple levels for sugar gliders to jump and play. 

Physical Features and Measurements

  • 37 x 23 ⅛ x 63 3/8th inches (L x W x H)
  • Tight spacing of 7/16th wire
  • 5 shelves, 3 ramps, 1 hammock included
  • Made in the USA

Benefits & Drawbacks of Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Cage

SturdyCannot hand hammocks or other hanging things from the bottoms of the shelves
Easy to assemble and cleanIt’s a bit hard to clean
Value for moneyIt can rust easily
Plenty of space under the cage for storage
Roomy enough for 3 sugar gliders
Simple instructions for assembling.
Freedom to change inner assembly or
remove it completely for a more functional layout.

Expert Tips

  • It is best to pull the cage apart and wash all the parts in a tub for deep cleaning. It is too large to fit inside a tub while still assembled.

How it Compares

Prevue wobble-free critter cage is comparable in size and appearance to Midwest’s Double Critter Nation but much lower in price.

It is very sturdy, and the best part is that it does not wobble too much. You can change the inner layout as you like so your critters can get even more exercise.

Prevue Pet Products 484 Deluxe Critter Cage, Dark Gray
  • Designed to home a wide variety of small animals
  • Heavy duty, rust-resistant,metal construction
  • 5 shelves, 3 ramps and 1 hammock included
  • 2 large entry doors with easy to use locking mechanism
  • 37’’ L x 23 1/8’’ W x 63 3/8'' H with 7/16’’ wire spacing

#8. Best Workmanship: Brisbane Cage

Brisbane Cage (Black) - Large Spacious Durable Metal Cage - for Sugar Gliders, Chinchillas, Squirrels, Ferrets & Other Small Pets

Exotic Nutrition Store’s Brisbane Cage is manufactured by professionals from the HQ Cage Company which are well known for their workmanship.

After all, the Company makes more than 120,000 cages every year!

Brisbane sugar glider cage is 63-inches tall, making it perfect for gliders who love to climb. It is spacious and roomy enough to house 3 gliders. 

Physical Features and Measurements

  •  63″ tall (36” off stand) x 33″ wide x 22″ deep – best suited for 2-3 gliders
  • 2 Front doors dimensions – 10 x 13 inches
  • Side doors
  • 15 cubic feet interior space
  • Pull out metal tray to catch droppings
  • Removable casters
  • Non-toxic powder coating
  • Optional stand
  • Comes with accessories – feeding bowls, water bottle, and climbing posts

Benefits & Drawbacks of Brisbane Cage

Spacious and plenty of storage.There is a $50 shipping fee if you have to return the cage for some reason.
Easy to clean
Easy side door access for quick food refills
Tight bar spacing and heavy-duty locks make the cage safe and secure
Rust-resistant due to durable, pet-safe powder coating

Expert Tips

Purchase Exotic Nutrition’s extra shelves and ramps to make the interior of the cage more active for your gliders.

They also carry custom sugar glider cage covers to give your gliders extra safety and privacy from other pets like dogs and cats.

How it Compares

The experts from Exotic Nutrition and HQ Cages have specially designed this cage for sugar gliders.

It is a very well-designed cage with adequate room and storage. The included accessories are convenient. 

Brisbane Cage (Black) - Large Spacious Durable Metal Cage - for Sugar Gliders, Chinchillas, Squirrels, Ferrets & Other Small Pets
  • ✔ STORAGE - includes a stand with accessory shelf perfect for storing food, toys & other cage items.
  • ✔ REMOVABLE WHEELS - Stand has removeable wheels to make the cage mobile/immobile.
  • ✔ OPTIONAL STAND - Cage can be removed from the stand and placed on a table or other surface.
  • ✔ ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - Included with cage are two plastic double-feed dishes and two wood climbing posts (all removable).
  • ✔ FAST, FREE SHIPPING in USA! Avg 3 days! ZooPro sells exotic animal food and accessories that are manufactured by Exotic Nutrition Pet Supply Company. Exotic Nutrition has been the industry leader of exotic animal products since 1998, specializing in sugar gliders, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, marmosets, degus, skunks, opossums, chinchillas, rats, hamsters, gerbils, squirrels, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets, chickens, bluebirds, wild birds, monkeys, marsupials, reptiles, amphibians & more

#9. Best Easy Transport Cage: PawHut 2-Level Cage with Living Quarters

PawHut 2/4/6 Levels Rolling Small Animal Rabbit Cage for Hamsters, Chinchillas, & Gerbils with a Large Living Space

If you live in an apartment and want a small and compact cage that doesn’t take up too much vertical space, then this is the cage for you.

PawHut’s rolling cage is also great for the easy transport of your little critters.

You can easily carry this lightweight cage to the vet’s clinic or even when you travel with your little buddies.

