How to Make DIY Halloween Costumes for Guinea Pigs

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Are you wondering how to make guinea pig Halloween costumes?

As you’ll find out, you don’t have to be very crafty to make a cute pet costume for Halloween and amaze all your friends.

To help you, we’ve prepared five easy guinea pig Halloween costumes that anyone can do at home with very few supplies.

Let’s jump in!

DIY Halloween Costumes for Guinea Pigs

a pretty guinea pig wearing a polka dot dress

When you’ve decorated the whole house for Halloween, it’s natural to include your favorite pets in the celebration. 

Small pets like cavies, hamsters, and rabbits look adorable when you dress them up. And they make for great social medial photos.

But guinea pig owners don’t have to spend a fortune on outfits when you can do a cute homemade costume by yourself.

Classic Pumpkin Costumes

Wouldn’t your piggy look stunning dressed as an adorable pumpkin? All you need is fabric (black, orange, and green), scissors, and glue.

  • Cut a circle from the orange cloth. That’s your pumpkin’s face, and it should be big enough to cover your cavy’s back.
  • Cut two triangles and a rectangular from the black cloth to serve as eyes and mouth. Use the green fabric to fashion leaves.
  • Glue or stitch the ears, mouth, and leaves to the orange circle.
  • Cut a thin strip out of the orange fabric.
  • Stitch/glue the two ends of the strip to the orange circle. You should have a big enough opening for your cavy’s head.
  • Dress up your fluffy friend, and don’t forget to take a photo.

Superhero Costumes

You probably think that a superhero costume for your favorite house pet will be too hard to make by yourself.

But you can’t be more wrong because all you need is a superhero sock, scissors, thread, and needle:

  • Cut the rim from the sock using scissors.
  • Stretch the rim.
  • Cut the sock along the edge. You should have a mini cape-like piece. 
  • Sew the rim to the sock.
  • Dress up your cavy in this fun costume. Make sure to put the rim over your pet’s front legs for safety reasons.
  • If necessary, shorten the “cape’s” length. 

Witch Costumes

Halloween is all about witches, ghosts, and vampires. So, we’re going to share how to make a witch hat for your cute furry friend.

You need fabrics (choose your favorite colors), hot glue, and scissors:

  • Cut a half-circle from the fabric.
  • Fold the half-circle into a cone shape and glue it.
  • Cut the excess fabric.
  • Place the cone on the cloth and draw a circle for the brim.
  • Cut the brim and glue the cone to it.
  • Decorate the hat with strips of fabric, stars, or pentagrams.
  • Put it on your cavy’s head and take funny guinea pig pictures to show to your friends.

Rabbit Costumes

Dressing your cavy as a rabbit for Halloween is far easier than you can imagine. To begin, you need white and pink felt, scissors, hot glue, and a pipe cleaner:

  • Draw two two bunny ears on the white felt and cut them. Use ear templates to help you if you aren’t good at drawing.
  • Cut two oval pink pieces for the inner ears and glue them.
  • Measure your cavy’s head and cut the pipe cleaner to a suitable length.
  • Bend the pipe cleaner into a headband and glue the ears on it.
  • Place it on your pet’s head, and you’re ready for the holiday!

Ghost Costumes

A ghost costume is the easiest Halloween homemade costume, perfect for people that aren’t crafty or

  • Get a piece of white fabric, big enough to cover your cavy.
  • Cut holes for the mouth and eyes.
  • That’s it.

For more ideas, check out the video below:


Is It Okay to Dress Up Guinea Pigs?

a pretty guinea pig wearing a polka dot dress

You can dress up your cavy, but only if they don’t show signs of stress and for short periods of time. Guinea pig clothes and accessories can irritate your cavy’s skin/fur and make them anxious.

Can Guinea Pigs Wear Collars?

No, guinea pigs shouldn’t wear collars. As some guinea pig lovers point out, a collar “isn’t good for the delicate bone structure of their necks.”

How Much Guinea Pig Costumes Cost?

It depends on the model, but you can expect to pay $10-$20 on average.


It can take you a few attempts to get it right but making Halloween costumes for your cavy is a nice bonding exercise and a great way to improve your DIY skills. 

Just remember to use non-toxic materials when you’re making those cute pet costumes for Halloween. And check our list of spooky Halloween names for guinea pigs!

What do you think about our DIY guinea pig costumes? Do you your pet costumes by yourself or buy from Amazon? Share your experience with us in the comment section.


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Have you tried making a Halloween costume for your guinea pig? Please share with us below!


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