Citrus Hypo-trans Cross Bearded Dragon Video: Meet This Beauty!

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Did you know the most common and oldest bearded dragon color is citrus? Most people only think the color looks cool rather than having a rich history. 

Take the beautiful citrus hypo-trans cross bearded dragon in this video shared by one of our readers. Its vibrant color is brighter than what you would see in non-hypo varieties.  

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The brightness comes from its hypo (hypomelanistic) mutation. This trait doesn’t allow darker colors to appear in the dragon’s color pattern. 

You can quickly tell if their dragon has a hypo mutation. A quick look at the dragon’s fingernails will show you everything. Hypos have clear fingernails, while non-hypos have black. 

I bet this dragon had no issues with someone inspecting its claws. It’s so calm and seems to have a wonderful, friendly personality. 

James Walker Bearded Dragon
Credit: James Walker

You’re probably wondering where the “trans” part comes into play. After all, the video’s creator said, “ this dragon was a hypo-trans cross bearded dragon.”

The term trans is short for translucent, indicating black eyes and a gummy scale texture. Anyone with a trained eye can see the gummy texture in the video.

The dragon’s mother, Matilda, not only gave birth to this majestic beardie. She also produced another citrus hypo-trans cross with leatherback scaling. 


What is leatherback scaling? According to 7thgalaxydragons, “a Leatherback bearded dragon has a smooth back with spikes only on their sides and head.” (1)

So a citrus hypo-trans leatherback bearded dragon would have the same bright color. It would just have a smoother texture and fewer spikes throughout its scaling.  

Sadly, anyone interested in buying these particular dragons will have to look elsewhere. The video’s creator was clear about them not being for sale.

James Walker Bearded Dragon
Credit: James Walker

But I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to find some. Everyone seems to love these citrus hypo-trans cross bearded dragons.

Have you ever seen a hypo-trans cross-bearded dragon? Or do you have one? They are one of my favorite colors. I’d love to hear about your experience with this type of beardie, so let me know in the comments.

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adorable citrus hypo-trans cross bearded dragon


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