PawHut rolling cage has spacious living quarters inside it and comes with multiple doors for easy access to the interiors.

It is sturdy and made with high-quality alloy steel. Your little babies won’t be able to chew through this cage.

Physical Features and Measurements

  • 31.5 x 20.75 x 26 inches (L x W x H)
  • 28.75”L x 18”W x 20”H interior space
  • 0.5-inch bar spacing
  • Latches for extra security
  • 4 universal wheels – 2 of them have safety brakes
  • Includes ramps
  • Sliding food tray for easy cleaning
  • Available in 2 colors
  • 10.75”W x 13.25”H- front door size
  • 16.5”L x 13.25”H top door size
  • Available in 3 sizes

Benefits & Drawbacks of PawHut 2-Level Cage with Living Quarters

Easy to transport, lightweightThe space where the door is attached has a gap of 1-inch.
Use zip ties to secure it and prevent escapes.
Spacious and roomy enough for 1-2 glidersNo add-ons to add height to the cage
Easy to clean
The bottom wall contains all wet and solid messes

Expert Tips

The wheels are removable. So, you can easily keep the cage on the ground when not traveling.

How it Compares

PawHut cage provides excellent living space for all kinds of small animals and especially gliders. You can also use this sturdy cage for transporting your fur babies.

PawHut products are reliable and reasonably priced. If you want a great cage for your gliders without spending a fortune, this is a great choice.

The lack of vertical space is the only small drawback compared to our other entries above.

PawHut Rolling Small Animal Rabbit Cage for Bunny, Guinea Pig, Chinchillas, & Gerbils with a Large Living Space 39.25'' x 25.5'' x 43''
  • A HAPPY HOME: This rabbit cage provides a large living space & maximum comfort for your pet. This is an ideal house for a variety of small animals including rabbits, pet mink, chinchilla, guinea pig, and other similar sized small pets. Note: Not suitable for hamster and rat.
  • CONVENIENT IN & OUT: The multiple doors of this cage allow for easy access to the inside. The small animal enclosure also features a deep base to contain litter and has sliding-out bottom trays that are removable for easy cleaning up.
  • MULTIPLE FEATURES: This chinchilla's cage home for your small pet provides them with a platform and ramp for easily moving up and down. The bottom of the grid avoids the wet or dirty feet of small animals too.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The main body of this small animal cage is constructed with a high-quality metal wire that is both wear and rust-resistant. The 0.5" bar spacing provides great ventilation, while the latches are included for added security.
  • EASY TRANSPORT: Comes with 4 universal wheels for easy movement and transportation, 2 of which have a security brake to keep it in place when not in use.

#10. Best Starter Cage for Sugar Gliders: Kaytee My First Home Cage

Kaytee My First Home 30 X 18 Multilevel Exotics

Kaytee small animal cage is a great cage to keep your gliders in temporarily before you buy them their permanent home.

This starter cage is also great for people with one or two small gliders or other small animals like chinchillas and rats. 

Kaytee rat cage comes in multiple levels, so your pets can have fun as they climb and explore.

The sturdy cage prevents escapees since the space between the bars is too small, and the latches are nice and sturdy.

Kaytee starter cage is small and compact, so you can also take it on your travels. It is lightweight and weighs just under 18 lb.

The bottom of the cage comes with a deep pan that catches mess and bedding. This, combined with a front access door, makes the cage reasonably easy to clean.

This type of cage is also suitable as a whelping cage to keep baby or newborn gliders until they grow up.

Physical Features and Measurements

  • Bar spacing is ½ inch between wires
  • 30 x 18 x 30 inches wide
  • Equipped with chew-proof latches and wires
  • Easy access front door for deep cleaning
  • Includes accessories like ramps, shelves, and food dishes

Benefits & Drawbacks of Kaytee My First Home Cage

Small and sturdyNot for aggressive chewers.
AffordableNo door on top to access the cage from.
Secure and escape-proof

Expert Tips

  • Not a permanent enclosure, as most gliders will grow into it.

How it Compares

Kaytee My First Home – the name says it all. If you are looking for a temporary cage for your gliders or have just started keeping small animals as pets, this is a great choice.

It isn’t too expensive like the Deluxe Critter Nation and is also small and compact without compromising on your gliders’ safety.

It is large enough to house 1-2 small gliders and even house their toys. It is also tall enough for them to jump about.

Kaytee My First Home 30 X 18 Multilevel Exotics
  • Ideal habitat for chinchillas, rats and exotic pets
  • Multiple levels to climb and play
  • Deep base to prevent messes
  • Easy assembly for cleaning
  • Chew proof locks and wires for added safety
  • Extra narrow 1/2” wire spacing
  • Cage dimensions: 30.5” x 18” x 30”

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How to Choose the Best Sugar Glider Cage

Sugar gliders are small animals that can easily fit your palm. However, that does not mean that they need small or compact enclosures.

