Top 100 Guinea Pig Names That End in Y: For Girls & Boys

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Looking for some guinea pig names that end in Y? Read on!

Cavies can have unique names full of cuteness and love.

Here is a complete list of ideas for boys and girls that end in the consonant that’s sometimes a vowel (hey, that almost rhymes!).

Check them out and choose one that suits your guinea pig the best!

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50 names for your female guinea pig that end in Y

  1. Abby: This name means ‘my father is joyful,’ so this is a pretty good name.
  2. Amy: This name means beloved.
  3. Aubrey: A pretty name that means a little ruler.
  4. Becky: A very cute name for your pet.
  5. Audrey: This means noble strength.
  6. Bethany: It is a lovely name that means ‘house of figs’ in Hebrew.
  7. Bellamy: This name means ‘fine friend.’
  8. Cindy: It is a cute name for your pet friend.
  9. Daisy: This name means ‘day’s eye’ and is a perfect name choice for your loved one.
  10.  Ginny: This name is a cute choice, and it means ‘virginal.’
  11.  Darcy: It means the dark one and has French roots.
  12.  Dorothy: This name means ‘gift of God’ and has Greek roots.
  13.  Romilly: A French-English name that means ‘man of Rome’ but is used for females.
  14.  Everly: This name means ‘animal in a forest.’
  15.  Avery: This name means “ruler of the elves.”  
  16. Emily: This name has a Latin origin and means “rival” or “striving.”
  17. Lily: It is derived from the flower, whose meaning is “pure,” “passion,” and “rebirth.”
  18. Zoey: This name means life in the Greek language.
  19. Riley: This name means valiant. 
  20. Paisley: It means “place of worship” and has Irish roots.
  21. Lucy: It has French origins and means born at dawn.
  22. Kinsley: It means “meadow of the king.”
  23. Ivy: This name represents faithfulness.
  24. Hailey: This name is used to depict a meadow.
  25. Serenity: This name represents calmness.
  26. Kennedy: The name Kennedy means Misshapen Head and is of Irish origin. 
  27. Ruby: Name of a red-colored gemstone.
  28. Emery: This name means the strength of the home. 
  29. Melody: This name means “song”.
  30. Hadley: This name is used to depict a heather meadow.
  31. Harmony: This is a beautiful name that means unity or friendship.
  32. Bailey: It is a lovely pet name that means berry clearing.
  33. Mary: This name means beloved.
  34. Trinity: This name represents the triad in the Christian community.
  35. Sydney: The name Sydney is used to depict a broad field.
  36. Blakely: Blakely means “a dark clearing.” 
  37. Molly: This is a beautiful name that means star of the sea.
  38. Marley: This name is used to depict a seaside field that is very balmy.
  39. Finley: This name means someone who is fair-haired and is very courageous.
  40. Harley: This name means a long green field.
  41. Joy: This name means happiness, so that would be the perfect choice for your pet.
  42. Presley: This name is used to represent a meadow belonging to a priest. 
  43. Shelby: This name means an estate on the ledge.
  44. Royalty: This name could be a unique choice for your “royal” guinea pig.
  45. Delaney: This unique name means “dark challenger.”
  46. Poppy: This cute name is used to represent the Poppy flower.
  47. Destiny: The name means fate.
  48. Macy: The name means weapon and a perfect choice for your fiery little pet.
  49. Ainsley: This name means a person’s own field and is a very adorable choice
  50.  Tiffany: This beautiful name means the appearance of God. 

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Don’t forget to check these guinea pig names for pairs:

50 names for your male guinea pig that end in Y

guinea pig names that end in y for girls and boys
  1. Henry: Implies home ruler. The English variation of the German name Heimirich.
  2. Anthony: This name signifies “invaluable one” and has Latin roots.
  3. Bentley: Has English roots, and it means “knoll with coarse greens.”
  4. Wesley: This name has Old English roots, and means “western glade.”
  5. Zachary: The name Zachary has Hebrew roots signifying “the Lord has recalled.”  
  6. Avery: The name means mythical person, and ric, which means lord, power. 
  7. Brody: This name has Scottish roots signifying “expansive eye or wide island.”
  8. Brantley: It  has Old English and Nordic roots, meaning “blade or blazing light.” 
  9. Timothy: The name Timothy has Greek roots, and it means God’s honor.  
  10. Riley: The name Riley has Irish roots, meaning “brave” or “fearless.”
  11. Bradley: This name English roots, and it means “wide glade.” 
  12. Jeremy: This moniker signifies, “God will inspire” or “designated by God.”
  13. Jay: Jay is a Sanskrit name that means “win” or “triumph.” 
  14. Teddy: Name signifies “affluent defender,” “fearless individuals,” or “God’s blessing.”
  15. Cody: This moniker has English roots, and it means “accommodating, cushion.”
  16. Brady: This name has Irish roots, and it means “wide knoll or enormous chested.”
  17. Joey: Has roots in English and Hebrew, and means “Jehovah increments.”
  18. Finley: The name Finley means “blond legend.” It has Scottish and Irish roots.
  19. Johnny: This name means that God’s gracious.
  20. Tommy: This cute little name means “twin.”
  21. Harvey: This name means someone who is robust and dignitary.
  22. Rory: The name means “red-haired ruler,” and it has Goidelic roots. 
  23. Trey: Trey means number 3, and it is a cute choice.
  24. Troy: A very adorable name for your pet. It means a relative of an infantryman.
  25. Danny: Identified with the Hebrew name Daniel, signifying, “God is my adjudicator.”
  26. Harry: This adorable name means home-ruler, so it would be a good choice.
  27. Oakley: Oakley is a “knoll of oak trees,” which is very beautiful.
  28. Gregory: This name is for someone who is alert or watchful.
  29. Remy: This name has French and Latin roots and means oarsman.
  30. Ray: This adorable little name means protector.
  31. Andy: This name means brave, which makes it a good alternative.
  32. Tony: The name Tony means someone who is extremely valuable
  33. Quincy: An adorable option and it means “home of the fifth child.”
  34. Ricky: The name Ricky means “predominant or serene ruler.”        
  35. Bobby: This name signifies the “splendid acclaim.” 
  36. Grady: The name Grady has Irish roots, and it means “honorable, distinguished.”
  37. Corey: Corey means from the empty.
  38. Casey: Gotten from the Irish Gaelic cathasaigh, means “cautious” or “careful.”
  39. Sonny: This name is a subsidiary of the word child.
  40. Benny: Means “child of the correct hand or child of the south.”
  41. Billy: This moniker means “undaunted security.” 
  42. Harley: The name comes from the Old English words Hara.
  43. Jimmy: The name Jimmy means “superseder.”
  44. Sammy: The meaning of Sammy is “God heard.”
  45. Toby: Toby is a popular name, and it means “good.”
  46. Mikey: The meaning is “someone who is like God.”
  47. Roy: The name is derived from Norman Roy, meaning “king.”
  48. Clay: Short for Clayton, this name means “place with good clay.”
  49. Jerry: This cute little name means “spearman.”
  50. Bobby: It refers to a police officer and means a guardian for your home! 

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That’s a great list for your adorable little cavies! Now, are you having a hard time choosing? Me too!

I like “Molly” for a girl, and Clay for a boy, but seriously, they’re all so sweet!

Looking for some guinea pig names that end in Y? Well, we've got 100 ideas for girls and boys that you will surely adore. Read on!

what are your favorite guinea pig names that end in y? share them below!


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