The Meaning Behind Guinea Pig Noises

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Every Cavy owner is familiar with all the adorable guinea pig noises!

Being naturally social creatures, they use these distinctive sounds to communicate with us in their very own way.

So, what sounds do guinea pigs make?

And what does it mean when a guinea pig makes such noises? Let’s find out!

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What is the meaning behind all those cute guinea pig sounds? Read on to discover what your cavy is trying to tell you!

Meaning Behind Guinea Pig Noises

Let’s start with our favorite, wheeking and squealing! Then, we’ll work our way down from there.

Wheeking or squealing:

This is the most distinctive and common sound my and almost every guinea pig makes.

Squealing conveys both eagerness and excitement often towards the anticipation of something.

My little one always makes this sound when she sees me bringing out any kind of food or when she realizes that it’s playtime.


This sound is a little bit more confusing since the chubby little things use it to express different emotions.

So, what does it mean when your guinea pig purrs?

Depending on the guinea pig body language, pitch of the sound, and context, a purr could usually mean three different things.

If your little piggy lets out a deep purring sound along with a relaxed cozy posture, it means that they are comfortable and happy.

On the other hand, if the purr is higher pitched and sometimes accompanied by vibrating, it indicates that the tiny piglet is annoyed.

However, if the purr is very short and your piggy is motionless, it means that they are afraid.

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When you hear a sound deeper than a purr, it means that love is in the air.

Males will use it to attract females. Then, females will make it in order to let the nearby males know that she is in season.


Just like a cat, a Guinea pig would hiss when he is angry or upset.


If your piggy lets out a piercing, high-pitched squeak, do not ignore it. It is their way of calling for alarm.

The little piglet is either afraid, anxious, or in pain. It is always better to check up on them and their surroundings when you hear such a sound.


This is their own way of showing love and affection. The sweet little rascals would coo to their children and for the humans they love.


Usually, it is nothing to be worked up about; however, sneezing is a symptom of cold or allergies so it is better to keep this in mind if your little one is sneezing repeatedly.

In addition, dusty hay can be a cause of sneezing.


This mysterious sound is not yet fully understood.

The bird-like chirping sound is very rare; while making it, the Guinea pig is in a trance-like state.

Moreover, it is often observed with the pigs that lost their partner.

Our little friends use such sound in order to communicate with us and tell how they really feel.

Understanding your Guinea pig noises will strengthen your relationship with your furry little animal.

Do you have any tips for better understanding the meaning behind guinea pig noises? Share below!

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