Sugar gliders need roomy and spacious enclosures, and that is why you must always ask yourself the question, ‘how big does a sugar glider cage need to be’.

This will help you buy the optimum enclosure for your fur babies.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting the best sugar glider cages:

#1. Number of Gliders You Own

Sugar gliders love company, and without it, they can get bored, even depressed. According to the experts [5] at Vet Care Pet Hospital, at least 10-15 gliders live together in nature.

So, it only makes sense to house at least 2 gliders, if not more. Naturally, you must ensure that each glider has adequate space to run, jump, and play.

Each glider needs at least 2 cubic feet of space to feel comfortable. That is how big your cage should be. 

#2. Consider the Shape of the Cage

Although gliders have short feet, they need a tall cage. The extra height ensures that they have adequate room to jump.

Jumping is an excellent exercise for gliders as, in nature, they are constantly jumping from one tree branch to another.

So, always select a taller cage. You can also go in for short cages but make sure that they at least have 2 levels or tiers for jumping.

#3. Ensure the Size is Adequate

Sugar gliders need ample space.

The minimum dimension of sugar glider cages needs to be at least 24 D x 24 W x 36 H.

If you do buy a cage smaller than this, then please keep it as a temporary enclosure and plan to move your gliders to a bigger one soon.

The next important factor in cage dimension is the bar spacing.

Bar spacing should not be greater than ½ an inch as any bigger, and your escape artist will do a Houdini!

The best thing about the cages I have recommended above is that you can take off some of the levels, ramps, and shelves if needed.

This gives you the freedom to customize the cage and add accessories and toys like hammocks, etc., as you please.

#4. Take into Account Safety features

What Material is It?

This is one of the most critical aspects of buying a reliable sugar glider cage. The material of the cage should be nontoxic – in case your glider chews through the wires.

If the manufacturer has used powder coating, make sure it is made of epoxy resin which won’t harm your pets.

Is the Flooring Safe?

Some cages come with metal floors with a grate. This allows the feces and urine to pass through to the sliding tray under it.

However, sharp metal bars could hurt your little babies’ paws. Look for floors with softer edges or smooth floors that won’t injure your buddies.

Alternatively, add some fleece or soft bedding to prevent injuries. Also, ensure there is just enough floor space.

Are The Latches Secure?

Smart sugar gliders can sometimes work out how to push or open the doors and even remove the latches.

So, look for sturdy cages with reliable latches that can prevent your buddy from escaping.

At the same time, the latches should not pinch, poke, or injure your tiny pets.

#5. Ease of Cleaning

Finally, make sure that the cage is easy to clean. Avoid cages without top doors, as that can make cleaning a hassle.

If you buy a large cage, then make sure it can be disassembled and put together with ease so you can wash its parts in the bathtub.

Here is a video tutorial on how to pick a sugar glider’s cage.


What habitats do sugar gliders need?

Sugar gliders are marsupial mammals native to Australia and Indonesia. They live in trees and avoid walking on the ground because of the fear of predators like snakes, etc.
When they move from tree to tree, they glide. That is why they need tall cages so they can jump and glide.

Can I put a sugar glider in a birdcage?

Yes, commercial birdcages with extra height and tight bar spacing are an excellent choice for gliders.

Final Recommendations

Sugar gliders are social animals that need to be housed in pairs or groups. They also need a roomy cage that is tall more than it is squat.

Wired (small animal) cages and birdcages are a great choice as they ensure adequate height and ventilation.

As a sugar glider owner, I recommend the MidWest deluxe Critter Nation because it is roomy and escape-proof.

It also is easy to clean from the top and multiple-side access doors.

It can also be customized thanks to several hanging points. Moreover, the well-designed cage has covered ramps that won’t hurt your pet’s feet. 

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit Small Animal Cage (Model 162)
  • Includes 2 pans, 2 adjustable shelves, 3 plastic ramps with covers & easily maneuverable stand with 4 locking wheel casters
  • Full-width double doors on critter nation small animal cage and removable shelf provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning & feeding
  • Critter Nation's wide expanse shelves & full width leak proof pans provide maximized play area & prevent dangerous falls
  • Great for Rats, Chinchillas, Dagus, Ferrets, tubing (corners) 0.6 inches square & 1/2 " horizontal wire spacing allow pets to fulfill their instinct to climb & explore in a secure environment
  • Dimensions: 36" L x 24" W x 63" H

Do check out my other recommendations as well.


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10 Best Cages for Sugar Gliders.

For you, what are the best cages for sugar gliders? Please let us know your pick in the comments below!

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