How to Make Sugar Glider Pouches (6 Easy Tutorials)

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Wondering how to make sugar glider pouches on your own?

It’s actually a lot easier than you may think, even if you’re not super crafty!

In fact, I promise, they’re even easier than the DIY sugar glider cage sets we tried last week.

Let’s dive in so you can see for yourself what I mean!

6 DIY Sugar Glider Pouches Ideas 

a gray homemade woolen sugar glider pouch

Sugar gliders are adorable, but they’re also very fragile. So, we have to find creative ways of bonding with them to ensure they stay safe. 

And that’s why we need sugar glider pouches. While you can buy them ready-made, you can also save a few bucks by learning how to make sugar glider pouches. 

Making a sugar glider pouch is very easy and only takes a few minutes, so you can always keep a few on hand to swap out.

Here is a list of easy homemade sugar glider pouches ideas. 

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1. DIY Sleeping Pouch for your Sugar Glider

Sugar glider in her house white background

Sleeping pouches are very important and mandatory for all sugar glider cage sets.

They’re also among the things that you’ll find yourself often replacing, especially if your gliders are chewers.

This sewing tutorial explains how to do this through nine simple steps. 

You can adjust the size of the pouches based on the number of gliders you need to house. 

The video below from Alice in Wonderland explained something similar, and it may help those who are just learning to use a sewing machine. 

2. Open Environment (OE) Sugar Glider Pouch 

The OE pouch is great for your gliders to chill in and enjoy in the cage when relaxing or bonding with each other. 

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy to find written tutorials on how to make an open environment sugar glider pouch.

I did, however, find a simple video showing the basic steps! Check it out below.

3. Hanging Pouch for a Sugar Glider 

If you’re looking for a closed/ stylish pouch for your glider to chill out in, then this is the right tutorial for you. 

At first, I didn’t like the idea because it seemed too shallow for me, and I was conflicted on how the outcome would be. 

But since I’m always looking for shortcuts, I did it anyway, and it turned out to be amazing. 

Is it my favorite pouch? No. Does it get the job done? Yes, and my gliders love it. 

The tutorial will work for both people who sew and those who don’t sew. Take a look. 

4. Sugar Glider No-Sew Bra Training Pouch 

As a suggies mummy, this is probably one of the pouches you want to have. Having your gliders in the bra will help you bond well with them and get closer to them. 

Plus, walking around the house with your gliders whenever your home is the best feeling ever. 

You just feel loved by your suggies, and the joy is beyond words. I personally can’t get the right words to express the feeling. 

Below is a video explaining all the steps. It’s a no-sew pouch, so you don’t need sewing skills. 

One sugar glider mommy suggested adding a string that goes around the neck to ensure the gliders don’t slide, and I think it’s a great idea.

I’ve added a string to my pouch, so I don’t have to worry about my suggies slipping away. 

5. DIY Bonding Pouch with Zipper 

If you simply want to bond with your gliders by taking them out in public with you but you don’t want to worry that they’ll get loose, you need a zipper to make your very own sugar glider cage bonding pouch.

And when adding a zipper may seem like a no-brainer, I realized it definitely takes a bit more skill than a basic pouch.

The video below will help you add a zipper if you are as blank as I was. 

6. Hidden Seam Pouch for Gliders 

This tutorial is not very different from the rest, but I really love that it has all seams hidden. 

The pouch is smooth and ensures the gliders’ nails don’t keep getting stuck on threads. 

And this sugar glider pouch is too cute to not be included on this list. 

See the video below. 

How to Make Sugar Glider Pouches (Final Verdict)

It’s very important to bond with our sugar gliders, especially if we just got them.

Plus, even after we get acquainted with them, we still want to enjoy the closeness that comes with carrying them around.

It’s one of the best parts of being a suggies’ parent. But to ensure they’re safe, you need to have a pouch. 

And when you can buy one, you can also make a few of them have a variety. 

If you prefer the DIY way, I hope these tutorials will help you come up with something you and your gliders love. 

Sugar gliders bonding in a pouch

Do you have other ideas on how to make sugar glider pouches? share with us below!

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