Everything There Is to Know about the Guinea Pig’s Sleep Routine

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Curious to learn more about guinea pig sleep routines?

Every first-time Cavy owner worries about his or her little one’s sleep pattern and how much do they sleep.

Heaven knows I did when I first got my Shayshay. 

The little rascal is active non-stop all day and his adventures seemed to continue even during the night.

So, let’s talk all about guinea pig’s and their strange sleep habits!

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When do guinea pigs sleep?

It is important to understand that guinea pigs belong to neither nocturnal animals that sleep during the day and are active at night nor diurnal creatures that are active during the day and sleeps at night.

They actually belong to a different category that happens to be a mix of both.

That category is known as crepuscular and animals that belong to it are active during both night and day. They, also, sleep during both.

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How many hours do guinea pigs sleep?

Usually, a normal young guinea piglet sleeps an average of 4 hours in a 24 hours cycle.

Crazy, right? That’s only half of our recommended amount of sleep.

During the day, their nap ranges from two to 3 minutes and from eight to 10 minutes.

On the other hand, naps during the night last much longer; a single night nap can last for half an hour.

It is important to note that as your pet grows older, it is only natural for them to sleep more because they are weaker and more used to the environment.

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How do Guinea pigs sleep?

Most of the time, Guinea pigs with their eyes open. Yes, it’s freaky, but there’s a reason for it.

This happens because our little defenseless kids lay in the bottom of the food chain.

Being alert all the time has been their way of survival for too long.

However, it is possible for a guinea pig to sleep with eyes closed.

Creating a safe, cozy and relaxing comfort zone is ought to do the trick.

Where do guinea pigs sleep?

 It is significant for a guinea pig to have the best bedding you can offer in order to sleep peacefully since the little rascals can be a little bit picky.

It goes without saying that pine bedding, cedar bedding, and other uncomfortable materials are a big no and should be avoided entirely.

In fact, certain types of wood bedding can actually kill your Cavy due to the volatile oils.

It is essential to provide soft, moist-free, and high-quality bedding for our little furry friends.

A good bedding example is to use some thick fleece fabric topped with hay.

Moreover, providing the little guinea pig with a small box to serve as a hiding place will help in easing up their insecurity. Hence, it will help them sleep better.

In brief, guinea pigs sleeping routine can be a little bit confusing at first but it only serves to add more fascination to the little adorable creatures.

Moreover, if you noticed an unease in their sleeping pattern, look for other sickness signs to make sure your little piggy is all right.

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Curious to learn more about guinea pig sleep routines? Read on for your complete guide to when and how these cute critters sleep!
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